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Rayleigh disk


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Rayleigh disk an acoustic radiometer consisting of a light disk suspended from a quartz thread; when exposed to a progressive sound wave its torque can measure velocity
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In science:

Titarchuk (2003) proposed Rayleigh-Taylor gravity waves at the disk-star boundary layer as the origin of hHz QPOs (cf.
A review of rapid X-ray variability in X-ray binaries
Thus in a Keplerian disk, outward adiabatic displacements move toward regions of higher specific angular momentum, and are Rayleigh stable.
Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae
We note here the interesting fact that the growth rate given in (41) will always exceed the Oort A value in any disk that is locally stable by the Rayleigh criterion.
Viscous Shear Instability in Weakly Magnetized, Dilute Plasmas
The maximum growth rate of the instability is given by equation (41), and exceeds the Oort-A value of any disk stable by the hydrodynamical Rayleigh criterion.
Viscous Shear Instability in Weakly Magnetized, Dilute Plasmas
In the case shown in Figure 9b, the magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor instability is activated by the pure interchange mode, as the disk satisfies now the condition γ < 1 − α.
Parker Instability in a Self-Gravitating Magnetized Gas Disk: I. Linear Stability Analysis