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Horizontal projection


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Horizontal projection a projection made on a plane parallel to the horizon.
    • ***


In literature:

One of the cylinders projects above the upper horizontal timber and has fitted over it, as a key, a long double-end sweep.
"The Bontoc Igorot" by Albert Ernest Jenks
I creep along astride the strong branches projecting horizontally into space.
"Bramble-bees and Others" by J. Henri Fabre
Above the stand a horizontal bar projected, which was fixed over the doorway.
"Jezebel's Daughter" by Wilkie Collins
This cornice ran over the arcade horizontally, but breaking forward the projection of the pilasters about 2ft.
"The Excavations of Roman Baths at Bath" by Charles E. Davis
These poles projected horizontally six inches from the box, were each twelve inches high and three inches wide.
"Experimental Researches in Electricity, Volume 1" by Michael Faraday
The bowsprit is also a mast; not upright, but projecting straight ahead from the bow, approaching horizontal, but inclining upwards.
"The Major Operations of the Navies in the War of American Independence" by A. T. Mahan
From it project rows of horizontal rods of lengths varying from 0 to 9 centimetres.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
A stiff and wide collar, projecting horizontally, conceals the neck.
"A Life of William Shakespeare with portraits and facsimiles" by Sidney Lee
In a saddle of mine, which is about 100 years old, the off crutch projects horizontally to the right.
"The Horsewoman" by Alice M. Hayes
Projecting from the top of the revolving desk, there is a vertical rod of iron with a long horizontal arm.
"The Care of Books" by John Willis Clark
The post has two projections (DD), as shown, the lower surface of each of which is inclined at an angle to the horizontal.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
Along the stab the growth is filiform, beaded, with subsequent horizontally projecting ramifications.
"The Bacillus of Long Life" by Loudon Douglas
The rim is furnished with two small horizontal projections, and the body is somewhat obscurely lobed.
"Ancient Pottery of the Mississippi Valley" by William H. Holmes
Near it a huge slab projects horizontally from the precipice, supported at its outer edge by a single column.
"Visits To Monasteries in the Levant" by Robert Curzon
Pewter bowl with horizontally projecting handle.
"Bloodletting Instruments in the National Museum of History and Technology" by Audrey Davis
The chamber was covered over with masonry, laid in horizontal courses, each stone projecting slightly over the one below.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 4" by Various
There the hawk and the raven had their abode; and there hung their nests from the projecting rock, or the horizontal tree.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland" by Various
It is usual, however, not to employ the three-dimensional figure, but its horizontal and vertical projections.
"The Phase Rule and Its Applications" by Alexander Findlay
At the lower left corner both the horizontal and vertical lines thickened project.
"History of the Postage Stamps of the United States of America" by John Kerr Tiffany
Running along behind these stamps is a horizontal shaft with projections upon it called cams.
"Marvels of Scientific Invention" by Thomas W. Corbin

In news:

Project X30-323: ASTM D635 is horizontal burn test method.
Horizontal projection (from a table to a vertical surface) gives you more flexibility with enlargement, but vertical projection (onto a flat surface from above) provides a more convenient work area.
The SR9 is a passive 2-way ultra-compact loudspeaker, specifically designed for applications where ultimate fidelity response needs to be projected with wide horizontal and precise vertical coverage.

In science:

Let h ∈ δ0, δ ∈ DL, and denote by ρ(h, δ) the number of (vertical or horizontal) plaquettes in δ whose projection is a subset of h.
Rigidity of the interface for percolation and random-cluster models
The invariance given by Condition ii) above ensures that both projections into vertical and horizontal subspace are G-invariant, which in turn leads to (2.1).
Holonomy and parallel transport in the differential geometry of the space of loops and the groupoid of generalized gauge transformations
In fact, by (2.2), it is easy to prove that the linear operator TeLp ◦Ap is the projection onto the vertical subspace; its kernel is therefore the horizontal subspace corresponding to the choice of A.
Holonomy and parallel transport in the differential geometry of the space of loops and the groupoid of generalized gauge transformations
Under the horizontal lines there are some galaxies with larger projected separations which may be associated with the complex too.
The Local Group and other neighboring galaxy groups
What may be new is the extension 2.4 of the Sugawara representation to a relative situation involving a Leibniz rule in the horizontal direction. I regard this construction as the origin of WZW-connection and its projective flatness.
Conformal blocks revisited
More recently the Century Survey Galactic Halo project utilised the spectroscopic redshift surveys, SDSS (York et al. 2000) and 2MASS (Cutri et al. 2003), to survey blue horizontal branch (BHB) stars within the Galactic halo (Brown et al. 2003).
Shedding Light on the Galaxy Luminosity Function
Drift direction is set to coincide with the horizontal axis of the stereometric projection, vx > 0, vy = −vx and vz = 0.
Transition from regular to chaotic motion in black hole magnetospheres
Figure 13: Moving point G on Nichomedes conchoid and its horizontal projection J onto circle.
Automatic Deduction in Dynamic Geometry using Sage
In general, when ordering does occur, the ordering is expected in the horizontal direction ±e1 whenever the projection σ0 x · e1 is either uniformly positive or uniformly negative on Zd .
Random Field Induced Order in Low Dimension I
Fig. 3 Search of potential eye centre: a) initial eye image; b) vertical projection of the eye image; c) horizontal projection; d) intersection points at positions of projection’s minimas and additional positions between minimas.
Computerized Face Detection and Recognition
A connection is a left P -module projection Π : Ω1P → Ω1P such that (i) Ker (Π) = P (Ω1B )P (horizontality), (ii) Π ◦ d : P → Ω1P is a right C -comodule map (covariance property).
Galois-Type Extensions and Equivariant Projectivity
A horizontal part which projects to the gradient arc of φ in X that connects mi− to a (multiple of a) short orbit γy over a point y ∈ Y = ∂X .
Effect of Legendrian Surgery
Then, the optimal curve (x1 (t), x2 (t)) projected to the horizontal plane of the normal coordinates has a curvature which is a quadratic function of the distance to some point.
Motion Planning for Kinematic systems
Theorem 26: (asymptotic optimal synthesis for the ball with a trailer) The asymptotic optimal synthesis is an εmodification of the one of the nilpotent approximation, which has the following properties, in projection to the horizontal plane (x1, x2 ) in normal coordinates: 1.
Motion Planning for Kinematic systems
If δ > 0 is fixed, then there exists a neighborhood N of 0 ∈ Λ depending only on δ such that if λ ∈ N and C is any horizontal curve of degree k in ϕ−1 λ (Q) (relative to the projection ϕλ ), then C ∩ ϕ−1 0 (Qδ ) is a horizontal curve of degree k relative to ϕ0 .
Continuity of Lyapunov exponents for polynomial automorphisms of $\mathbb{C}^2$