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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Public-minded Public-spirited.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adjs Public-minded having a spirit actuated by regard to the public interest: with a regard to the public interest
    • ***


  • Frank Moore Colby
    “Minds do not act together in public; they simply stick together; and when their private activities are resumed, they fly apart again.”
  • Margaret Fuller
    “Essays, entitled critical, are epistles addressed to the public, through which the mind of the recluse relieves itself of its impressions.”
  • Adlai E. Stevenson
    “Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse.”
  • Patricia Ann Ball
    Patricia Ann Ball
    “The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you're born and never stops working until you get up to speak in public.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. publicuspopulus, the people.


In literature:

We know, too, more about the constitution of man's mind than the public knew ten years ago.
"Outwitting Our Nerves" by Josephine A. Jackson and Helen M. Salisbury
It was during this season of repose that the public mind received first one shock and then another.
"Women Wage-Earners" by Helen Campbell
The public mind will be sore this winter, disappointment awaits vast numbers, dismay will overtake many.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
Thus terminated this interesting case, which for several months agitated the public mind of Burlington county, to an extent almost unequalled.
"The Underground Railroad" by William Still
Every other section in Ireland enriches public life with an interpreter of its mind sprung from its own ranks.
"The Open Secret of Ireland" by T. M. Kettle
And by a stroke of inspiration he saw that to achieve this tranquillity of the public mind he must give his own personality to the world.
"The Mirrors of Downing Street" by Harold Begbie
No great question so thoroughly possesses the public mind as this of slavery.
"American Eloquence, Volume III. (of 4) Studies In American Political History (1897)" by Various
A reaction seems to have taken place in the public mind.
"The Young Lady's Mentor" by A Lady
He made no direct reference to the state of the public mind.
"Stephen A. Douglas" by Allen Johnson
Periodicals were noting the great turn of the public mind to religion.
"Children of the Market Place" by Edgar Lee Masters
These things inflamed the public mind more and more in the South.
"A Review of Uncle Tom's Cabin" by A. Woodward
For one, (if they be properly treated,) I despair neither of the public fortune nor of the public mind.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
In the public mind dilettanti are apt to be confused with artists.
"Books and Persons" by Arnold Bennett
Perhaps the lowly and submissive acquiescence of the Negroes, bond and free, had a salutary effect upon the public mind.
"History of the Negro Race in America From 1619 to 1880. Vol 1" by George W. Williams
The public mind was confounded with perplexity and excitement, and there began to be heard the threatenings of civil war.
"Notable Events of the Nineteenth Century" by Various
Our first concern is the actual state of the public mind; we begin with that or else we fail.
"The Social Emergency" by Various
The public mind at the instant of the outbreak felt an assurance that it was to be one of the memorable epochs of mankind.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 13, No. 78, April, 1864" by Various
But the incident made no impression on his mind as bearing upon his status in the public eye.
"The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
But it was found that the public mind would not yet bear the proposition, nor will it bear it even at this day.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
The States will meet the 27th of April: and the public mind will.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson

In poetry:

Unless some generous friend so kind,
A nobler sacrifice do find,
To satisfy the public mind,
I bleed!
And over England with the wind
Shall waft the deed.
"The Petition Of Jammy's Hen." by Samuel Bamford
Why pile we stone on stone to raise
Jail, fane, or public hall—why plan
Fortress or tower for future days,
Yet leave unbuilt
To wrong or guilt
That nobler pile—the Mind of Man?
"Finality" by Charles Harpur
With mind indifferent, things I easy take;
In every dance I prompt appearance make:--
Then, when the sun is at his topmost height,
There, in the place that courts the public sight.
"An Officer Tells Of His Mean Employment" by Confucius
To give him, if they did not mind,
The Greasiest Morsels they could find—
His Later Years did not belie
The Promise of his Infancy.
In Public Life he always tried
To take a judgement Broad and Wide;
"Charles Augustus Fortescue, Who always Did what was Right, and so accumulated an Immense Fortune." by Hilaire Belloc
O Lyttleton! my honour'd guest,
Could I describe thy generous breast,
Thy firm yet polish'd mind;
How public love adorns thy name,
How Fortune, too, conspires with Fame;
The song should please mankind.
"A Pastoral Ode. To the Hon. Sir Richard Lyttleton" by William Shenstone
Now I’m serious and angry, for it isn’t any joke—
Poets have been damned for ages by such evil-minded folk.
Must we all be public blackguards? Can’t a rhymer be a man,
Spite of Byron’s silly mistress—Burns’s gawky Mary Ann?
"The Sorrows of a Simple Bard" by Henry Lawson

In news:

Governments cannot set aside "First Amendment zones" or "free speech zones" just to prevent people from speaking their minds or practicing religion in public spaces.
Whether 'tis nobler in mind to take arms against a sea of troubles in the public interest, while in doing so inviting the slings and arrows or a powerful government.
Keep in mind taxpayers fund public education.
If you are employed by one of the following community-minded companies, your company will match your contribution to WGTE Public Media through a matching gift program.
Mindfulness and Medicine August 25, 2011 Thursday AT 3PM CT. FROM WISCONSIN PUBLIC RADIO.
Minding the public's money.
The public believes that TASERs kill, and something must be done to change their minds.
The Open Mind Public Opinion in America PBS.
Story time's fun and all, but it's not nearly as mind-blowing as New York Public Library's R.E.A.D.
If the American public has truly changed its mind on marriage, then it's time for Catholic priests to start saying, "We don't," instead of continuing to endorse the government's right to legislate who gets to say, "I do.
Former Congressman Patrick J Kennedy will also be involved in the launch, giving a public talk about his "One Mind for Research " initiative on Dec 1.
Public high school educator who advocates for common sense, moderate-minded solutions to complicated problems.
Today's Fairleigh Dickinson University-Public Mind poll reveals the majority of New Jersey's registered voters agree with that cynical assessment.
I saw " sidebar " demonstrations from Yahoo and Microsoft this week, and this is shaping up to be the new battleground for the hearts and minds of the Net-surfing public.
Rocky Mountain PBS and the Space Foundation are partnering for a public event that brings together some of the world's greatest scientific minds at the International Space Symposium April 16-19.

In science:

Human entities have only passwords in mind and have no unmemorable secrets, such as private-keys, public-keys (or fingerprints of them), secret information to use ID-based cryptosystems.
Pretty-Simple Password-Authenticated Key-Exchange Protocol
This work is based on the free MzScheme implementation, which belongs to the PLT Scheme family 2Clearly, this has been written with readability for a broad public in mind; a seasoned programmer would e.g. most probably not let index counting start at 1.
A novel approach to symbolic algebra
Even with this (seemingly unreasonable) weakness in the public computation model for OAKE in mind, the potential damage caused is still much mitigated in comparison with that of (H)MQV in such scenarios.
A New Family of Practical Non-Malleable Diffie-Hellman Protocols
Keeping in mind criteria (1) and (2) and our desire to form public and private channels, we might ask: what constitutes a good channel code? First, the legitimate channel decoder must recover Mp and Ms with vanishing probability of error.
Source-Channel Secrecy with Causal Disclosure
Discussion of Theorem 2 When we established the lower bound in Theorem 1, we did so with the structure of a public channel and secure channel in mind; however, as mentioned, the public channel may not be truly public.
Source-Channel Secrecy with Causal Disclosure
The dependence of humorous effect on duration of the pause in a certain place is well described in Mark Twain’s essay ”Public Speaking”. 7 We have in mind the susceptibility to humour in principle, leaving aside the cases when individual peculiarities give rise to inadequate reaction to a concrete joke.
Computer Model of a "Sense of Humour". I. General Algorithm
With this in mind, the approach in seems to have wider applicability. A detailed comparison of the algorithm proposed in the current work and the one proposed in will be presented in a future publication.
Path sampling for particle filters with application to multi-target tracking