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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Horse-rake a rake drawn by horses
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hors; Ice. horss, Old High Ger. hros (Ger. ross).


In literature:

You see, when we got there, Thomas was raking the grass and he came to take the Princess' horse.
"Laddie" by Gene Stratton Porter
When he started to run Stopper was already passing him, turning sharply to the right again so that the rope raked the horse's front legs.
"Cow-Country" by B. M. Bower
Mowing machines and horse-rakes had not then come into general use.
"When Life Was Young" by C. A. Stephens
Every raking stride of her willing horse cut the brief seconds shorter and shorter.
"The Watchers of the Plains" by Ridgewell Cullum
The bluffs became scarcer as mile after mile was covered by the long, raking strides of the hardy horses.
"The Hound From The North" by Ridgwell Cullum
Then there was a mower, and horse rake.
"The Law-Breakers" by Ridgwell Cullum
That beautiful green passageway happened to be a short cut from the meadow, and horse-rake and hay-wagon made the ravage complete.
"Upon The Tree-Tops" by Olive Thorne Miller
And therefore she always raked away the best hay from the horses and stuffed the cows with it.
"What Happened to Inger Johanne" by Dikken Zwilgmeyer
There are now 300 parts in a horse-rake, 600 in a mower, 3,800 in a binder.
"The Romance of the Reaper" by Herbert Newton Casson
I will stick on the horse every farthing I can rake together.
"Hard Pressed" by Fred M. White
I scooped till three o'clock, led the horse back to the barn, got a shovel and rake, and began to spread my terrace.
"The Idyl of Twin Fires" by Walter Prichard Eaton
Nor is it light work to follow the horse hay-rake all day, lifting the teeth at every swath.
"Two Years in Oregon" by Wallis Nash
A rifle crashed twice not a hundred yards from them and they heard a running horse grunt as spurs raked his sides.
"The Last Straw" by Harold Titus
Blessed be horse rakes!
"School Reading by Grades" by James Baldwin
The former rode on the near horse and the latter followed on foot, raking the grain from it as best he could.
"Inventors" by Philip Gengembre Hubert
The horse rake is a framework on two wheels carrying hinged steel teeth placed 3 in.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 1" by Various
Two horses are hitched to each end and two drivers stand on the ends of the buck rake to operate it.
"Farm Mechanics" by Herbert A. Shearer
I do not think there is much advantage in cantering too slowly; the speed at which the horse goes smoothest, without raking or boring, is the best.
"Automatic Pistol Shooting" by Walter Winans
Bill has been raking with the horse-rake, or, worse, mowing pease all day.
"Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 20, No. 33, November 1877" by Various
The town was left afoot, and yet from private stables horses were raked up, enough to mount a posse of thirty men.
"Curly" by Roger Pocock

In news:

Feds rake in $8.8M from sale of horses.