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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Heart-heaviness depression of spirits
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  • Sully
    “The English have a heavy hearted way of amusing themselves.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. heorte; Dut. hart, Ger. herz; cog. with L. cor, cordis, Gr. kardia.


In literature:

His heart felt heavy as the weight of dread distances pressed upon him.
"Hunters Out of Space" by Joseph Everidge Kelleam
With a heart as heavy as lead, Jordan decided to take the last desperate step: He went to Herr Diruf himself.
"The Goose Man" by Jacob Wassermann
Her heart was very heavy.
"Tabitha at Ivy Hall" by Ruth Alberta Brown
No doubt they feel almost too heavy-hearted to climb the hill.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
My heart's lying heavy enough already.
"The Manxman A Novel - 1895" by Hall Caine
Mollie, pulling her screen to pieces, looked at him with a heavy yet adoring heart.
"Vagabondia" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
She looked about her with a curiously heavy heart.
"Masters of the Wheat-Lands" by Harold Bindloss
Our hearts were heavy within us; we had a foreboding that the decisive moment was drawing near.
"World's War Events, Vol. I" by Various
All this lay heavy on his heart.
"Tongues of Conscience" by Robert Smythe Hichens
However, he could still speak a few words, heavy as his heart was.
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope
Who can tell the heaviness which bore down upon the heart of Estelle?
"Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls" by Various
She must surely be sick, or have some heavy load on her heart.
"The Old Man of the Mountain, The Lovecharm and Pietro of Abano" by Ludwig Tieck
His heart turned heavy.
"True to His Home" by Hezekiah Butterworth
But by him nothing further could be learned, and Mr. Toffy left Pycroft Common with a heavy heart.
"The Vicar of Bullhampton" by Anthony Trollope
And Brangwen went about at his work, heavy, his heart heavy as the sodden earth.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
His heart felt heavy as lead.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
Her heart grew heavy.
"Ghetto Comedies" by Israel Zangwill
Her heart was heavy, her head ached, she felt tired too, and faint.
"Anxious Audrey" by Mabel Quiller-Couch
But still, as Mary toiled on, heavy cares weighed down her heart.
"The May Flower, and Miscellaneous Writings" by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Michael's heart was heavy when they said good-bye.
"Timar's Two Worlds" by Mór Jókai

In poetry:

The heavy load slips from my heart--
Oppressing doubt takes flight,
The soul believes, the tears break forth--
And all is light, so light!
"The Prayer" by Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov
How long shall heavy night
Deny the day? How long shall this dull sorrow
Say in my heart that never any morrow
Will bring the friendly light?
"I Would I Were A Child" by George MacDonald
For when clouds and darkness are round me,
And my heart is heavy with care,
I steal me away from the noisy crowd,
To dwell in my castle fair.
"My Castle" by Horatio Alger Jr
Turn then to me, O Lord! thine eye —
See, how I weep — hark how I sigh!
Behold, how heavy on each part
Thy judgements lie! they whelm my heart.
"Psalm XXXVIII." by Rees Prichard
"My life is drear; walking I labour sore;
The heart in me is heavy as a stone;
And of my sorrows this the icy core:
Life is so wide, and I am all alone!"
"Blind Sorrow" by George MacDonald
Come then with me; I will lead the way;
All of you, sore-hearted, heavy-shod,
Come to father, yours and mine, I pray;
Little ones, I pray you, come to God
"What The Lord Saith" by George MacDonald

In news:

Avs begin training camp with heavy hearts.
Liberty Cross Country Squads excel even while running with heavy hearts.
Like the entire world, Mariah Carey's heart has been heavy in the past couple of weeks as she continues to mourn the loss of her friend and musical icon, Whitney Houston.
"It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the closing of our family store," read a statement released by the company.
Hurricane Sandy left everyone on the east coast, especially in the north east, devastated and with a heavy heart.
The hearts of a New York congregation are heavy after a thief stole a statue of Jesus from their church.
The Cowboys will be playing with heavy hearts in Cincinnati on Sunday, after a fatal one-car accident Saturday morning killed 25-year-old practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown.
But on his website, the landscaper 's loss has left heavy hearts.
American hearts 'heavy with hurt'.
McLain Ward Puts Heavy Heart Aside To Win Alltech Grand Prix.
Because your heart feels deeply, you can hear and speak of heavy things.
Boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr bid farewell to his loved ones with a heavy heart but noticeably clean feet as he prepared to begin his three-month jail term for a domestic violence conviction.
This past weekend, we saw some AMAZING football, yet we all still watched it with a heavy heart.
As the medical director for the Heart Center for Women at Rush, Annabelle Volgman knows firsthand the heavy toll that heart disease takes on women today.
(WWJ) – There are heavy hearts in West Bloomfield Township where police officer Patrick O'Rourke, 39, has been shot and killed.

In science:

In this pursuit I arrived at the demand of general covariance, a demand from which I parted, though with a heavy heart, three years ago when I worked together with my friend Grossmann.
Albert Einstein's 1916 Review Article on General Relativity
Fowler said many years ago) S0Bs diluting the heavy elements that stars burn out their hearts to make.
Astrophysics in 2006