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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Irised Having colors like those of the rainbow; iridescent.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • irised Containing or exhibiting colors like those of the rainbow.
    • irised Having an iris: used in composition: as, large-irised eyes.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Irised showing colours like the rainbow
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Iris
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. iris, iridis—Gr. iris, iridos, the rainbow.


In literature:

He let the gray-irised eyes drink in the full cup of his determination.
"Never-Fail Blake" by Arthur Stringer
The red roses and the white irises were everywhere.
"Prisoners" by Mary Cholmondeley
Men who saw Samarra after my time raved of its winter glory, its irises, its grass knee-high, its splendid anemones.
"The Leicestershires beyond Baghdad" by Edward John Thompson
She always takes me there to wash my hands and face, and the basin is all over irises too.
"Afterwards" by Kathlyn Rhodes
Harper stared wildly, white showing around his pale blue irises.
"The 4-D Doodler" by Graph Waldeyer
At the edge of the brook stood the tall irises brokenly reflected in the running water.
"The Adventures of Maya the Bee" by Waldemar Bonsels
Irised: with rainbow colors.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
His irises were gray and gold.
"General Max Shorter" by Kris Ottman Neville
Yoritomo leaned forward in his chair, his thin lips in an excited smile, his black-irised eyes sparkling.
"Anything You Can Do ..." by Gordon Randall Garrett
Memory slowly darkened his irises.
"Earth Alert!" by Kris Neville
The pupils of both pairs had contracted to steel points, bright in the dark gray of the irises.
"The Voice of the Pack" by Edison Marshall
Her irises set in clear white have glints of jet.
"Woman" by Magdeleine Marx
Then came the German irises, like soldiers on parade, around the pool, and the bright lemon lilies in the shady dooryard.
"The Idyl of Twin Fires" by Walter Prichard Eaton
Most of these Irises need no special care.
"The Practical Garden-Book" by C. E. Hunn
Here are a hundred irised pearls.
"The Blood of Rachel" by Cotton Noe
The princess made a move forward, then swayed like one of her wind-blown irises and slipped down to the old moss-green steps.
"The Game and the Candle" by Eleanor M. Ingram
His chapters on irises are particularly good.
"Fifty Years of Golf" by Horace G. Hutchinson
But I ought not to have deserted those irises that Garstin sent me from the Taurus.
"Guy and Pauline" by Compton Mackenzie
Irises and roses are the two especial beauties of Kashmir villages and Kashmir lanes and hedgerows.
"Kashmir" by Sir Francis Edward Younghusband
It was bordered with irises and reeds and other water-loving plants.
"Upsidonia" by Archibald Marshall

In poetry:

Ere love and beauty both grew old
And wonder and romance were flown
On irised wings to worlds unknown,
To stars of undiscovered gold.
"Beyond the Great Wall" by Clark Ashton Smith
The whitening gold of sudden dawn,
The sunset's garnet afterglow,
The cumulus, the noonlit snow,
The moon in irised clouds withdrawn.
"The Butterfly" by Clark Ashton Smith
Take roses red and lilies white,
A kitchen garden's my delight;
Its gillyflowers and phlox and cloves,
And its tall cote of irised doves.
"The Choice" by Katharine Tynan
To poets' youthful hearts,
Even so the quivering April thoughts will fly,--
Those irised darts,
Those winged and tiny denizens of the sky.
"The Humming Birds" by Alfred Noyes
A slender, winged, ethereal, lily form,
Dove-eyed, with fair, free-floating, pearl-wreathed hair,
In waving raiment swathed
Of changing, irised hues.
"Fog" by Emma Lazarus
"Fetch forth the Paradisal garb!" * spake the Father, sweet and low;
Drew them both by the frightened hand * where Mary's throne made
irised bow -
"Take, Princess Mary, of thy good grace, * two spirits greater than
they know."
"A Judgment In Heaven" by Francis Thompson

In news:

Robin likes to arrange irises in a clear glass vase so their large green stems can add to the overall beauty of the display.
Soul siren Irma Thomas, dressed in a golden Jackie Kennedy pantsuit, beckons us into a lush landscape of blue irises, python-like oak limbs, and red-winged black birds that sing along to old-fashioned phonograph records.
Hooker Nichols also grows Louisiana irises in his gardens he and his wife, Bonnie, tend in North Dallas and Mesquite.
Now is the time to separate and plant bearded irises for spring bloom.
Irises come in many different shapes, sizes and colors.
At The Sustainable Living Centre in New Lynn the Dutch irises we planted as bulbs are flowering around our food forest/orchard.
Dutch irises require average garden soil, they're not too fussy.
A Guide to Bearded Irises.
Although bearded irises are not native, they are fabulously adapted to our climate and soils.
In fact, there's virtually nowhere in the nation where irises don't perform well.
Irises are blooming on Mother's Day when usually it is tulips.
Daylilies, irises and creeping phlox are among the most popular.
Later that night, Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks did us one better -- mimicking (sort of) Vincent Van Gogh 's "Irises" during his game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Jails in Yavapai County to begin scanning inmates' irises.
One of those is the scent of irises.

In science:

By using a flat beam transform and irising the drive laser we were able to make a 46- by 295-µm beam image involving only 15 pC of charge in one bunch as shown at the right in Fig. 4b.
Initial beam-profiling tests with the NML prototype station at the Fermilab A0 Photoinjector
This has involved a variety of methods including the scanning of fingerprints, irises, ears facial characteristics.
Will the Butterfly Cipher keep your Network Data secure? Developments in Computer Encryption
Fig. 24. 201 MHz test cavity, showing mounting arrangement. The ports on the entrance and exit faces are for diagnostic purposes. The curved surfaces represent thin Be windows that electrically close the irises.
Accelerator design concept for future neutrino facilities
Both vacuum cavities having irises closed with beryllium disks and H2-gas-filled cavities have been proposed and both need further study.
Accelerator design concept for future neutrino facilities
The issue of the RF breakdown in the magnetic field is addressed in the so-called open cavity cooling channel lattice with magnetic coils in the irises of the RF cavities.
Six-Dimensional Cooling Simulations for the Muon Collider
The concept itself consists of two parts: a) moving the solenoidal coils from over the RF cavities into the irises; and b) shaping the RF cavities such that the walls of the cavities are predominantly parallel to the magnetic field lines (see Fig. 5), which hopefully solves the problem of the breakdown.
Six-Dimensional Cooling Simulations for the Muon Collider
The new cooling ring has 12 cells with three RF cavities in each and four solenoidal coils in the irises.
Six-Dimensional Cooling Simulations for the Muon Collider
Figures 7–9 illustrate the difference between field components for the original RFOFO design and the new design with coils in irises.
Six-Dimensional Cooling Simulations for the Muon Collider
The disadvantage of the longer hz is a lower cell-to-cell coupling factor kcc. Irises are always below cut-off frequency for the accelerating mode, therefore their elongation causes enhanced decay of e-m fields in these regions.
Superconducting elliptical cavities
It required irises in the beam path, careful dumping of the reflected fields from the photodiodes, dumping of reflected fields from AR coatings and transmitted fields through high-reflectivity (HR) mirrors and screens to isolate scattered light from different sections of the experiment.
Balanced Homodyne Detection of Optical Quantum States at Audio-Band Frequencies and Below