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  • The Majestic
    The Majestic
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Majestical Majestic. "An older architecture, greater, cunninger, more majestical ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • majestical Majestic.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adjs Majestical having or exhibiting majesty: stately: sublime
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  • John Milton
    “Come, pensive nun, devout and pure, sober steadfast, and demure, all in a robe of darkest grain, flowing with majestic train.”
  • Anatole France
    “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor, to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. majesté—L. majestasmajus, comp. of magnus, great.


In literature:

Majestic mountains crowned with immemorial snow!
"The Trail of '98" by Robert W. Service
In front of me, north-east by east, stood, gigantic and majestic, some high snowy peaks.
"In the Forbidden Land" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
To Rose, fresh from the farm, it was a great capital, and the lake a majestic sea.
"A Daughter of the Middle Border" by Hamlin Garland
This colossal statue was 39 feet high, and was composed of ivory and gold; its majestic beauty formed the chief attraction of the temple.
"Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome" by E.M. Berens
It was truly a majestic movement.
"Tin-Types Taken in the Streets of New York" by Lemuel Ely Quigg
When we set off, the sun began to show us verdant groves, watered by the majestic course of the river.
"Perils and Captivity" by Charlotte-Adélaïde [née Picard] Dard
This morning, the clouds clearing away, was delightful, and offered for our view the majestic scenery of Borneo.
"The Expedition to Borneo of H.M.S. Dido" by Henry Keppel
It lay buried in the dark, majestic woods.
"The Scalp Hunters" by Mayne Reid
In the midst of this wild and majestic scenery each rock and stream has its deity and saint, together with its appropriate legend.
"Wealth of the World's Waste Places and Oceania" by Jewett Castello Gilson
A snorting bray was heard, and a lordly stag stalked slowly and majestically from out the copse.
"Rookwood" by William Harrison Ainsworth
But the Queen's face was full of a majestic assurance.
"That Sweet Little Old Lady" by Gordon Randall Garrett (AKA Mark Phillips)
Sing the songs of praise unending Sing the world's majestic Queen.
"The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book" by Various
The forest-capped mountains elevated their majestic heads, over which the rising sun shed his beams.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
At sunset the majestic mountains of Kamtschatka appeared for the last time within our horizon, and at a vast distance.
"A New Voyage Round the World, in the years 1823, 24, 25, and 26, Vol. 2" by Otto von Kotzebue
They rose up slowly, gently, majestically, into the air.
"The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete" by John Forster
From north to south, as far as the eye could follow, the serrated line of crag and peak swept on majestically.
"Prescott of Saskatchewan" by Harold Bindloss
Then her eyes lowered to the rock-rimmed gorge, majestic in its eternal solitude.
"Rose O'Paradise" by Grace Miller White
En remerciant votre Majeste de l'aimable lettre que S.A.R.
"The Letters of Queen Victoria, Volume III (of 3), 1854-1861" by Queen of Great Britain Victoria
The ceremonies continued with the majestic solemnity of that faithful age, but the old man had no faith.
"A Winter Amid the Ice" by Jules Verne
For some distance they walked together, the one erect and majestic, the other gliding like a shadow by his side.
"The Bridge of the Gods" by Frederic Homer Balch

In poetry:

Lo! from the rock the fountain pouring,
Refreshing,—strengthening,—gladdening all;—
Lo! o'er the hills the glory glowing,
Bright, beautiful, majestical.
"Hymn: Come to the waters, ye who thirst" by John Bowring
Oh, let us, ere the days come on
When energy is spent,
To him, the silent soldier gone,
Statesman and President,
On Riverside's majestic lawn
Uprear a monument.
"At General Grant's Tomb" by Hattie Howard
Majestically the storm it braves,
Kind Providence but one ship saves;
'Tis England's mighty boat so proud and strong,
With streaming colors glides o'er seas along.
"Samoa's Storm" by George Hannibal Temple
Lord, for thy prophet's calm commanding voice,
For his majestic innocence and truth,
For his unswerving purity of choice,
For all his tender wrath and plenteous ruth;
"A Thanksgiving For F. D. Maurice" by George MacDonald
The peace is hers, of whom all lands have praised
Majestic virtues ere her day unseen.
Aloft the name of Womanhood she raised,
And gave new readings to the Title, Queen.
"At The Funeral" by George Meredith
So some there are, who never feel the strength
In thy blind eyes, majestic and complete,
Which conquers those, who motionlessly sit,
O dear divine old Giant, at thy feet.
"After Reading Homer" by Digby Mackworth Dolben

In news:

Visitors to the majestic Grand Canyon next year may get to see something that has happened only a few times in the past half-century.
Employees with Airtech, LLC say they want to know what you think about the Filter Queen Majestic and Defender, a vacuum cleaner and air purifier that costs $3,000.
Majestic elk, one big bull, a waterless water tower and a rockin' mailbox.
Witnessing these majestic and intelligent animals at sea will simply fill you with wonder.
0Whitetail deer are certainly some of the most elegant creatures in the South Texas wildlands and Richard Moore takes us out for a beautiful October day with our majestic whitetails .
Whitetail deer are certainly some of the most elegant creatures in the South Texas wildlands and Richard Moore takes us out for a beautiful October day with our majestic whitetails .
Join WTVP Travels for an exciting trip through the majestic heartland of China.
This swing, majestic like so many Ryan Howard has taken, was nothing more than a silver lining Saturday.
(There is not a more majestic spot to watch the sun set over the Pacific.
The seven-event tournament series will be held from September 21 to October 4, 2012 at the Casino Barrière de Cannes Croisette and the Hôtel Majestic Barrière.
Majestic 12 opens Big D screen.
Buffalo in a majestic setting.
Vince Gill at the Majestic Theatre.
His trademark high, pure tenor soared to perfection in such songs as "I Still Believe in You" on Saturday night at the Majestic Theatre.
Albert Matt Majestic, 84, passed away at Pinecrest Medical Care Facility on Thursday evening, Sept 6, 2012, following a brief illness.

In science:

The majestic face, with the almond shaped eye and the elegant profile, has a pensive expression which reveals the solemnity of the moment.
Optimization in Differentiable Manifolds in Order to Determine the Method of Construction of Prehistoric Wall-Paintings
Both binary components appear to drive o utflows, which interact and merge to form the majestic large-scale outflow struct ure (Fridlund & Liseau 1998; Devine et al. 1999b; Hartigan et al. 2000; Rodr´ıguez e t al. 2003).
Low Mass Star Formation in the Taurus-Auriga Clouds