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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Puritanism strictness and austerity in conduct and religion
    • n Puritanism the beliefs and practices characteristic of Puritans (most of whom were Calvinists who wished to purify the Church of England of its Catholic aspects)
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: To be born on Sunday was considered a sign of great sin during the Puritan times
    • n Puritanism The doctrines, notions, or practice of Puritans.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In 1649, Massachusetts's Puritan government ruled the following: "Any childe over 16 who shall CURSE or SMITE their natural FATHER or MOTHER, or act in a STUBBORNE or REBELLIOUS manner shall be put to death."
    • n Puritanism Strictness of religious life; puritanic strictness in religious matters.
    • n Puritanism The principles and practices of the Puritans.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Strict Puritan laws had their origins from practical reasons. Smoking was banned farmers would raise badly needed food crops instead of tobacco. Cooking was banned on Sundays to prevent house fires during the long hours the family was at church. Young men were banned from hunting to prevent weapons from falling into Indian hands.
    • n Puritanism a puritan manner of life: strictness of life: simplicity and purity of worship: the notions or practice of Puritans
    • ***


  • Gunther Grass
    Gunther Grass
    “Art is so wonderfully irrational, exuberantly pointless, but necessary all the same. Pointless and yet necessary, that's hard for a puritan to understand.”
  • Joseph Wood Krutch
    Joseph Wood Krutch
    “The most serious charge that can be brought against New England is not Puritanism but February.”
  • Lord Melbourne
    “Once is orthodox, twice is puritanical.”
  • Gilbert K. Chesterton
    “A puritan is a person who pours righteous indignation into the wrong things.”
  • Kenneth Hare
    Kenneth Hare
    “The puritan through life's sweet garden goes to pluck the thorn and cast away the rose.”
  • Thomas B. Macaulay
    “The puritan hated bear baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure to the spectators.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. puritas, purity—purus, pure.


In literature:

The King was such only in name, and the ruling powers were the Puritan party, who already looked to Cromwell as their head.
"An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800" by Mary Frances Cusack
It's that old Puritan strain, you know.
"A Hoosier Chronicle" by Meredith Nicholson
The closing of the theatres by the Puritans, in 1642, plainly distressed the musicians almost as much as the players.
"A Book of the Play" by Dutton Cook
Both these Puritanical estimates of Greek deity are of course to some extent true.
"Selections From the Works of John Ruskin" by John Ruskin
Church of the Puritans, New York, on Thursday, the 14th of May next.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
With the fall of Puritan power, begins a great intellectual change.
"A History of English Prose Fiction" by Bayard Tuckerman
But we do not have to trust to Michael Wigglesworth's poem alone for a realistic conception of the God and the religion of the Puritans.
"Woman's Life in Colonial Days" by Carl Holliday
He revived the sense of the Church in which Puritanism had been so sadly lacking.
"Edward Caldwell Moore" by Edward Moore
Confusion take all their English Puritanism.
"Oscar Wilde, Volume 2 (of 2)" by Frank Harris
He knew that all the good things of life are not in the exclusive possession of the Puritans.
"Unicorns" by James Huneker
The Genevan Bible, too, was the Puritan's Bible, and was none the less admired by him on account of its Calvinistic annotations.
"Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature" by Charles W. Bardsley
The characteristics of the separate and independent governments of these two classes of Puritans were widely different.
"The Loyalists of Massachusetts" by James H. Stark
He patted her head gently, tucking a stray wisp of hair under her Puritan cap.
"A Pilgrim Maid" by Marion Ames Taggart
It is the Puritan age that could be properly called the Reign of Terror.
"Caricature and Other Comic Art" by James Parton
In the Puritan colonies of the North, they were absolutely proscribed.
"The Catholic World; Volume I, Issues 1-6" by E. Rameur
She is very puritanic in some of her notions.
"A Gamble with Life" by Silas K. Hocking
When you arrived you were a Puritan; something of Jefferson's stamp.
"Kit Musgrave's Luck" by Harold Bindloss
The extreme Puritan, on the other hand, went about his work in the spirit of a Jehu.
"The Beginners of a Nation" by Edward Eggleston
Puritanism and liberty of conscience, whose exponents were Cromwell and Milton, met licentiousness and corrupted loyalty, with Charles II.
"Library Notes" by A. P. Russell
The House of Commons and Puritanism.
"A Student's History of England, v. 2 (of 3)" by Samuel Rawson Gardiner

In poetry:

My Puritan training
Has kept me from going
To dramas in which
Little Olga was showing.
"Footlight Motifs" by Franklin Pierce Adams
I’ve been deceived by a damsel Spanish
And Indian maidens both red and brown,
A black-eyed Turk and a blue-eyed Danish
And a Puritan lassie of Salem town.
"The Constant Cannibal Maid" by Wallace Irwin
So pleads the proud planter. What echoes are these?
The bay of his bloodhound is borne on the breeze,
And, lost in the shriek of his victim's despair,
His voice dies unheard.--Hear the Puritan's prayer!
""Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve"" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
ONE decade back there lived a man,
A strict, unswerving Puritan;
And though as brave as Ammon's son,
No gods had he to serve but one,
The God of Justice, God of Truth,
Whom he had served from early youth.
"The Triumph Of Liberty" by James Madison Bell
Westward sailed the Mayflower pilgrims to a better law -
Where in freedom they might live - as Puritans to stand -
For liberty of mind and soul, prepared to sacrifice
- all they had for this one thing: the pearl beyond all price ...
"This One Thing" by Patience Strong
Lover of Liberty at heart wast thou,
Above all beauty bright, all music clear:
To thee she bared her bosom and her brow,
Breathing her virgin promise in thine ear,
And bound thee to her with a double vow, —
Exquisite Puritan, grave Cavalier!
"Milton" by Henry Van Dyke

In news:

Knopf Responds to Anti-Murakami Puritans in New Jersey: 'We Are Disheartened .
America's puritanical streak runs red hot regarding alcohol.
Mencken is his definition of puritanism – "the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.".
He was trying to get the Church of England and the Puritans to develop a common ground of some kind.
Puritan Magnetics manufactures a complete line of magnetic separation products for capturing, controlling and removing ferrous tramp metal contaminants.
The Reader 's Tal Rosenberg on Kendrick Lamar, and designer Elise Bergman on Sharon Van Etten's Puritan nudie video.
Built in 1681, the Old Ship is New England's last surviving 17th-century Puritan meetinghouse and the oldest continuously used church in the country.
Having just finished a book about the puritanical and fanatical Khmer Rouge communists who created Cambodia's "killing fields," I see Mencken's point.
Having just finished a book about the Puritanical and fanatical Khmer Rouge communists who created the "killing fields," I see his point.
When Madonna, in her ever-pressing efforts to spark controversy for attention, released her Erotica CD and Sex book in the early nineties, puritanical America was aghast.
Puritan drawer magnets provide equipment and product protection from medium and fine ferrous contaminants in dry, free-flowing products under gravity flow.
During the summer of 1691, one hundred Puritans who had broken away from the Church of England spent 66 days at sea to reach The New World, barely surviving.
Tunisia's Islamist-led government will not allow puritanical Salafis to enforce their vision on a country grappling with the role of Islam in a once rigidly secular society, the prime minister said on Tuesday.
What do Puritans have to do to get a little respect.
Let's face it, 17th-century Puritans don't have the best reputation – okay, except as the founders of Harvard University and the original settlers of Massachusetts.