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Heavy artillery


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Heavy artillery (Mil) Guns of great weight or large caliber, esp. siege, garrison, and seacoast guns.
    • ***


In literature:

The place had been for eighteen consecutive hours under a heavy artillery bombardment.
"The Note-Book of an Attache" by Eric Fisher Wood
This heavy artillery continued to play very briskly on the grove.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, v. 13" by Various
Massive parapets were constructed on which were mounted heavy artillery.
"The Land of the Miamis" by Elmore Barce
Still the strange craft made no salute, and a heavy crash of artillery burst from the Grand Battery.
"Old Quebec" by Sir Gilbert Parker and Claude Glennon Bryan
A rumbling was heard in the sky like the sound of distant artillery, or heavy bodies of water falling from immense heights.
"Daisy's Necklace" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
We knew from the rapid discharges of artillery and the heavy volleys of musketry that the great struggle had begun.
"In The Ranks" by R. E. McBride
Those days before Cantigny were marked by particularly heavy artillery fire.
""And they thought we wouldn't fight"" by Floyd Gibbons
If it be but a few miles behind the lines, it can evidence heavy artillery.
"Cavalry of the Clouds" by Alan Bott
As we did so, we were under heavy artillery fire.
"Personal Recollections of the War of 1861" by Charles Augustus Fuller
The heavy firing of musketry and artillery lasted until midnight before we could get out.
"The Southern Soldier Boy" by James Carson Elliott
A heavy artillery fire was, however, kept up from the new lines until dark.
"Lee's Last Campaign" by John C. Gorman
So I moved forward my heavy artillery.
"Eyes Like the Sea" by Mór Jókai
But I aint no complete history o' the war with heavy artillery tactics bound up in one volume.
"Si Klegg, Book 5 (of 6) The Deacon's Adventures At Chattanooga In Caring For The Boys" by John McElroy
Heavy Artillery, the officers owe a debt of gratitude for the faithfulness with which they performed their christian duties.
"In and Out of Rebel Prisons" by Lieut. A. [Alonzo] Cooper
The enemy dismantled the fort and carried off the heavy artillery.
"History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia" by Charles Campbell
The heavy artillery from the wall had repaid its ineffectual fire with ample usury.
"The Student's Life of Washington; Condensed from the Larger Work of Washington Irving" by Washington Irving
In the face of a heavy artillery fire the Federals pressed on, but at the end of an hour they were compelled to retreat.
"The Greater Republic" by Charles Morris
In the early morning of the 23d there was heavy artillery firing at Rappahannock station again.
"Personal Recollections of the Civil War" by James Madison Stone
Heavy artillery firing could be heard this morning from that vicinity.
"An Artilleryman's Diary" by Jenkin Lloyd Jones
Mr. MacAckus had followed and unlimbered his heavy artillery.
"H. R." by Edwin Lefevre

In news:

Breitbart's Big Journalism brings the heavy artillery.
Senegalese troops fired heavy artillery into Guinea- Bissau today, raising fears for the safety of thousands of refugees fleeing fighting in the capital after a coup attempt.
Senegalese troops fired heavy artillery into Guinea-Bissau today, raising fears for the safety of thousands of refugees fleeing fighting in the capital after a coup attempt.
Syrian tanks reportedly enter Homs after 20 day heavy artillery assault.
Tribal Afghan fighters withdrew artillery and heavy weapons Tuesday from the mountain stronghold of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network in eastern Afghanistan, signaling the worst of the fighting was over.
The grand old locust tree in our backyard started to drop limbs recently, like a battlefield enemy backed into a corner who staunchly reaches for the heavy artillery.
A San Diego County man was arrested, after a homemade heavy artillery cannon exploded and killed his girlfriend, who was inside a nearby mobile home.
The dictator 's choice to use heavy artillery and helicopter gunships in civilian neighborhoods echoes similar decisions by Assad's father, who authorized the killing of tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims in putting down a revolt in 1982.
Syrians on Friday rushed to a basement in Aleppo during an attack on an apartment compound by Syrian Army heavy artillery.
Joe Perry from Aerosmith busts out the heavy artillery.
New styles of warfare, like the use of gas and heavy artillery, produced new kinds of horror and unprecedented levels of suffering and death.
He was in a town in northern France when the Germans started laying down a heavy artillery and aerial bombing barrage.
While the company's Golden Willow may lack heavy artillery or the ability to morph into a giant talking robot, several months of riding this bike proved that it's no less of a transformer.

In science:

It will keep us busy for another couple of decades but will ultimately yield to the heavy artillery of future high-powered computing.
CIW Cosmology Symposium: Conference Summary -- Observations