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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n IQ a measure of a person's intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test; the ratio of a person's mental age to their chronological age (multiplied by 100)
    • ***


  • Stanley Garn
    Stanley Garn
    “If the aborigine drafted an IQ test, all of Western civilization would presumably flunk it.”


In literature:

It's ironic in a way that Pfleugersville should have been discovered by someone with an IQ of less than seventy-five.
"The Servant Problem" by Robert F. Young
IQ in the top tenth percent, personality profile stable Class I.
"A Matter of Honor" by Ann Wilson
Twelve years old; IQ about 180.
"Telempathy" by Vance Simonds
The IQ of the exactly average child, of any age, is 1, or 100 per cent.
"Psychology" by Robert S. Woodworth
Jar is labeled "Leeches" in black and stamped "Germany" and "IQ" below.
"Bloodletting Instruments in the National Museum of History and Technology" by Audrey Davis

In news:

IQ Consortium representatives explore and define common industry approaches and practices for applying GMPs in early development.
Dividends, gains reinvested through Wednesday Source: Standard & Poor's Capital IQ.
KVIE chooses Digital Nirvana 's Monitor IQ.
Hispanic network uses Monitor IQ Essentials to ensure FCC compliance across multiple channels.
NEWARK, Calif.—Azteca America, a Hispanic television network based in Glendale, Calif, has chosen Digital Nirvana 's Monitor IQ Essentials Broadcast Monitoring System to ensure FCC regulatory compliance for its network feeds.
The Science and History of IQ, Part 2.
Carrier IQ, They've Got An Eye On You.
Onyx Pharmaceuticals Started at Buy By S&P Capital IQ >ONXX.
Carrier IQ's Cell Phone Snooping ' Overstated '.
0The intelligent IQ blower package is a large 50-100 hp, factory-direct blower package .
The IQ Blower package range now delivers pressure to 15 psig, vacuum to 16 in.
View this Escort Passport Iq Photo 2.
The Passport iQ is a product that performs as advertised and its level of convenience and integration is unmatched.
Children whose mothers are exposed to high amounts of certain pesticides while pregnant appear to have lower IQs than their peers when they reach school age, according to three government-funded studies released today.
Pesticide exposure in womb may hurt your child's IQ.

In science:

The sub ject’s mental age, as measured by the IQ test, was reduced from adult to 8 years.
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
Log-log plots hǫq t i / hǫt iq and estimates of µq .
Turbulent self-organized criticality
That is, if P and Q are forcings with their respective generic reals ˙rgen and ˙sgen and π is an isomorphism of their complete algebras carrying ˙rgen to ˙sgen then IP = IQ .
Countable Support Iteration Revisited
If t is a tableau and k an integer, with 1 ≤ k ≤ n, then the residue of k in t is defined to be rest (k) = q j−iQs, where k appears in row i and column j of t(s) ; that is, t(i, j, s) = k .
The representation theory of the Ariki-Koike and cyclotomic q-Schur algebras
One can then easily prove that m(q, λl) = m(q, l)λF (−iq), and consequently ζq = F (−iq).
Multifractal stationary random measures and multifractal random walks with log-infinitely divisible scaling laws
Second, this linearity is preserved through domain averaging, meaning that the EM algorithm only needs to operate on the sample covariance matrices h ˆSy iq .
Blind separation of noisy Gaussian stationary sources. Application to cosmic microwave background imaging
Aa)ij })iQ = Xpairings Ypairs ~AtQ ~A) stands for the multi-Gaussian average.
Geometrically Constrained Statistical Models on Fixed and Random Lattices: From Hard Squares to Meanders
H(Pn )|f (q) ≈ −qa(q) log2 (ε) + (1 − q)Iq (P ) .
Information theory and generalized statistics
Note that because Iq (θ||φ) is minimal at θ = φ, linear term in (44) vanishes.
Information theory and generalized statistics
Since the structure of Gal( ¯IQ/IQ) is not well-known, the previous action is a tool which allow to study this group.
Geometric structures on fields
We will define a natural action of Gal( ¯IQ/IQ) on the set of (C0, G) structures.
Geometric structures on fields
Let C ¯IQ be the ¯IQ−pro jective line without 3−points, and G ¯IQ a subgroup of its automorphisms group.
Geometric structures on fields
Consider a curve C defined over ¯IQ endowed with an (C ¯IQ, G ¯IQ ) structure.
Geometric structures on fields
This structure is defined by an etale covering family (Ui → C ) of C, and morphisms fi : Ui → Vi, where Vi → C ¯IQ is an etale morphism.
Geometric structures on fields
For an element σ of Gal( ¯IQ/IQ), we will denote by C σ the image of C by σ .
Geometric structures on fields