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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj Plutonian of or relating to or characteristic of Hades or Tartarus
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Plutonian (Geol) A Plutonist.
    • a Plutonian Plutonic.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • Plutonian Of or pertaining to Pluto; Plutonic.
    • n Plutonian A Plutonist.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Plutonian plōō-tō′ni-an infernal: dark:
    • adj Plutonian plōō-tō′ni-an (geol.) formed by the agency of heat at a depth below the surface of the earth, as granite—also Pluton′ic
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. Plutonius, Gr. : cf. F. plutonien,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L.,—Gr. PloutōniosPloutōn, Pluto, the god of the nether world.


In literature:

Since that time to our days the Plutonian work has been suspended.
"Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea" by Jules Verne
For instance, I wonder how many frequenters of the Alpine house ever saw or know that there is a dairy in its Plutonian regions.
"Gala-days" by Gail Hamilton
Our love will lighten the Plutonian realms.
"Washington Square Plays" by Various
Night's Plutonian shore: Pluto ruled over the powers of the lower world and over the dead.
"Selections From American Poetry" by Various
What is the meaning of "Night's Plutonian shore"?
"Elson Grammar School Literature, Book Four." by William H. Elson
This part of Central Asia is continually being troubled by Plutonian disturbances beneath its surface.
"The Adventures of a Special Correspondent" by Jules Verne
At last the Plutonian shadows opened to receive the matchless man.
"Trifles for the Christmas Holidays" by H. S. Armstrong
It was a night of Plutonian Purgatory.
"A Negro Explorer at the North Pole" by Matthew A. Henson
Some of them found riot guns, but they might as well have pounded a Plutonian mammoth for all the effect they had on Tolto.
"The Martian Cabal" by Roman Frederick Starzl
Had it been a train only to Nice, or to the Plutonian realms, he would have taken it.
"A Great Man" by Arnold Bennett
Toss them, like a cigarette, To the far Plutonian floor.
"The So-called Human Race" by Bert Leston Taylor
The resemblance between the Devil of their imagination and a Plutonian is really astounding.
"Astounding Stories, June, 1931" by Various
Today, at mess, Murdo was holding forth about a Plutonian ice bear he'd killed.
"The Beasts in the Void" by Paul W. Fairman
They knew from these what the Plutonians had looked like, and they had a suspicion of what had happened.
"The Secret of the Ninth Planet" by Donald Allen Wollheim
Mr. Statis Ticks picked up a piece of this plutonian slag and examined it attentively.
"A Republic Without a President and Other Stories" by Herbert Ward
The bobbing hats and dark coats suggested wanderers from some dark Plutonian cave, bent upon mischief to the upper world.
"The Siege of the Seven Suitors" by Meredith Nicholson
Our love will lighten the Plutonian realms.
"Fifty Contemporary One-Act Plays" by Various
It would be a very humorous idea if England was designated as the land of the dead, as the Plutonian realm, as hell.
"The Prose Writings of Heinrich Heine" by Heinrich Heine

In poetry:

Those flames on high crimson the sky
And paint their signals overhead,
And every fold of smoke is rolled
And woven in Plutonian red.
"Arms And The Man - The Beleaguered Town" by James Barron Hope
Soon, Sestius, shall Plutonian shades
Enfold you with their hideous seemings;
Then love and mirth and joys of earth
Shall fade away like fevered dreamings.
"In The Springtime" by Eugene Field
Soon, Sestius, shall Plutonian shades
Enfold you with their hideous seemings--
Then love and mirth and joys of earth
Shall fade away like fevered dreamings.
"Horace I, 4." by Eugene Field
In dark Plutonian caves,
Beneath the lowest deep, go, hide thy head;
Or earth thee where the blood that thou hast shed
May trickle on thee from thy countless graves!
"1866 -- Addressed To The Old Year" by Henry Timrod

In science:

How, you probably don’t wish to know, did your authors vote on the various Plutonian issues? Not at all, it turns out, for the one who was there was skippering the team of students who ran up and down the aisles counting the raised yellow cards of the voters (slightly different from raised hackles, but not entirely).
Astrophysics in 2006