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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Lead-arming tallow, &c., placed in the hollow of a sounding-lead, to ascertain the nature of the bottom
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. leád; Ger. loth.


In literature:

Four hundred planes, each armed with machine guns, dashed into the serried hosts, drumming out volleys of lead.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science February 1930" by Various
She had tried to lead the little one and still keep her arm about Luna, who by general consent was always left to her charge.
"Dorothy's House Party" by Evelyn Raymond
The opening is almost central to the cross-arm, and is directly above the doors leading from the church to the parecclesion.
"Byzantine Churches in Constantinople" by Alexander Van Millingen
Andor puts his arm round her waist and she, closing her aching eyes, allows him to lead her away.
"A Bride of the Plains" by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
Margot smiled and went to work with a portable mechanical arm and a leaded bottle.
"Equation of Doom" by Gerald Vance
I must this Hour lead forth my Troops to Battle, They're now in Arms, and waiting my Command.
"Ponteach" by Robert Rogers
The duty of these men-at-arms was to watch at the gates leading to the palace.
"Japanese Fairy World" by William Elliot Griffis
The mingled shame and sorrow arm and 'gainst the foeman lead.
"The Æneids of Virgil" by Virgil
Suddenly Sally touched him on the arm just as they reached the flight of steps leading to the veranda.
"Jolly Sally Pendleton" by Laura Jean Libbey
Phil's arms became heavy as lead and dropped to his side.
"The Spoilers of the Valley" by Robert Watson
Afterwards lead him into the parlour, put your arms about him, and give him a lecture.
"Law and Laughter" by George Alexander Morton
It weighed like lead in my arms, that ached with its weight.
"The Eye of Dread" by Payne Erskine
Thus merrily singing, Pilgrim offered old Franzl his arm, as if to lead her to the dance.
"Edelweiss" by Berthold Auerbach
Resolving, at all events, to secure Miss Bellew as my fellow-traveller, I took her arm to lead her downstairs.
"Jack Hinton The Guardsman" by Charles James Lever
If Germany is intent upon war, and if her road leads over France, then France must arm.
"American World Policies" by Walter E. Weyl
Rivalry that leads to arms is a natural fruit of unrestrained rivalry in trade.
"The Holy Earth" by L. H. Bailey
A passage of arms is a passage that leads to nothing.
"Speeches, Addresses, and Occasional Sermons, Volume 1 (of 3)" by Theodore Parker
Theo had given her his arm and she let him lead her to the carriage, the "chariot," followed by the two dark little brothers.
"The Hidden Force" by Louis Couperus
My first impression was to shoot down the leading man, and grapple with the other ere he had time to prepare his arms.
"The Chainbearer" by J. Fenimore Cooper
Then she put her arm about the other girl, leaving the boy to lead the three horses.
"The Ranch Girls at Home Again" by Margaret Vandercook

In poetry:

Come back! come back or let me find
The jungle leads at last
Unto your lips and bosom recreated!
O somewhere I again must wind
My arms about you, cast
Into one word my love all unabated!
"Shah Jehan To Mumtaz Mahal" by Cale Young Rice
'Tis vain to struggle -
The ways of heaven are the ways of heaven.
Is he the destined saviour, by whose arm
His God, for whom he fights, intends to lead thee
Into the land, which thou wast born for -
"Nathan The Wise - Act III" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Borne by the tide of words along,
One voice, one mind, inspire the throng:
"To arms! to arms! to arms!" they cry;
"Grasp the shield, and draw the sword;
Lead us to Philippi's lord; Let us conquer him, or die!"
"Ode To Eloquence " by Henry Carey
But Ocean coils and heaves in vain,
Bound in the subtle moonbeam's chain;
And love and hope do but obey
Some cold, capricious planet's ray,
Which lights and leads the tide it charms
To Death's dark caves and icy arms.
"The Philosopher To His Love" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
If she'd been a crack liner she'd 'ave gone down like stone,
An' why she didn't sink is a thing as can't be known;
Our arms was made o' lead, our backs was split with achin',
But we pumped 'er into port just before the day was breakin'!
"The Ballad Of The Resurrection Packet" by Cicely Fox Smith
But the "Rangers" came at last--just as we were out of lead,--
And I thanked the Lord, and Mollie thanked Him, too;
Then she put her arms around my neck and sobbed and cried and said:
"Bless the Lord!--I knew that He would help us through."
"The Pioneer" by Hanford Lennox Gordon

In news:

The Obama administration is launching a new space arms-control initiative that critics say will lead to restrictions on US military activities in space, a key US strategic war-fighting advantage.
Always puzzled me that the leading executives of Major League Baseball get their jeans in a knot around the last of July about arming up for the stretch drive.
Armed forces lab follows leads, finds remains, IDs the fallen.
Diana Wueger writes on international and domestic small-arms topics at Gunpowder and Lead.
Upton's 3 HRs, Shields' arm lead Rays.
Cops say unique nose leads to identify of accused armed robber.
Mike Overcast, operations manager of the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska, prepares to lead a group of anglers down Talachulitna Creek armed with colorful flies and a bear gun.
A botched armed robbery leads to a SWAT situation at a Cheektowaga restaurant and those robbers are still on the loose.
Jon Hamm will finally be a leading man in "Million Dollar Arm," from screenwriter Tom McCarthy, based on the true story of agent J.B.
Armed robbery suspect leads police on high speed chase in Los Angeles.
A Syrian army officer who defected to supposedly lead an armed resistance group has been returned from a Turkish refugee camp to appear on Syrian state television.
Still leading the arms race, scoring runs will dictate success.
Qatar Airways' (QA) luxury jet arm Qatar Executive will have a leading presence at one of the year's most prestigious air shows this week.
Lead Customers in Energy, Medical Technology and Wireless Markets Sample Industry's New Highest-Performing ARM(R) Cortex(TM)-M Microcontrollers.
The rookie with the golden touch fumbled the ball into the air -- and right into the arms of teammate Joshua Morgan, who took it the last 13 yards into the end zone for a 7-3 Washington lead.

In science:

However, if this evolution is not too fast, it should not present a problem for our flux-tube manifold theory where the arm is constituted by the whole flow of material guided by the manifolds2 and will only lead to a change of the manifold properties with time.
Manifold-driven spirals in N-body barred galaxy simulations
In the early stages of accretion, when the disk is massive, gravitational instabilities dominate and can lead to spiral arm formation or disk fragmentation—which can in turn lead to binary or giant planet formation.
Millimetre Science with the Upgraded Australia Telescope
Here ΓL, ΓR are the dot-lead couplings (on the left and right side respectively); tref is the transmission amplitude through the reference arm alone); Gref is the retarded Green function of the coupled dot and ω is the incident’s electron energy measured from the Fermi energy.
Quantum Interferometry with Electrons: Outstanding Challenges
In theory at least, determining whether spiral arms are leading or trailing ought to be simple enough. A longslit spectrum across the major axis of the inclined galactic disk will give an unambiguous indication of which side of the galaxy is approaching, and which side is receding from, us.
Anglo-Australian Observatory February 2009 newsletter
Knowing which side of the disk is the near side to us and which side is farther away will then tell us immediately whether the arms are trailing or leading the rotation.
Anglo-Australian Observatory February 2009 newsletter
A s a d a p t i v e o p t i c s im a g i n g o f L IRG s y s t em s accompanied by kinematic studies like this one are still few and far between, it may be that further examples of lead ing arm systems are out there wa it ing to be discovered.
Anglo-Australian Observatory February 2009 newsletter
However, since two of the four processes leading to a coincidence detection (each photon can choose either the short or the long arm of the interferometers) are indistinguishable, fringes can be observed in the rate of coincidence detections between two detectors belonging to different interferometers.
Long-distance Bell-type tests using energy-time entangled photons
However, different pulse broadening in the intereferometer arms, increasing with increasing arm-length difference, leads to a smaller visibility as well.
Long-distance Bell-type tests using energy-time entangled photons
Behind PC3 on the remainder of the east arm lie two planar arrays of Lead-Scintillator calorimeters (PbSc) .
Event Reconstruction in the PHENIX Central Arm Spectrometers
They have analyzed the kinematics of the Magellanic Stream and the Leading Arm, with the focus on the transition regions between these structures and the main bodies of the Clouds.
Rotation of the Milky Way and the formation of the Magellanic Stream
The scenario proposed by Nidever et al. (2008) might be the complementary process to the tidal stripping concerning the origin of the Leading Arm.
Rotation of the Milky Way and the formation of the Magellanic Stream
The comparison of the observed (left column) low–resolution H I data–cube for the extended Magellanic structures (the Magellanic Stream, the Leading Arm) and of its modeled counterpart.
Rotation of the Milky Way and the formation of the Magellanic Stream
All models produced a well developed leading arm on the opposite side of the MS, which is discussed in detail in Section 4.2.
N-body Simulations of the Small Magellanic Cloud and the Magellanic Stream
The various features produced by the interaction of the SMC with the Galaxy and LMC are labelled on the plot for the disc component (Fig.5a), namely the Magellanic Stream, leading arm, and tidal bridge and tail.
N-body Simulations of the Small Magellanic Cloud and the Magellanic Stream
The halo component plot (Fig.5b) shows several differences from the disc component plot, including a much less conspicuous stream at the the position of the MS and a less well-defined leading arm.
N-body Simulations of the Small Magellanic Cloud and the Magellanic Stream