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Negative crystal


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Negative crystal A cavity in a mineral mass, having the form of a crystal.
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In literature:

The tendency for crystals of lead to "tree" over from the negative to the positive plates is well known.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
At that moment all my negative vibes about Matsuo Noda crystallized.
"The Samurai Strategy" by Thomas Hoover
The difference in form of the ray-surface for positive and negative crystals is shown in figs.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 7" by Various

In news:

This functionality is related to the limitation of water mobility, which, unchecked, can negatively affect the growth of ice and other crystals in the product.

In science:

It induces a subtle involution on Be(∞), the Kashiwara crystal corresponding to the negative part U − v of Uv .
Kashiwara and Zelevinsky involutions in affine type A
The negative energy modes for these configurations remain close to the origin in the spectral plane, preventing collision with the phonon band, and can be experimentally realizable in photonic quasi-crystals in a photorefractive (or a Kerr) medium.
Stable structures with high topological charge in nonlinear photonic quasicrystals
For negative values of Ct the magnetophonon frequency becomes imaginary in the long wave length limit, indicating an instability of the CF crystal.
Static and Dynamic Properties of Type-II Composite Fermion Wigner Crystals
Physical reason underlying this behavior can be explained as follows; when we select sufficiently large negative crystal field values (i.e.D/J → −∞), all of the spins in the system tend to align in S = 0 state.
Critical behavior and phase diagrams of a spin-1 Blume-Capel model with random crystal field interactions: An effective field theory analysis
Fig. (5b), for △/J 6= 0, first order transition lines and tricritical points do not disappear from the system for q = 4, but shift to negative crystal field values.
Critical behavior and phase diagrams of a spin-1 Blume-Capel model with random crystal field interactions: An effective field theory analysis
As an illustration, we describe one multi-critical point, which is interpreted as a transition between the dilute phase and a crystallized phase, though with negative activities.
Multicritical tensor models and hard dimers on spherical random lattices
To verify the single-spin detection and imaging, we choose our target to be the spin associated with an additional negatively charged NV center in a separate diamond crystal (so that the sensor and target NV centers can be scanned relative to one another).
Nanoscale magnetic imaging of a single electron spin under ambient conditions
In the ground state of the negatively charged CrSi defect a double degenerate e level and an a1 level appear in the gap, originated from the split d-orbitals of Cr in the crystal field of 4H-SiC with C3v symmetry.
The role of screening in the density functional applied on transition metal defects in semiconductors
Understandably, with imperfect crystal the prescatter case may appear also for a small negative tilt, x′ <0.
Computer simulation of the tevatron crystal extraction experiment
Because BBO is a negative uniaxial crystal it has been inserted between them a positive uniaxial crystal to compensate for the phase delays.
Design of the wavefront sensor unit of ARGOS, the LBT laser guide star system
Both Ramsey and Landau & Lifshits nominate a physical system that may possess negative temperatures during time interval of a measurable duration: interactions of nuclear spins with each other and a magnetic field in a crystal.
Teaching the third law of thermodynamics
After a fast change in direction of magnetic field this system is in a state with a negative temperature, which will last until the energy is transferred to the rest of the crystal.
Teaching the third law of thermodynamics
To estimate the correction we notice that the average density of the crystal deviates from the electrostatic density by δn/n ∼ −rs/R, where rs is the screening radius of the Wigner crystal equal to the negative lattice spacing: rs ∼ −a0 (Ref. 10).
Charging Spectrum of a Small Wigner Crystal Island
Thermodynamic properties of SCL are similar to those of Wigner crystal and are anomalous in the sense that the pressure, compressibility and screening radius of SCL are negative.
Negative electrostatic contribution to the bending rigidity of charged membranes and polyelectrolytes screened by multivalent counterions
In same crystal Si(110), dechanneling length Ld is shorter by factor of ∼100 for negative particles relative to positive ones.
Analytical theory of multipass crystal extraction