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Metallic salts


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Metallic salts salts having a metal or metallic oxide for base
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. metallum—Gr. metallon, a mine, a metal.


In literature:

Phosphoric acid also forms mixed salts, that is, salts containing two different metals.
"An Elementary Study of Chemistry" by William McPherson
It is in the preparation of this metal that salt is indispensable.
"The Skylark of Space" by Edward Elmer Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby
Salt I know you have in great abundance, but I know that you have very little of the metal.
"Skylark Three" by Edward Elmer Smith
The salts of the metals are the inorganic impurities.
"Special Report on Diseases of the Horse" by United States Department of Agriculture
The Swedish tenor, Labatt, declared that two salted cucumbers gave the voice the true metallic ring.
"The Merry-Go-Round" by Carl Van Vechten
Are they of the same kind as the metallic salts?
"Conversations on Chemistry, V. 1-2" by Jane Marcet
A solution of metallic salts, as white vitriol, sixty grains to a pint; or an infusion of oak-bark may be injected into the vagina.
"Zoonomia, Vol. II" by Erasmus Darwin
Gold and copper salts give a metallic bead without an incrustation.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 1" by Various
Metallic salts, 13, 224, 227, 237, 247.
"The Chemistry of Plant Life" by Roscoe Wilfred Thatcher
Common salt is a combination of the metal sodium and the gas chlorine.
"The Romance of War Inventions" by Thomas W. Corbin
Another method of mordanting cotton is to fix the metallic salt on the fibre as a tannate instead of an oleate.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 8" by Various
The method of mordanting varies with the fibre and the metallic salt employed.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia" by Various
Earths, stones, metals, salts, and in general all substances dug out of the earth, are denominated minerals.
"Conversations on Natural Philosophy, in which the Elements of that Science are Familiarly Explained" by Jane Haldimand Marcet and Thomas P. Jones
Its compounds with metals, such as the potassium salt, C6H2.OK.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 1" by Various
Ignorance of the chemical action of salt and acids on metals may lead to very serious results.
"Household Administration" by Various
The calx and the salts of this metal are occasionally used in medicine.
"Heads of Lectures on a Course of Experimental Philosophy: Particularly Including Chemistry" by Joseph Priestley
Agricola himself points out that ingredients of "metallic origin" corrupt the gold and that brickdust and common salt are sufficient.
"De Re Metallica" by Georgius Agricola
The electrolyte consists of a suitable solution containing a salt of the metal to be deposited, and it is placed in an insulating vessel or vat.
"Marvels of Scientific Invention" by Thomas W. Corbin
Di-metallic salts are obtained by heating cyanates alone, e.g.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 8" by Various
They could make use of wet methods, and form metallic salts such as silver nitrate.
"An Introduction to the History of Science" by Walter Libby

In news:

In a large glass or metal bowl, whisk together the vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and curry powder.
And the colors appear when the metal salts within the fireworks get heated up, because then their specific elements will produce different amounts of energy.
Chemically, potash is potassium chloride (KCl) which is a metal halide salt composed of potassium and chlorine.
Spring-loaded, metal objects were never meant to go anywhere near the salt water.
"It's similar to salt, but not as salty and leaves a bitter, metallic aftertaste.".
[email protected] Discovering new metal bands worth their salt these days isn't just hit-and-miss — it's mostly miss.
The jeweler designed the metals for the 2002 Salt Lake City games.
Steel workers bolt the last metal beam in the last building at City Creek as part of a topping off' celebration in downtown Salt Lake City last week.

In science:

In most solids containing open-shell species, the energy bands are much broader than the JT splitting; this is why the A3C60 salts are metals.14 In this case the electrons cannot be assigned to individual molecules and therefore Jahn-Teller coupling is not possible.
Static and dynamic Jahn-Teller effect in the alkali metal fulleride salts A4C60 (A = K, Rb, Cs)
These are organic conductors belonging to the family of tetrathiafulvalene salts, dichalcogenides of transition metals, graphite and its intercalates, cuprates and some other.
Electromagnetic quantum waves and their effect on the low temperature magnetoacoustic response of a quasi-two-dimensional metal
Giamarchi, Onchain electrodynamics of metal lic (TMTSF)2X salts: Observation of TomonagaLuttinger liquid response, preprint, cond-mat/9801198.
The many-Electron Problem in Novel Low-Dimensional Materials
Giamarchi, Onchain electrodynamics of metal lic (TMTSF)2X salts: Observation of TomonagaLuttinger liquid response, preprint, cond-mat/9801198.
The many-Electron Problem in Novel Low-Dimensional Materials
Schwartz et al., “On-chain electrodynamics of metallic (TMTSF)2X salts: Observation of TomonagaLuttinger liquid response”, Phys.
Electrodynamics of correlated electron systems
Already early work,reviewed in, has shown that the electrical conductivity of the Bechgaard salts can not be described within the standard theory of metals. A new theoretical framework was obviously needed,and the choice ”by default” was the Hubbard model.
The reflection spectra of the Bechgaard salts:a theoretical determination