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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n M3 a measure of the money supply; M2 plus deposits at institutions that are not banks (such as savings and loan associations)
    • ***


In literature:

Kansas; left mandibular ramus bearing m1-m3, and incisor; Rexroad fauna, Locality no.
"Speciation and Evolution of the Pygmy Mice, Genus Baiomys" by Robert L. Packard
The molars erupt in sequence from front to back, and wear shows first on M1 and last on M3.
"North American Jumping Mice (Genus Zapus)" by Philip H. Krutzsch
The skull of one adult male bears an extra peglike tooth posterior to M3 on the right side.
"Systematics of Megachiropteran Bats in the Solomon Islands" by Carleton J. Phillips
All teeth, especially P4 and M3, are longer.
"Evolution and Classification of the Pocket Gophers of the Subfamily Geomyinae" by Robert J. Russell

In news:

2008 Bmw M3 Rear View.
Weighing in under 2900 pounds and spinning through short gearing, the M3 Sport Evolution gathers speed remarkably well for a 20-year old, even one showing just 6700 miles.
2013 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Edition.
BMW says for the first time, the M3 Frozen Limited Edition will be available in a choice of frozen exterior finishes.
It's been a long wait, but Audi finally has a true competitor to BMW's much-celebrated M3 on this side of the pond.
2013 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Edition .
All were used for mixing paints with density 1,300 kg/m3 and viscosity 8-9 poise.
The Max 3 Output Module (model number M3-OM)adds 8 form C control relay outputs to an IEI Max 3 or MiniMax 3 access control system.
Infor Integrates PLM and Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise.
On July 23, 2012 members of the Rockford Police Department M3 Street Team conducted a prostitution operation within the City of Rockford.
HorsepowerFreaks BMW M3 E46 Turbo.
M3 Glass Technologies will promote its ability to fabricate glass flooring and glass stair treads.
(31 m3) 2400 Series II Stationary Twin Screw Vertical Mixer.
RealRyder ABF8, StarTrac eSpinner, CycleOps Pro 300PT, Keiser M3.
M3 GTS has a custom front splitter and a rear wing, each of which can be adjusted.

In science:

Gaussian, m1 = fp(RN (σ, σ ′ )), m2 = fp (RN (σ, σ ′′ )), m3 = fp(RN (σ ′, σ ′′ )).
Fluctuations of the free energy in the REM and the p-spin SK models
C → M3 and ˜C → Xn (d) together with the smoothness of ˜C give a morphism ϕn : ˜C → Bn (A, d).
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
We say that a point P ∈ X (d) is hyperel liptic, if the image of the morphism m : X (d) → M3, which extends i−1 ◦ m′, is in the closure of the hyperelliptic locus.
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
The image of Bn (A, d) → M3 intersects the hyperel liptic locus transversal ly.
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
Bn (A, d) → M3 intersects the hyperelliptic locus transversally at pr2 (P ) and that the tangent space of pr2 (Bn (A, d)) at pr2(P ) is invariant under the involution Σ.
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
Note also, the appearance of m3 is consistent with A.
The additive dilogarithm
These representation matrices are real, have the same dimension as the group, and satisfy the SU (2) commutation relations [M3, M± ] = ±M±, [M+, M− ] = 2M3 .
Random matrix theory and symmetric spaces
Consideremos un haz de Huesos paralelos en M3 .
Aproximacion Discreta de la Relatividad General
En el caso de M3 los huesos seran los v´ertices y por lo tanto δLk = δ lk, y por lo tanto la Ecuaci´on 3.7 se reduce simplemente a la condici´on εk = 0.
Aproximacion Discreta de la Relatividad General
This may be seen by taking the limit in which one of the right handed neutrinos has an infinite mass, say M3 .
Neutrino Phenomenology -- the case of two right handed neutrinos
In the 3RHN case the Yukawa couplings Yν 3i are not necessarily negligible due to the factor √M3 appearing in eq.(3), and could produce some effect at low energies through the radiative corrections.
Neutrino Phenomenology -- the case of two right handed neutrinos
Let M3 (f ) be the set of all such p1 ∈ M (f ) that there exists p2 ∈ M (f ) such that p1 p2 is a non-reduced subpath of the contour of f .
Diagrams with Selection and Method for Constructing Boundedly Generated and Boundedly Simple Groups
Each dot stands for one qubit. M2 and M3 represent single qubit measurements of qubit 2 and 3 in an appropriate basis, and the measurement outcomes are communicated between Alice and Bob.
Experimental Teleportation of a Quantum Controlled-NOT Gate
Consider the involution of M3 (C) given by X 7→ X ∗ = Γ−1(tX )Γ, where X is the matrix {Xi,j }.
Arithmetic of algebraic groups
N x m,k ≤ nk (a) + k The proof of Lemma 3.2 of establishes the analog of the statements (2.9) and (2.10) with m, β -successful replaced by m, β -presuccessful, β = 1 and where instead of rm,k we have m3(m−k) em .
How large a disc is covered by a random walk in n steps?