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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Preception A precept.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n preception A precept; an injunction.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Preception (obs.) a precept
    • ***


  • Robert E. Speer
    Robert E. Speer
    “This is the precept by which I have lived: Prepare for the worst; expect the best; and take what comes.”
  • Charles Dickens
    “Here's the rule for bargains: Do other men, for they would do you. That's the true business precept.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “To be free minded and cheerfully disposed at hours of meat and sleep and of exercise is one of the best precepts of long lasting.”
  • Dwight L. Moody
    “A good example is far better than a good precept.”
  • James Russell Lowell
    “Where one person shapes their life by precept and example, there are a thousand who have shaped it by impulse and circumstances.”
  • Aesop
    “Example is the best precept.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. praeceptio,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. præceptumpræcipĕre, to take beforehand—præ, before, capĕre, to take.


In literature:

In the New the teaching is by precept.
"Quiet Talks on Prayer" by S. D. (Samuel Dickey) Gordon
The military precepts for such wars are nearly the same as for national wars, differing, however, in a vital point.
"The Art of War" by Baron Henri de Jomini
Thus far the Apostle has been laying down very general precepts and principles of Christian morals.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans Corinthians (To II Corinthians, Chap. V)" by Alexander Maclaren
Is it possible that two precepts should be more contrary to one another?
"The Worlds Greatest Books, Volume XIII." by Various
Wisdoms precept's form the good mans interest and happiness.
"English Grammar in Familiar Lectures" by Samuel Kirkham
It is necessary because it is the condition of the efficacy of home-precepts.
"The Christian Home" by Samuel Philips
He who observes but one precept secures for himself an advocate, and he who commits one single sin procures for himself an accuser.
"Hebraic Literature; Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala" by Various
This religion, so perfect and so excellent, is difficult to name, but it enlightens darkness by its brilliant precepts.
"Ten Great Religions" by James Freeman Clarke
Example is the best moral precept, and if the conduct of parents is good, little moral exhortation is needed.
"Epilepsy, Hysteria, and Neurasthenia" by Isaac G. Briggs
Its precepts will be based upon personal experience and actual practice, the outcome of careful and patient observation.
"Valere Aude" by Louis Dechmann
Both by precept and example Asoka was an ardent exponent of the strenuous life.
"Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3)" by Charles Eliot
An Arrangement of upwards of Twelve Hundred Precepts, Prayers, and Promises, as Four Hundred Sacred Triads.
"Blown to Bits" by Robert Michael Ballantyne
Where is the precept of law which authorizes you to resuscitate people?
"The Man With The Broken Ear" by Edmond About
It treats of inward motives as much as of outward practice, of exhortations equally with precepts and commands.
"A Critical Exposition of the Popular 'Jihád'" by Moulavi Gerágh Ali
Lastly, note the bearing of this elementary precept on the occasions that rise for the discharge of the duty.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
But just because it stands to reason, the precept is superfluous.
"The Swedish-Norwegian Union Crisis" by Karl Nordlund
It is enjoined in the first three precepts of the decalogue.
"The Ordinance of Covenanting" by John Cunningham
Precept must become more powerful than example, before such a result can take place.
"Thoughts on Missions" by Sheldon Dibble
The five Moslem precepts.
"History of Education" by Levi Seeley
By precept and example the school is helping the black masses of rural South Carolina to help themselves.
"Tuskegee & Its People: Their Ideals and Achievements" by Various

In poetry:

For dooin gooid nooan can deny
Ther chonces are mooast ample;
If they'd give us fewer precepts,
An rayther moor example.
"Old Dave To Th' New Parson" by John Hartley
Does not my heart thy precepts love,
And long to see thy face?
And yet how slow my spirits move
Without enliv'ning grace!
"Psalm 119 part 16" by Isaac Watts
Thy precepts make me truly wise:
I hate the sinner's road;
I hate my own vain thoughts that rise,
But love thy law, my God.
"Psalm 119 part 4" by Isaac Watts
I step, I mount, where He has led;
Men count my haltings o'er;
I know them; yet, though self I dread,
I love His precept more.
"Sensitiveness" by John Henry Newman
The precepts of the law me show
What fruits of gratitude I owe;
But gospel-grace begets the brood,
And moves me to the gratitude.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
But if new laws and threats were all
That gospel properly we call,
Then were the precept to believe,
No better news than do and live.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine

In news:

(In the case of the nascent Buddhists those "good conditions," the master writes, would be studying Buddhist thought, practicing precepts, etc.).
SEATTLE (PRNewswire) — Precept Wine announced last month it has purchased Ste.
Precept Wine Brands changes name to Precept Wine.
The addition of the two Washington wineries not only builds on Precept 's portfolio of brands, it also gives new potential life to Canoe Ridge and Sagelands.
Walla winery Canoe Ridge purchased by Seattle's Precept Wines.
Walla winery Canoe Ridge has been purchased by Seattle's Precept Wines, officials announced this morning.
The Dore of Preception .
Precept® UltraGard™ SMS Major Procedure Drapes are constructed from a multi-layer fabric and feature a new Absorbent/Poly Reinforcement.
Mark Siegel's experience in the graphic novel idiom is long, deep and informed by international strains and precepts.
How have they connected theology to ethics, precepts to practice.
Weber brilliantly charted the connections between precepts and practice, but succeeded less well in tracing ethics to belief.
Typically, individuals who sacrifice their lives for the sake of Islam or one of its precepts are called martyrs .
When the real world takes their clichéd sayings, precepts, and warnings and reduces them to a pile of misguided bull dung.
Chad and Jen from the Get Up & Go Show caught up with Actress Rachael Leigh Cook (She's All That) to chat about her hit TV series "Preception" on TNT and of course the Minnesota State Fair.
As the Fourth of July approaches, it bears looking beyond the pomp and circumstance to examine the original precept behind this festival of independence.

In science:

Einstein and his colleagues gave a reasonable definition of “physical reality”, and then argued, directly from some basic precepts of quantum theory itself, that the answer to this question is ‘No’.
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
Nothing need exist except what can be deduced in principle, by using only the precepts of classical physical theory, from the existence of these microscopic building blocks.
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
They contradict no quantum precept or combination of quantum predictions.
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
To get a nonlocality conclusion like the one obtained from Bell-type theorems, but from assumptions that are in line with the precepts of quantum theory, it is easiest to consider an experiment of the kind first discussed by Lucien Hardy .
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
This weaker conclusion, alone, does not directly contradict any precept of quantum philosophy.
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
Following the popularization of the term in Physics, BOHR extended the concept to arenas outside the customary boundaries of science even, until it became for him a universal precept, the foundation of a total Weltanschauung.
Quantum complimentarity, erasers and photons
So my first aim here is to describe the method in more detail than before, completely within the framework provided by quantum precepts.
Nonlocality, Counterfactual, and Consistent Histories
Although the quantum precepts unequivocally reject any assumption or presumption that, for an unperformed measurement, “what would appear” can be theoretically defined, these precepts do not absolutely rule out this possibility in every conceivable situation.
Nonlocality, Counterfactual, and Consistent Histories
The basic question pertaining to the use of counterfactual reasoning to deduce a conflict between nonlocality and the predictions of quantum theory is whether the counterfactual reasoning used in those proofs is itself compatible with the precepts of quantum theory.
Nonlocality, Counterfactual, and Consistent Histories
This section could be subtitled “Properties of the hard scat tering kernel.” There are scaling and spin selection rules that follow simply from a few precepts. A typical diagram for TH is shown in Fig. 1.
Baryon Form Factors in QCD
Shocks, reconnection sites and finite Larmor radius effects can all lead to behavior that is not consistent with the precepts with the precepts of MHD.
New Problems for a New Century
With these precepts the distance modulus differences ∆µ, shown in Figure 8c and expressed in equation (9), are the result of the metallicity difference between the Galaxy and LMC, the implication being that the metallicity corrections are a strong function of the mean period hlog P i of the Cepheids.
Cepheid Distances to SNe Ia Host Galaxies based on a Revised Photometric Zero-Point of the HST-WFPC2 and New P-L Relations and Metallicity Corrections
Their distances are derived with the precepts as in (3).
Cepheid Distances to SNe Ia Host Galaxies based on a Revised Photometric Zero-Point of the HST-WFPC2 and New P-L Relations and Metallicity Corrections
With the precepts developed here this would lead to different corrections for low-metallicity galaxies.
Cepheid Distances to SNe Ia Host Galaxies based on a Revised Photometric Zero-Point of the HST-WFPC2 and New P-L Relations and Metallicity Corrections
Since these precepts have little effect on H0 as long as they are consistently applied to the nearby calibrating SNe Ia and those defining the Hubble diagram, it is more realistic to compare the values of H0 from different authors.
The Hubble Constant: A Summary of the HST Program for the Luminosity Calibration of Type Ia Supernovae by Means of Cepheids