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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Nere Were not.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • nere A Middle English form of near.
    • n nere A Middle English form of neer.
    • n nere A Middle English contraction of ne were, were not.
    • nere An obsolete contracted form of never.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Contr. fr. ne were,


In literature:

And nere that he nis not stable, but by his thought he is likely to turn again, he should be next to enchieve it save Galahad, his son.
"Le Morte D'Arthur, Volume II (of II)" by Thomas Malory
Among her later works are "La Figlia del Corsaro," "Chiome nere," "Una Carezza al Nonno," and "Di Soppiatto.
"Women in the fine arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D." by Clara Erskine Clement
At his departynge, Sir James Limsay was nere him, and sawe Sir Mathewe departed.
"Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)" by Walter Scott
Portrait of Giovanni delle Bande Nere.
"The Florentine Painters of the Renaissance" by Bernhard Berenson
To Shyp Galauntes come nere I say agayne.
"The Ship of Fools, Volume 1" by Sebastian Brandt
Nere the Tower of London the first of Ianuarie, 1566.
"The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1" by William Painter
Nere a line of his but was able to make a man dronken with admiration.
"The Unfortunate Traveller, or The Life Of Jack Wilton" by Thomas Nash
Thynges, farre of, to seeme nere: and nere, to seme farre of.
"The Mathematicall Praeface to Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara" by John Dee
Our men were possest of the town without opposition, and recovered the houses, by which they got nere the workes.
"The Forest of Dean An Historical and Descriptive Account" by H. G. Nicholls
Hatherley, to his great greefe & shame, saw, & beheld, and all others that came nere them.
"Bradford's History of 'Plimoth Plantation'" by William Bradford
He subsequently obtained the captaincy of the Bande Nere, and died fighting near Naples in 1528.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 9" by Various
If it had ben no better then myne, It had gone nere thy bone.
"Ballads of Robin Hood and other Outlaws" by Frank Sidgwick
She nere did once disdaine him halfe so much, As now she honors him, loues force is such.
"Seven Minor Epics of the English Renaissance (1596-1624)" by Dunstan Gale
For I wyll approch so nere our enemys, that they shall well decerne what armes I beare.
"Shakespeare Jest-Books;" by Unknown
Nering got the colt out of the stables while the youngster kept watch.
"Bartholomew Sastrow" by Bartholomew Sastrow
When she approched nere the age of XXX.
"The Palace of Pleasure" by William Painter
The sun was a goin tu bed, and the heavens fur and nere was blushing at the purformanse.
"The Complete Works of Josh Billings" by Henry W. Shaw
I was sure I once heard Bande Nere and Jacopo in my room, and that I was being carried apparently to a more comfortable bed.
"The Honour of Savelli" by S. (Sidney) Levett-Yeats
And Ioseph sayde vnto his brethern: come nere to me/ and they came nere.
"The First Boke of Moses called Genesis" by William Tyndale
Alhallows Barkin nere Tower hill 3.
"Maps of Old London" by Anonymous

In poetry:

Forthe thei went these zemen too,
Litul Johne and Moche onfere,
And lokid on Moche emys hows
The hyeway lay fulle nere.
"Robin Hood And The Monk" by Andrew Lang
Tu vuoi saper perche` passo le sere
Giuocando un trivial giuoco coi cretini
Bevendo spesso le tisane nere
Che l'oste chiama vini!
"Flectar, Non Frangar" by Ferdinando Fontana
Gla. Well minion, remember this,
If I doe not cry you quit for this abuse,
Then let me nere be trusted:
Your Mistris shall know how you have us'd me,
So she shall.
"Rhodon And Iris. Act III" by Ralph Knevet
But this virtuous mayden despised them all:
"Ile nere sell my honour for purple nor pall;
A mayden of England, sir, never will bee
The whore of a monarcke," quoth Mary Ambree.
"Mary Ambree" by Anonymous British
But this virtuous mayden despised them all:
"'Ile nere sell my honour for purple nor pall;
A maiden of England, sir, never will bee
The wench of a monarcke," quoth Mary Ambree.
"Mary Ambree" by Andrew Lang
Altho this Knight was borne a Prince
Zit none wold do him reuerence,
Whiche I lamented muche, bevaild:
And of his sorowes took a pairt,
But lo his proud ambitious hairt,
Calamitye hade nere assaild.
"The Avthor To His Patrone" by Patrick Gordon

In science:

Diffraction alone gives a random dynamic spectrum from the motion of unresolved ob jects of size δx, but larger refractive structures, which disperse their radio frequencies over larger angles, δθ ∼ −2θδν /ν (from the above expression δθ ∼ 4πδnere/k2), sweep a spectrum of frequencies past the observer (Hewish 1980).
Interstellar Turbulence II: Implications and Effects