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Midas touch


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Midas touch an ability to make and manage large amounts of money
    • ***


Midas touch - If someone has the Midas touch, they make a lot of money out of any scheme they try.


In literature:

He seemed to have the touch of Midas.
"Ridgway of Montana" by William MacLeod Raine
Like the touch of Midas, his hand turned everything to gold.
"Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich" by Stephen Leacock
The old Greek legend of Midas turning everything he touched into gold, is truer than most people imagine.
"The Mystery of a Hansom Cab" by Fergus Hume
True woman has the real Midas gift: all that she touches turns to purest gold.
"The Woman Who Did" by Grant Allen
I hope that the touch of Midas may not be baneful this time.
"Magnum Bonum" by Charlotte M. Yonge
Midas (mi'das), a king, in fable, whose touch turned things to gold.
"Elson Grammar School Literature, Book Four." by William H. Elson
Their hands, like those of Midas, had the gift of making anything they touched too precious for mortal use.
"Castilian Days" by John Hay
The Greeks enshrined it in the story of Midas, of the 'Golden Touch.
"All Things Considered" by G. K. Chesterton
These, I believed, sanctified by my Midas-like touch, would one day be of great value.
"A Mind That Found Itself" by Clifford Whittingham Beers
Love, like Midas, transforms every thing it touches into gold, and, alas!
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. 53, No. 331, May, 1843" by Various
In order to provide Russell with the means to bestow unlimited largess, Field endowed him with the touch of Midas.
"Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions" by Slason Thompson
The moment the lips of Midas touched Marygold's forehead, a change had taken place.
"The Children's Hour, Volume 3 (of 10)" by Various
The moment the lips of Midas touched Marygold's forehead, a change had taken place.
"Myths That Every Child Should Know" by Various
Midas had the Golden Touch.
"A Book of Myths" by Jean Lang
Midas asks to be able to turn everything that he touches into gold.
"The Metamorphoses of Ovid" by Publius Ovidius Naso
The moment the lips of Midas touched Marygold's forehead, a change had taken place.
"A Wonder Book for Girls & Boys" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
The moment the lips of Midas touched Marygold's forehead, a change had taken place.
"A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
What did King Midas ask but that whatever he touched might be turned to gold!
"Wonder Stories" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
Midas demanded that whatever he should touch might be turned into gold.
"The Student's Mythology" by Catherine Ann White
When Pan blew his shepherd's pipe, and Apollo touched his lyre, Midas preferred the music of Pan.
"The History of Antiquity, Vol. I (of VI)" by Max Duncker

In poetry:

When slyly touched by his white hand
Of Midas-magic, forests old
Dariuses of pomp then stand
Barbaric-crowned with living gold....
"Frost" by Madison Julius Cawein
Time is our Midas. We are of his line;
His touch descends to us on either side—
That golden touch. One gesture will refine
This dust into such realms as dust would hide.
"The Attic" by Henri Coulette
This fields has buried men is browed
With easy gold; day’s Midas touch
Turns all to richness, only these were ploughed
By poverty under, pave a roofless church –
Kindle no saffron cloud.
"Pastoral" by Lilian Bowes Lyon
Thus humble let me live and die,
Nor long for Midas' golden touch;
If Heaven more generous gifts deny,
I shall not miss them much,—
Too grateful for the blessing lent
Of simple tastes and mind content!
"Contentment" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

Peter Buffett has inherited father Warren Buffett's Midas touch.
Stars still have the Midas touch.
You don't need to have the Midas (or a makeup artist's) touch to dazzle at your next holiday party.
John Paulson has the kind of Midas touch that turns gold even more golden.
Judging by the sales of its ES, RX and LS models, it's easy to forget that Lexus hasn't always had the Midas touch.
Can Sam Zell Maintain the Midas Touch.
Alice Handy has the Midas touch.
A new spin on the Midas touch.
Numismatics provides the ' Midas Touch' for history teachers.
A Record Label With A Midas Touch.
A Record Label With A Midas Touch .
Not quite a Midas touch .
Li Ka-Shing's Midas Touch .
The producer with the musical Midas touch .
A King of Art With the Midas Touch.