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  • Sucking Very Much at the Purses of The Pleading Parties--3-42-360
    Sucking Very Much at the Purses of The Pleading Parties--3-42-360
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n. pl Pleadings (Law) The mutual pleas and replies of the plaintiff and defendant, or written statements of the parties in support of their claims, proceeding from the declaration of the plaintiff, until issue is joined, and the question made to rest on some single point.
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

The princess pleads with the snake queen The princess pleads with the snake queen
Along a shoreline, Irish men sit on a log on which the words 'land bill' are written. They are pleading with Britannia to give them home rule Along a shoreline, Irish men sit on a log on which the words 'land bill' are written. They are pleading with...


  • Abraham Lincoln
    “He reminds me of the man who murdered both his parents, and then when the sentence was about to be pronounced, pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was orphan.”
  • Thomas Paine
    “Everything that is right or natural pleads for separation. The blood of the slain, the weeping voice of nature cries, 'Tis time to part.”


In literature:

I understand both victims plead guilty and we can do 'em up in thirty minutes.
"A Wounded Name" by Charles King
I pleaded with her gently.
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
There was dumb pleading in the one gaze, and hard supremacy in the other.
"Tess of the Storm Country" by Grace Miller White
We ask no special favors, but we plead for justice.
"Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence" by Various
He hoped as he smiled that Rachel would plead with him to go alone.
"Erik Dorn" by Ben Hecht
But if he does plead it, the judgment of the court must be in his favor.
"An Essay on Professional Ethics" by George Sharswood
But in this other matter he had pronounced her guilty before she had been allowed to plead.
"Orley Farm" by Anthony Trollope
It is the pleading time for Him.
"Quiet Talks on the Crowned Christ of Revelation" by S. D. Gordon
Poons begged him to speak to Jenny for him; he pleaded so hard that Jenny asked Von Barwig if he was talking about her.
"The Music Master" by Charles Klein
And yet I would see her if I could, and if I saw her I would go on my knees and plead for mercy.
"How It All Came Round" by L. T. Meade
The lawyer raved and pleaded in vain.
"The Root of Evil" by Thomas Dixon
They pleaded with him, without effect.
"Roosevelt in the Bad Lands" by Hermann Hagedorn
Your lordship wishes for an opportunity to plead before Congress the cause of England and America, and to save, as you say, both from ruin.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine
Under this rule he pleaded: 1.
"Report of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Opinions of the Judges Thereof, in the Case of Dred Scott versus John F.A. Sandford" by Benjamin C. Howard
Let me plead with her in my own fashion!
"To Win the Love He Sought" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
But in vain I argued and pleaded.
"Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist" by Alexander Berkman
Now that the Company no longer existed they pleaded earnestly to be permitted to keep the Assembly.
"Give Me Liberty" by Thomas J. Wertenbaker
The boy still pleaded.
"The Gold Brick" by Ann S. Stephens
He did urge her, pleading John Marchmont's cause a great deal more warmly than the widower had himself pleaded.
"John Marchmont's Legacy, Volumes I-III" by Mary E. Braddon
My brother pleaded for the use of the Dutch language officially.
"Letters of a Javanese Princess" by Raden Adjeng Kartini

In poetry:

There from the hill is sprung a single thorn,
Wind-twisted, straining from the earth to the skies,
Thin branches pleading with wild morn
And root that pressed in darkness lies.
"The Thorn" by John Freeman
Ah! not alone do the exiles call you,
Nor alone in our passionate pleading are we;
But voices, long stilled, on the winds are drifting
"Your day-star is rising, sad Gramachree!"
"A New Year’s Song (1898)" by Anna Johnston MacManus
And I am wrong to worship where
Faith cannot doubt, nor Hope despair,
Since my own soul can grant my prayer?
Speak, God of Visions, plead for me,
And tell why I have chosen thee!
"Speak, God Of Visions" by Emily Jane Bronte
For they who weep and sue and plead,
Are used and dropped, like a worn-out glove,
And the friends with "moods" are the friends who need
To learn that they are not worth our love.
"Friendship" by John Lawson Stoddard
And am I wrong to worship where
Faith cannot doubt, nor hope despair,
Since my own soul can grant my prayer ?
Speak, God of visions, plead for me,
And tell why I have chosen thee !
"Plead For Me" by Emily Jane Bronte
We plead for protection from ruin and pain,
Repiningly think of our anchor and helm,
And could we secure those lost prizes again,
No tempest could shake us, no wave could o'erwhelm.
"Drifting Away" by Jared Barhite

In news:

Padraig Harrington pleaded the Fifth on Thursday following the first round of The Barclays.
Andrea Bouchard of Old Town pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary and two counts of receiving stolen property.
Former Sabre Matthew Barnaby pleaded guilty to four charges including DWI yesterday in Clarence Town Court after his arrest last week when police found him driving his Porsche on three wheels and a sparking rim.
Harvard professor pleads guilty in Bermuda to hiding marijuana in underwear.
I also saw her run without regard for her body through the house as her parents pleaded with her to stop.
Mark H Goldstein, head of BlueLight .com, pleaded with Kmart Corp.
A Blue Rock man pleads guilty to sex crimes.
Tuesday morning, an Egyptian-born sheik pleaded not guilty to charges that he conspired to set up a terrorist training camp in south-eastern Oregon.
Cousin, co-defendant of ex-NFL WR Sam Hurd to plead guilty in drug conspiracy case.
Lawyers for Lois Goodman, the pro tennis umpire who pleaded not guilty to murder in an L.A.
Former spokesman for computer game retailer Gamestop pleads guilty to defrauding company.
David Dean Smith, a Comstock Park man who told police he wanted to kill others by spreading the HIV virus, has pleaded guilty to a charge of not telling a sexual partner he was HIV-positive.
NJ Female Con Artist Pleads Guilty.
State Attorney General Jeff Chiesa says Susan Frank, also known as "Chicken," pleaded guilty to third-degree theft by deception today before Superior Court Judge Michael Petrolle in Essex County.
Los Angeles: Con Artist Pleads Not Guilty.

In science:

The reason I plead for the first step, the presentation of data with no theory in the numbers, is that that is what will allow us to come back at a later date (even possibly after the collaboration presenting the results is long disbanded) and re-analyze the data with new theory inputs.
Summary and Outlook for 9th International Symposium on Heavy Flavor Physics
All examples mentioned above plead coherently for the idea adopted here saying that nuclear systems may change the phase when is promoted in an excited state.
Remarcs on the shape transition from spherical to deformed gamma unstable nuclei
This result certainly pleads for a reanalysis of the most recent deflection data obtained during the Cassini mission. A comparison of these data with (11) or, preferably, the more precise expression in, would indeed lead to a test of the presence of ζP independent of the Pioneer test.
Gravity tests in the solar system and the Pioneer anomaly
This situation certainly pleads for pushing the study farther and comparing the theoretical expectations with the Pioneer data.
Tests of general relativity in the solar system
Beside observational data, theoretical arguments also plead for considering the possibility of scale dependent gravitation laws.
Tests of gravity at the solar system scale
Underlying Event measurement by ATLAS . (right ) Corrected mean s = 7 TeV for plead pT of charged particles at T > 1 GeV as a function of the charged-particle multiplicity in the transverse region from the track-based Underlying Event measurement by ATLAS .
Minimum Bias and Underlying Event Measurements with ATLAS
These arguments, and probably others which have not come to my knowledge, plead for some sort of particle ID. ”Poor man’s” ID is clearly dE/dx from a gas detector with 5% accuracy to provide a modest K-π separation.
After Sitges