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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Mid-air the middle of the sky
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. (mid-), middgen; Ger. mitte and mittel, L. medius, Gr. mesos.


In literature:

And then Sidney Prale sprang straight forward, and grasped the body of the other as it was in mid-air.
"The Brand of Silence" by Harrington Strong
I've been hanging in mid-air for nearly a year now.
"The Lure of the Mask" by Harold MacGrath
God's goin' to come down de mid-air.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Work Projects Administration
Then I have the bizarre experience of seeing glimpses of teeth, tongue and throat hanging in mid-air.
"The Radiant Shell" by Paul Ernst
In a flash I froze, my outstretched hand remaining suspended in mid-air.
"The Paternoster Ruby" by Charles Edmonds Walk
Rankin's arm was arrested in mid-air.
"Peak and Prairie" by Anna Fuller
He hoped that Slade would recover consciousness while still swinging in mid-air.
"Bloom of Cactus" by Robert Ames Bennet
Now there came another dart of light, thin and fleeting, and she knew that a knife was poised in mid-air.
"'Smiles'" by Eliot H. Robinson
Here he was in mid-air on a platform barely ten feet square.
"Sand Doom" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Before you is a magnificent arch suspended in mid air.
"Old Mackinaw" by W. P. Strickland
Swords, too, were now and then raised to strike, but were always arrested in mid-air.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 146, January 28, 1914" by Various
The ball of yellow fire remained in position, hanging in mid-air.
"Pagan Passions" by Gordon Randall Garrett
It was mid-winter; the air was keen, and there was floating ice in the river.
"Winning His Way" by Charles Carleton Coffin
Beyond him the albino vanished in mid-air.
"Sacrifice" by Stephen French Whitman
Her hands paused in mid-air.
"The Fighting Shepherdess" by Caroline Lockhart
In mid air it continued its interrupted lecture.
"The Ultimate Weapon" by John Wood Campbell
A column of smoke and flame shot into the air; huge cannon were hurled high above the tree-tops, discharging in mid-air.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
Songs and speeches followed, and Mid, since he could not "take the air," took the floor.
"Night Bombing with the Bedouins" by Robert Henry Reece
It was caught in mid-air by a tall figure at the wagon-side.
"'Me-Smith'" by Caroline Lockhart
The silent man was caught in mid-air.
"Colorado Jim" by George Goodchild

In poetry:

We looked to see your gracious blooms arise
Mid soft and wooing airs in gardens green,
Where venturesome brown bees and butterflies
Should hail you queen.
"Easter Lilies" by Susan Coolidge
And when, in the mid skies,
The climbing sun has reached his highest bound,
Reposing as he lies,
With all his flock around,
He witches the still air with numerous sound.
"Life Of The Blessed" by William Cullen Bryant
And there is ardent, living peace--its urns
Of even bliss ranged 'mid these twilights, where
--Embers of hope upon the ashen air--
Each great nocturnal planet steadfast burns.
"The Rope-Maker" by Emile Verhaeren
A bird with pinions beautiful, and shy,
May sing scarce noted mid the noisier throng;
Or 'scaping earth, take refuge in the sky
And though concealed still charm the air with song.
"On Receiving A Privately Printed Volume Of Poems From A Friend" by Thomas Buchanan Read
"I want my child," the mother said, as through
The deep sweet air of purple-breathing morn
She rose mid clouds of most celestial hue,
By the soft strength of angels' wings upborne.
"The Mother And The Angel" by Alexander Anderson
And the old church there is built on a knoll,
And on the Sabbath mornings the church bell does toll,
Inviting the people to join in prayer,
While the echoes of the bell is heard in mid-air.
"Bonnie Kilmany" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

After scoring a 27-yard touchdown junior Keegan Lawrence returned to the sideline and atempted a chest bump with head coach Greg Lawrence, but when the two collided in mid-air the head coach tumbled to the turf.
EUGENE – Javelins aren't supposed to explode in mid-air.
A stalled plane in mid air is not necessarily the best idea.
Coast Guard Men, Woman Killed in Mid -Air Collision.
Coast Guard Men, Woman Killed in Mid-Air Collision.
The JetBlue pilot who had a mid-air meltdown on a flight from New York to Las Vegas in March is a free man.
JetBlue pilot who had mid-air outburst to be released.
Lil Wayne suffers second mid-air emergency.
Syrian Helicopter Explodes Mid-Air .
The Day Wes Welker, The 'Patriot Missile,' Was Stopped In Mid-Air .
Investigation continues in mid-air collision.
Canadian officials are continuing the investigation into what led two small, private planes to collide in mid-air on Memorial Day in Fauquier County.
Plane lost propeller in mid-air .
"The propeller came off the plane, in mid-air, " state police Capt.
JetBlue pilot in jail after mid-air meltdown.

In science:

Takahashi during the mid-nineties for a Maximum-energy Air Shower observing Satellite (MASS).
Physics of Extremely High Energy Cosmic Rays
In Australia or mid-western U.S. it peaks in the summer months due to air-conditioning.
Black swans or dragon kings? A simple test for deviations from the power law
The gravitational radiation may be detectable when laser interferometers go on the air in the mid-1990s (see §VI below), but this depends on the very uncertain efficiency with which collapsing VMOs produce gravitational waves.
Particle Astrophysics after COBE: Blois92 Summary Talk
The site of the experiment is an iron mine (not active since mid 1991) located in Sierra Grande, province of Rio Negro, some 1,250 km south of Buenos Aires, Argentina at 410 South 660 West.
Effects of Diurnal Modulation in Direct Cold Dark Matter Searches. the Experiment in Sierra Grande