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Raised work


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Raised work in lace-making, work having the edge or some other part of the pattern raised in relief
    • ***


  • St. John Chrysosatom
    St. John Chrysosatom
    “Feeding the hungry is a greater work than raising the dead.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Hard work is the yeast that raises the dough”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
M. E. reisen—Ice. reisa, causal of rísa, to rise. Cf. Rise.


In literature:

The commercial side of hickory raising, is being worked out for the pecan only at the present time.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the" by Various
I worked like my father raised me.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Then she began to understand, for she, too, was helping raise money for Red Cross work.
"Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue and Their Shetland Pony" by Laura Lee Hope
This meant, practically, that the whole, except a very small fraction of the sum to be raised, must be paid by the working people.
"The Rise of the Democracy" by Joseph Clayton
The poor woman wept, and said she had had hard work to "raise" the five shillings, and could not possibly find one and sixpence more.
"A Flat Iron for a Farthing" by Juliana Horatia Ewing
The Choktah weave shot-pouches which have raised work inside and outside.
"Prehistoric Textile Art of Eastern United States" by William Henry Holmes
A warning voice should be raised to save those who are ignorantly working their own destruction.
"Plain Facts for Old and Young" by John Harvey Kellogg
Here I have raised you all to work for me, and now you are going to leave me.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
F., raise to the boil and work to shade; lift, wash and dry.
"The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics" by Franklin Beech
With these both she and I set to work in endeavouring to raise the fallen chaise from the ground.
"Lavengro the Scholar - the Gypsy - the Priest" by George Borrow
Like other shields it is fitted with an adjustment, that it may be raised and lowered as the work demands.
"The Working of Steel" by Fred H. Colvin
Node had made several attempts to raise himself from the barn floor, but there was not space to work the machine properly.
"Watch Yourself Go By" by Al. G. Field
It is most often worked upon a fine single canvas, and it can be used as a raised stitch.
"Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving" by Grace Christie
Citizens' committees were in charge of the work of distributing food and of raising money.
"The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado" by Logan Marshall
Another form of lift is a hollowed tree trunk worked on a fulcrum, but this only raises the water a foot or two.
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India - Volume IV of IV" by R.V. Russell
On the lid of a silver box an adventure of a monkey is represented in raised work.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
I make a few pennies selling fish worms and doing a little yard work and raising vegetables.
"Slave Narratives, Oklahoma" by Various
If changes in the supply or demand raise the rewards in any calling, men will leave other work to engage in it.
"Monopolies and the People" by Charles Whiting Baker
Hop-raising was a feature in their farming, and this daughter was accustomed to work in the autumn, picking the hops.
"History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880. Vol. 2 (of 2)" by George Washington Williams
As we know, the author issued at his own expense one of his works in raised characters, as a present to these afflicted persons.
"Pickwickian Manners and Customs" by Percy Fitzgerald

In poetry:

When to thy works on high
I raise my wondering eyes,
And see the moon, complete in light,
Adorn the darksome skies
"Psalm 8" by Isaac Watts
Stern men pursued the work of death —
No war-cry raised, no flag, unfurled —
They laid the mine whose nitric breath
Should blow the tyrant from the world.
"The Beauteous Terrorist" by Sir Henry Parkes
List to the thunder and roll of the drum!
See how we spring and brandish the dart!
Some raise Ts'aou's walls; some do field work at home;
But we to the southward lonely depart.
"Soldiers Of Wei Bewail Separation From Their Families" by Confucius
Strow the roses, raise the song,
See the master comes along!
Lusty Revel join'd with Laughter,
Whim and Frolic follow after.
The Fawns beside the vatts remain
To shew the work, and reap the gain.
"Bacchus: Or, The Vines Of Lesbos" by Thomas Parnell
Tho' taste, tho' genius bless
To some divine excess,
Faints the cold work till thou inspire the whole;
What each, what all supply,
May court, may charm our eye;
Thou, only thou canst raise the meeting soul!
"Ode to Simplicity" by William Taylor Collins
His glory shall endure for ever—
His praise shall perish never, never!
Rejoicing in his work, and pleas'd
With the proud fabric He hath raised,
Blest 'midst the blessings He hath given—
In heaven directing all to heaven!
"Spring: Friday Morning" by John Bowring

In news:

Terry Gou of Foxconn has announced that the company is to continue to raise wages and lower hours worked at its plants in China.
Advocates for the working poor on Monday urged New York's government leaders who are poised to raise their salaries in coming weeks to also raise the minimum wage and replenish food banks for victims of Superstorm Sandy.
Thanks to the club for all of their hard work raising funds for WALY-Warmth all year long.
My column today touches on the struggles of Cassandra and Charles Tyler, a hard-working couple raising two sons on the South Side of Syracuse.
He said outsourcing work hurts efforts to build the domestic labor force and that his union plans to raise the issue with Boeing.
Incumbents Work Overtime to Raise Campaign Cash.
A lawyer by day and a satirist by night, Von Son is working his hardest to raise consciousness in the communities around him.
As PIPA and SOPA work their way through Congress, the controversial bills have raised many questions.
County works to raise awareness of lead poisoning .
This would immediately raise taxes on everyone, and would hit the working poor especially hard.
This community spirit, along with all the work the residents did themselves, gave the project the feeling of a modern-day barn- raising .
The Backup Razor was raised on Santa Cruz punk, and the band is working hard to keep it alive.
Automated " red-light cameras" were going to correct some of the worst of them - and raise some revenue for city government - but it's not working out that way.
The church raised more than $7,000 for David Jimenez and his family, but lawyer said his client has been unable to work since the accident.
With nearly 500 new hotel rooms in the pipeline and a long-term strategic marketing plan in the works, Providence, R.I. Is primed to raise its profile as a meeting destination.

In science:

Our work also raises the real possibility that an appreciation of the complexity of many novel materials may be impossible without these remarkable broken symmetries, and it is important to search for such complex quantum order in an even wider class of Hamiltonians.
Broken time-reversal symmetry in strongly correlated ladder structures
However, in the irreversible case, there are two differences between w and the actual work done that raise a question about the applicability of the Jarzynski identity.
Reexamination of experimental tests of the fluctuation theorem
Pioneering mathematical work of May raised the question of stability of these dynamical equations when the number of interacting species increases.
Evolutionary ecology in-silico: Does mathematical modelling help in understanding the "generic" trends?
The subsequent debate has raised controversies often pursued by Ciufolini and Pavlis (2005) in a way completely inappropriate for scientific works, both for content and language.
An assessment of the measurement of the Lense-Thirring effect in the Earth gravity field, in reply to: ``On the measurement of the Lense-Thirring effect using the nodes of the LAGEOS satellites, in reply to ``On the reliability of the so far performed tests for measuring the Lense-Thirring effect with the LAGEOS satellites'' by L. Iorio,'' by I. Ciufolini and E. Pavlis
Working with these reweighted theories allows one to avoid the possibility, raised at the end of the previous subsection, that non-localities can somehow invalidate the perturbative analysis of RG scaling. I now return to sketch the argument leading to the assumption that |Dn | is bounded and vanishes as a f → 0.
Rooted staggered fermions: good, bad or ugly?
If such breaking occurs, however, it raises the questions of what the fate of the Nambu-Goldstone modes is, whether a Higgs mechanism can occur, and whether additional massive modes (analogous to the Higgs particle) can appear. A summary of some recent work looking at these questions is presented here.
Nambu-Goldstone and Massive Modes in Gravitational Theories with Spontaneous Lorentz Breaking
An obvious question raised by our work is whether similar methods can be used to efficiently test s-sparse polynomials over a general finite field F, with query and time complexity polynomial in s, 1/ǫ, and |F|.
Efficiently Testing Sparse GF(2) Polynomials
The rich collection of successes in property testing raises a natural question: Why are so many different properties turning out to be locally testable? Are there some broad “features” of properties that make them amenable to such tests? Our work is part of an attempt to answer such questions.
Testing Linear-Invariant Non-Linear Properties
While there were some concerns raised, students mostly felt that the process was helpful in their learning and that it led to a higher quality project. Van Hattum-Janssen and Lourenco (2008) found related results in their work on peer and self-assessment.
Exploring Peer Review in the Computer Science Classroom
Rather than the determinant differential operator, one works with a different, but closely related differential operator, namely the Maass raising operator M+ defined on p. 123 of [B-C].
On some results of Bump-Choie and Choie-Kim
We propose to define the process of drawing or spending work as raising or lowering the energy level of an eigenstate of a Hamiltonian ˆW of a system.
Fundamental limitations for quantum and nano thermodynamics
Those who read Fath’s original work from 1909 can recognize that his observations raised as many new questions as they solved.
V.M. Slipher and the Development of the Nebular Spectrograph
Nevertheless, our study in this work, though it was specific to the two-point nucleon correlation function with pion, raises important issues in applying QCD sum rules in calculating various physical quantities.
Two-point correlation function with pion in QCD sum rules
Thus, although our representation is a useful first step and perhaps gives a qualitative picture for small volumes more work is needed before we can answer questions we raised in the first section.
Chiral Limit of Staggered Fermions at Strong Couplings: A Loop Representation
This raises the question of whether there is a combinatorial proof for the latter properties, possibly along the lines of the work of Bruce Sagan for the Stirling numbers of both kinds.
The Average Number of Block Interchanges Needed to Sort A Permutation and a recent result of Stanley