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Hope against hope


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Hope against hope to continue to hope when there is no sufficient reason
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  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “I'm a romantic -- a sentimental person thinks things will last -- a romantic person hopes against hope that they won t.”
  • Albert Camus
    “If there is sin against life, it consists in hoping for another life and in eluding the implacable grandeur of this life.”


Hope against hope - If you hope against hope, you hope for something even though there is little or no chance of your wish being fulfilled.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hopianhopa, hope; Dut. hopen, Ger. hoffen.


In literature:

She hoped against hope.
"Wife in Name Only" by Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay)
Perhaps, however, some were still hoping against certainty.
"Who Goes There?" by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
May I venture to feel a hope that ultimately that decision may not go against me?
"Mr. Scarborough's Family" by Anthony Trollope
So he kicked the door and raised an infernal racket, hoping against hope that the noise might bring a watchman from the rear of the building.
"The Go-Getter" by Peter B. Kyne
Only through them, as he believed, could he hope to win the fight he was making against the Roman hierarchy.
"The Church and Modern Life" by Washington Gladden
Botanists will not, I hope, take it ill, if I caution them against carrying off inconsiderately rare and beautiful plants.
"The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. III" by William Wordsworth
He came, therefore, to him as a suppliant, hoping to be protected against the injustice of these criminals.
"De Orbe Novo, Volume 1 (of 2)" by Trans. by Francis Augustus MacNutt
Young Mr. Oakshott was never again seen alive, though his family long hoped against hope.
"A Reputed Changeling" by Charlotte M. Yonge
Yet I must 'hope against hope,' or surrender wholly.
"Miriam Monfort" by Catherine A. Warfield
The little beast rubbed against his legs, stuck up a ridiculous tail, and mewed hopefully.
"The Purple Heights" by Marie Conway Oemler
We could not hope to help each other against such numbers.
"Three Times and Out" by Nellie L. McClung
We could not hope to win a victory all alone and against the great majority who believe in certain standards and conditions.
"Laugh and Live" by Douglas Fairbanks
Then might we hope to make a bold stand against any sea rover out of Norway.
"The Thirsty Sword" by Robert Leighton
Of the appointment of Commodus as his successor, it may be said that the paternal heart hoped against hope for filial excellence.
"Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 3" by Various
I tried to hope, but against reason, that we had perhaps exaggerated the danger.
"Alfgar the Dane or the Second Chronicle of Aescendune" by A. D. Crake
There is no hope except the hope against hope that the crest is clear.
"The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Vol. II: In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians" by Ambrose Bierce
As has been said, it was hoping only against hope.
"McClure's Magazine, Volume VI, No. 3. February 1896" by Various
No law against painting a taxi, I hope!
"The Great Adventure" by Arnold Bennett
Once, as I lay resting against my saddle, I heard an old Boer telling of the courage and hopefulness among the burghers from whom he came.
"On Commando" by Dietlof Van Warmelo
We hope, against hope, that the forgery is not proved.
"English Literature, Considered as an Interpreter of English History" by Henry Coppee

In poetry:

Yet hope is mine against some Eastern dawn,
Not in a vision but reality,
To see thy wings, and in thine arms upborne,
To rest me in a fairer Italy.
"On The Picture Of An Angel" by Digby Mackworth Dolben
Yet, having once begun to try,
Dares not desert his quest,
But, climbing, ever keeps his eye
On one small hut against the sky
Wherein he hopes to rest:
"Phantasmagoria Canto VI ( Dyscomfyture )" by Lewis Carroll
Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord,
Whose hope, still hov'ring round thy word,
Would light on some sweet promise there,
Some sure support against despair.
"Psalm 51 part 1" by Isaac Watts
With empty arms aloft it stood:
Ah, Scribe and Pharisee, ye builded well!
The cross emblotted with His blood
Mounts, highest Hope of men, against earth's hell!
"The Empty Cross" by Cale Young Rice
Had I been young I could have claimed to fold thee
For many days against my eager breast;
But, as things are, how can I hope to hold thee
Once thou hast wakened from this fleeting rest?
"Song Of Jasoda" by Laurence Hope
Alone was He—His followers had gone to Sichar near,
Whose roofs and spires rose sharply against the heavens clear,
For food which Nature craveth, whate’er each hope or care,
And which, though Lord of Nature, He disdained not to share.
"Our Saviour And The Samaritan Woman At The Well" by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

In news:

I hope people were prescient enough to get Serge Ibaka into their lineups for the Thunder's matchup against the Timberwolves.
Inter hopes to keep rolling against Atalanta.
The odds were stacked against the Huskies in their hopes to join the ACC.
Richard Mackson/US PresswireUCLA will need to be ready for a fast pace against Houston, and hopefully get some plays from its secondary like this one by Andrew Abbott against Nebraska.
President Obama is launching a series of ads aimed at women voters in key swing states, hoping to widen the gender gap in his campaign against former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.
Massena board hopes to avoid legal action against Mohawks.
Legitimate rape' outrage turns Republicans against Senate hopeful Todd Akin.
Coming off a 2-19 season last year, the Alexander Lady Spartans opened their 2012-2013 season in hopes of notching a win against the New Lexington Lady Panthers.
The nearly 4,000 retired players in the class-action lawsuit against the league are hoping that makes the NFL liable .
Ravens hope to have Ray Lewis back in lineup against Broncos.
File, The Oregonian Jacquizz Rodgers and the OSU Beavers hope they can channel their play against USC for this Saturday when they take on No.
Coach Leslie Frazier said Monday the Vikings were "hoping to have him" against Detroit but that "it's too early to tell.
A long-time county commissioner hopes to defend his seat against a political newcomer.
With playoff hopes squashed, New Orleans' players might be looking to increase their individual numbers against a defense that fell apart against Philly late last week.
FRESNO, Calif (AP)- The University of Hawaii football team was hoping to get things turned around Saturday against Fresno State.

In science:

Finally, we hope that our analysis of transforming the three box paradox into a game in which a quantum team wins against any classical team will put an end to the controversy about the classical analogy of the three-box paradox [35, 36, 37, 38].
Quantum advantages in classically defined tasks
How can we hope to show security in such a model? In it was shown that bit commitment and oblivious transfer, and hence any two-party secure computation, can be implemented securely against an al l-powerful quantum adversary given access to a much simpler primitive called weak string erasure (WSE).
Quantum to Classical Randomness Extractors
It is only through the specificity afforded by a model that one may hope to correlate the Higgs and SUSY searches, or to make pro jections for the expected yield of various event selection strategies to be applied against the present accumulation of data.
Testing No-Scale F-SU(5): A 125 GeV Higgs Boson and SUSY at the 8 TeV LHC
Hopefully, the similar protests against P T −symmetry, however existing, will prove much less resistent, the more so after the emergence of its defenses and reviews like the one which follows.
PT-symmetry, ghosts, supersymmetry and Klein-Gordon equation
The hope is that this exact symmetry will protect the lattice theory against at least some of these dangerous radiative corrections and thus reduce fine tuning.
Notes on (twisted) lattice supersymmetry
Exactly for this reason, we are attempting more direct (not statistical) comparison of our model prediction against observed cluster samples, which will be presented elsewhere hopefully in the near future (Reese et al. in preparation).
Systematic Errors in the Hubble Constant Measurement from the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect
As usual, our best hope to find radiative stability lies in symmetry: the required flatness of the inflaton potential can be protected against dangerous radiative corrections if we rely on a (broken) shift symmetry.
N-flationary magnetic fields
This is the most important result of the performed analysis which hopefully will be tested against the HERA data.
Diffractive Parton Distributions from Fits with Higher Twist