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Logical impossibility


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Logical impossibility a condition or statement involving contradiction or absurdity; as, that a thing can be and not be at the same time. See Principle of Contradiction, under Contradiction.
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  • Albert Camus
    “Absolute virtue is impossible and the republic of forgiveness leads, with implacable logic, to the republic of the guillotine.”


In literature:

That a system logically so complete was historically impossible, it needs but a little thought to prove.
"The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1995, Memorial Issue" by Various
That a system logically so complete was historically impossible, it needs but a little thought to prove.
"The Souls of Black Folk" by W. E. B. Du Bois
The Megarians, in their first attempts to attain a severer logic, were making knowledge impossible (compare Theaet.).
"Theaetetus" by Plato
Logically, it is impossible to effect this coalition of two radically different conceptions.
"A Problem in Modern Ethics" by John Addington Symonds
And then a thought came to me, a terrible, impossible thought, so horrible that I doubted my logic.
"Tiger Cat" by David H. Keller
He, too, had run headlong into a logical impossibility.
"Planet of the Gods" by Robert Moore Williams
So for Plato's Ideas to be really necessary it ought to be logically impossible for us to deny their {243} reality.
"A Critical History of Greek Philosophy" by W. T. Stace
That moment, however, is impossible to anticipate logically.
"The Samurai Strategy" by Thomas Hoover
Logical introspection is impossible.
"The Zen Experience" by Thomas Hoover
Twenty years ago this cry of "Impossible" was not so easy to dispose of, but to-day it can be silenced by the logic of accomplished facts.
"Britain for the British" by Robert Blatchford
But it was impossible for logic to have its way.
"A Short History of English Liberalism" by Walter Lyon Blease
Erudition, logic, systematization, were to him impossible.
"Concerning Lafcadio Hearn" by George M. Gould
It fits the facts, and there is no empirical evidence against it; it also is free from logical impossibilities.
"Our Knowledge of the External World as a Field for Scientific Method in Philosophy" by Bertrand Russell
There are impossibilities logical, but none natural.
"Psychical Miscellanea" by J. Arthur Hill
Like most dreams of the sort it was perfectly logical, even if impossible to realize.
"Thomas Jefferson" by Gilbert Chinard
On such a subject it is perhaps impossible to hope for logic or consistency except at the cost of real aspects of the matter in hand.
"The Conflict of Religions in the Early Roman Empire" by T. R. Glover
In the broad light of day, in the cold light of logic, she saw that it was impossible.
"Mrs. Thompson" by William Babington Maxwell
How far the maxim of equal opportunity will logically lead it is impossible to say.
"Ethics" by John Dewey and James Hayden Tufts
Notwithstanding the rigidity of their logic, both were subtle and astute; it was all but impossible to catch either off his guard.
"The Life of John Marshall Volume 3 of 4" by Albert J. Beveridge
However it is impossible to suggest a logical amendment.
"An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language" by John Jamieson

In news:

That logic is the equivalent of a coin with only one side - impossible.
It's impossible to think the Bears can continue collecting takeaways at the current rate — the defense recorded five in a game for the third time this season — but logic would have dictated this weeks ago.

In science:

Using an Ehrenfeucht-Fra¨ısse-style argument, one can show that this is impossible (note that we are essentially in first-order logic: quantification over open sets does provide any help, as the only open sets are the up-sets).
Modal languages for topology: expressivity and definability
The logic bug was not found by logic simulation because the behavior model of the macro cell was wrong. Actually, this is a problem of logic simulation environment, so it is impossible to find it by logic simulation.
A Formal Verification Methodology for Checking Data Integrity
Moreover some sub-tasks are both very complex and impossible to decompose into a set of simpler logical sub-tasks.
Mass data exploration in oncology: An information synthesis approach
The tasks or knowledge works are known to be very difficult, if not utterly impossible, to formally structure in terms of logical and/or mathematical operations (Simon 1973, Keen and Scott Morton 1978, Markus et al. 2002), preventing their automation.
On challenges and opportunities of designing integrated IT platforms for supporting knowledge works in organizations
Its existence would be necessary (or in the context of temporal logic, true always), with it being impossible for this proposition to not be true under any condition. This is the key point of this paper, and although simple, historically it puzzlingly seems to have gone unnoticed.
Why there is something rather than nothing: The finite, infinite and eternal
The two measurements are complementary and this is why it is logical ly impossible to derive the Bell inequality for an actual experiment even though the situation is classical.
Bell inequality and complementarity loophole
Under the hypothesis that preacceleration is impossible, the results of seem in direct logical contradiction to this variant form of Eliezer’s theorem.
Comment on Phys. Rev. D 60 084017 "Classical self-force" by F. Rohrlich
The question, however, naturally arises whether supertasks are logically impossible irrespective of the nature of physical reality which may restrict their practical realization.
Zeno meets modern science
The Stadium is intended to show logical impossibility of the maximum relative velocity.
Zeno meets modern science
But since logic is intimately connected with how we reason, our logic itself is more complicated (and probably partly impossible) to analyse and question, since we need logical reasoning to reason about logical reasoning.
Understanding the special theory of relativity
However, it is logically impossible to alter the past and such a prayer is blasphemous according to orthodox Jewish theologians, because we are asking God to perform an impossible thing.
LHC card games: bringing about retrocausality?
About a century ago Russell used Occam’s razor7 to cut down the idea that life is a dream: "There is no logical impossibility in the supposition that the whole of life is a dream, in which we ourselves create all the objects that come before us.
The emergence of the physical world from information processing
Unfortunately it is impossible to define semantics (logic) in BNF file which means there is a very low chance of controlling what you are generating.
A Factorial Experiment on Scalability of Search Based Software Testing
This is logically impossible, and is a ma jor problem with their paper’s argument.
Comment on: "Does an atom interferometer test the gravitational redshift at the Compton frequency?"
Thus, the solution of this task seems to be logically impossible: the only difference between the bombs is that one explodes and the other does not and we are asked to test a bomb without exploding it.
Interaction-Free Measurements