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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Packing-box a box in which goods are packed: a hollow place round the opening of a steam cylinder, filled with some soft substance which, being pressed hard against the piston-rod, makes it a tight fit
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Prob. Celt.; Gael. and Ir. pac, Bret. pak, a bundle; cf. Ger. pack, Dut. pak.


In literature:

Various garments hung about on nails driven into the unpainted walls, others overflowed from a packing-box in one corner.
"Hilda" by Sarah Jeanette Duncan
She would get a box and packing to-morrow; to-night she could only copy the formula.
"The Good Comrade" by Una L. Silberrad
I counted the boxes, and I packed every box myself.
"Rabbi Saunderson" by Ian Maclaren
Wealthy we packed in bushel boxes, making two sizes, the larger, three inches and over, we called No.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various
Fish or game should be carefully packed in strong boxes, or hampers, or in perforated boxes.
"The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. VIII: No. 353, October 2, 1886." by Various
Pack the bottle securely in a box filled with sawdust or the like.
"Manhood Perfectly Restored" by Unknown
She walked steadily over to one of the packing-box stools and sat down.
"The Land of Promise" by D. Torbett
It should be carefully packed in saw-dust or paper and inclosed in a light wooden box.
"The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by R. V. Pierce
Ginseng always comes packed in air-tight boxes.
"Captain Scraggs" by Peter B. Kyne
I told her to be in readiness, and to have her boxes packed.
"Polly" by L. T. Meade
They were packed as in slavers, squatting by the side of each other as closely as sardines in a box.
"With Kitchener in the Soudan" by G. A. Henty
I was taking their dinner out to them, neatly packed in the chuck-box.
"The Prairie Wife" by Arthur Stringer
The instrument box is firmly bedded in the snow, which is packed down to a firm bearing and snow is packed around the box.
"The North Pole" by Robert E. Peary
In one corner stood a box, half packed, with various articles of clothing lying by it.
"The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers" by Mary Cholmondeley
In a happy bustle she packed her boxes and went.
"The Magic City" by Edith Nesbit
Tell the housekeeper to pack your box in time for the early train to-morrow.
"Tom, Dick and Harry" by Talbot Baines Reed
Whether I packed one copy in your box, and one in Madison's, or both in his, I do not remember.
"The Writings of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
Pack them carefully in a box with cotton wool.
"The Angel of Terror" by Edgar Wallace
He hurried to his rooms, where Baxter was soon packing his boxes.
"High Noon" by Anonymous
It is packed, for exportation and to bring as tribute, in large round tin boxes, stopped up round the edges with mud.
"Southern Arabia" by Theodore Bent

In poetry:

He had forty-two boxes, all carefully packed,
With his name painted clearly on each:
But, since he omitted to mention the fact,
They were all left behind on the beach.
"The Hunting Of The Snark " by Lewis Carroll
I say once more, as I have said before,
If voting for our Tildens and our Hayeses
Means only fight, then, Liberty, good night!
Pack up your ballot-box and go to blazes.
"How To Not Settle It" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

Celery harvest is underway with the Eco Ag Harvester which cuts 14 rows at a time, and packs 3,000 to 4,000 boxes of celery per day.
AC/DC's new $200 box set packs musical rarities and memorabilia inside a functional 1-watt guitar amplifier.
Movers pack boxes last week for the University of Colorado Hospital's move from East Ninth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard to its new location on the Anschutz Medical Campus at Fitzsimons in Aurora.
Anyone can drop off a packed shoe box at one of the collection locations.
I've been packing boxes for weeks getting ready to move houses.
The Happiest Lunch Box Is One the Kid Packs Herself.
Pair a six-pack with a box of chocolates.
Replace the shaft, or use a longer or shorter stuffing-box hose to move the location of the packing over an undamaged section of shaft.
More wraps, by the way, aren't better where stuffing-box packing is concerned.
Do-it -yourself moving equipment such as: Trucks, Trailers, Storage, Boxes & Packing Supplies.
Do-it-yourself moving equipment such as: Trucks, Trailers, Storage, Boxes & Packing Supplies.
Medifast pack products into boxes at the factory in Owings Mills.
70 volunteers pack canned goods into boxes at Second Harvest Saturday.
It is easy to mistake him for one of the volunteers who prepares meals or packs boxes with food.
Boxes were packed and ready for shipping.

In science:

What this means for packing large but finite boxes (with torus boundary conditions) is that the necessary gross irregularities of most packings at such high densities occur, but not in a way to disconnect the packings.
A Solidification Phenomenon in Random Packings
Although we define “uniform random packing” of the plane by limits of measures on packings of finite boxes, the key to our proof is to examine isometry-invariant probability measures on packings of the whole plane and to show that the ones that maximize “degrees of freedom per tile” are unique for high densities.
A Solidification Phenomenon in Random Packings
Box and packing dimensions of pro jections and dimension profiles.
Hausdorff and packing dimensions of the images of random fields
The packing dimension can also be defined through the upper box-counting dimension.
Fractal Dimensions for Continuous Time Random Walk Limits
Howroyd, Projection theorems for box and packing dimensions, Math.
A dichotomy for expansions of the real field
Key words and phrases : Hausdorff dimension, packing dimension, box dimension, Baire category, random iterated function system.
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
We compute the typical Hausdorff, packing and box dimensions of the random attractors (in the sense of Baire) and also study the typical Hausdorff and packing measures with respect to different gauge functions.
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
In particular, the typical Hausdorff and lower box dimension are always as small as possible and the typical packing and upper box dimensions are always as large as possible.
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
Choosing G such that G(t) = ts, part (3) follows from part (1) and part (4) follows from part (2) combined with the observation that the packing and upper box dimension coincide for all random attractors, see Lemma 3.2.
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
We can also deduce that, for all ω ∈ Ω, the upper box dimension and packing dimension coincide.
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
Lemma 3.2 (packing and upper box dimension).
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
See the discussion on sufficient conditions for the equality of packing and upper box dimension given in Section 1.2.
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
The results of [Be, Mc] give that for both deterministic attractors the Hausdorff, box and packing dimensions are all equal to 1 + log 2/ log 3 ≈ 1.63.
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
In fact, since each deterministic IFS has uniform vertical fibres it follows from results in [GuLi2] that the above formula also gives the almost sure box and packing dimensions of Fω .
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
B and dimB are the lower and upper box counting dimensions, respectively, and dimp is the packing dimension.
Dimensions of random affine code tree fractals