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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Gas-condenser an apparatus for freeing coal-gas from tar
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A word invented by the Dutch chemist J. B. Van Helmont (1577-1644)—the form suggested by Gr. chaos.


In literature:

I will show you what I mean," she said, concisely; "words are gas till you condense them into pictures.
"The Story of an African Farm" by (AKA Ralph Iron) Olive Schreiner
It's getting much colder, and the gas in the bag is condensing more than I thought it would.
"Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice" by Victor Appleton
When the gas is not washed sufficiently, almost all of the ammonia condenses in the purifying material.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 363, December 16, 1882" by Various
The gas on leaving E goes to the condenser, G G, where it is freed from its tar.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 324, March 18, 1882" by Various
The beam of light is furnished by three gas-burners, and it passes through a condenser.
"Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development" by Francis Galton
Certain nebulae are observable in the heavens which are not yet condensed into solids, but are still bright gas.
"Recreations in Astronomy" by Henry Warren
In most cases, however, it soon becomes solid with condensed matters from the gas.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. XXVI., December, 1880." by Various
Phosgene is a gas that may be condensed easily to a liquid by cooling it down to 46 degrees Fahrenheit.
"Creative Chemistry" by Edwin E. Slosson
Deprived of the direct rays of the sun, the gas was condensing.
"John Gayther's Garden and the Stories Told Therein" by Frank R. Stockton
Strapped on his back he carried a vessel filled with condensed oxygen gas, which he could admit to the helmet in small quantities at will.
"Chatterbox, 1906" by Various
Then he got orful indignant, & made the air of the cur smell like condensed sulfur gas, the way he swared.
"The Bad Boy At Home And His Experiences In Trying To Become An Editor - 1885" by Walter T. Gray
It is a colourless gas, which can be condensed by cold and pressure to a liquid boiling at -83.7 deg.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 3" by Various
The pressure required to condense a gas varies with the temperature, becoming higher as the temperature rises.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 7" by Various
One gramme-molecule of a gas, whatever its nature, condensed into the volume of 1 litre, has a pressure of 22.35 atmospheres.
"The Mechanism of Life" by Stéphane Leduc
Its action forces the gas along the pipe to the right and down into the condenser.
"Marvels of Scientific Invention" by Thomas W. Corbin

In news:

Eni, with partners Lundin and Det Norske hoped for oil but discovered gas & condensate at the Salina structure in western part of the Barents Sea .
The sugary liquid (called wash or distiller's beer) is fermented and distilled (a process of heating the wash to vaporize the alcohol, then cooling it so the gas condenses and forms clear drops of distilled spirit).
O Smith, is a residential gas-condensing water heater that combines an advanced internal heat exchanger with 100,000 Btu input resulting in a state-of-the-art water heater with money-saving 96 percent thermal efficiency, the company says.
The Ultra with PhD (precision hydronic data) Technology® is a condensing high-efficiency gas boiler available in five sizes.
Reflux condensers have become increasingly important to eliminate condensable organic components from plant off-gas streams and meet environmental requirements.
PT Pertamina's 2004 work plan includes delineation of the large Donggi gas-condensate discovery on remote eastern Sulawesi Island that could anchor another Indonesian LNG export center.
Algeria 's Ain Tsila gas-condensate field commercial.
Parties to the Isarene production-sharing contract have agreed a formal declaration of commerciality for Ain Tsila gas-condensate in the Illizi basin in eastern Algeria .
A proposed natural gas export terminal at Coos Bay will need a power plant to chill and condense the fuel into the liquid form known as LNG, the developers say.
Fountain Valley, Calif.-based Noritz expanded its ecoTough Series of gas-fired residential condensing tankless water heaters with the new NRC83.
The Alve gas and condensate field in the Norwegian Sea started production yesterday afternoon, 19 March.
The 180,000-Btu condensing tankless models are available in natural gas or propane, as well as indoor and outdoor configurations.

In science:

Differently from the uniform gas, condensation occurs in both real and momentum space.
Helium nanodroplets and trapped Bose-Einstein condensates as prototypes of finite quantum fluids
In this case, the gas has two components, a condensate and a thermal cloud, and the Gross-Pitaevskii theory of section III has to be generalized to properly include the thermal component.
Helium nanodroplets and trapped Bose-Einstein condensates as prototypes of finite quantum fluids
Instead, when only the isobaric criterion is satisfied, perturbations with η < 1 grow on a time ∼ τs, because they can only evolve as fast as the pressure gradient pushes the gas surrounding the condensation to equate pressures (see Field 1965 and Meerson 1996 for more details).
The nonlinear development of the thermal instability in the atomic ISM and its interaction with random fluctuations
These condensations have positive velocities, whilst the gas between x = 1 and x = 5 has the opposite velocity in SP4d.
The nonlinear development of the thermal instability in the atomic ISM and its interaction with random fluctuations
The leftover accreting gas at the end of the condensation process flows along the nearly isobaric regime.
The nonlinear development of the thermal instability in the atomic ISM and its interaction with random fluctuations
The higher resolution data presented here along with other dense gas and dust tracing observations indicate that the NH3 condensation described by ZHRS85 actually corresponds to an outflow.
The structure of Onsala 1 star forming region
These dimers have a bosonic nature, being composed of two fermions, and if the gas is sufficiently dilute and cold they consequently give rise to the phenomenon of BoseEinstein condensation.
Theory of ultracold Fermi gases
The scissors mode, previously observed in a BoseEinstein condensed gas (Marag`o et al., 2000), has been recently investigated also in ultracold Fermi gases (see Fig. 24) along the BCS-BEC crossover (Wright et al., 2007).
Theory of ultracold Fermi gases
The experimental evidence for superfluidity in a spin imbalanced gas emerges from measurements of the condensate fraction and of the vortex structure in fast rotating configurations (Zwierlein et al., 2006a).
Theory of ultracold Fermi gases
Once T dwarf temperatures are reached, our models retain essentially no CaH opacity, challenging the cloudclearing picture unless condensable gas is upwelled efficiently over more than two pressure scale-heights by turbulence.
K-H_2 Quasi-molecular absorption detected in the T-dwarf epsilon Indi Ba
But cycles did not disappear, and it was suggested in 1987 that winding cycles are related to superfluidity . S¨ut˝o made precise the notion of infinite cycles and he showed that it is equivalent to Bose-Einstein condensation in the ideal gas [25, 26].
Spatial random permutations and infinite cycles
The ideal gas can condense (if d (cid:62) 3) but it is never superfluid.
Spatial random permutations and infinite cycles
Kastening, Bose-Einstein condensation temperature of a homogenous weakly interacting Bose gas in variational perturbation theory through seven loops, Phys.
Spatial random permutations and infinite cycles
Landau, Bose-Einstein condensation temperature of a homogeneous weakly interacting Bose gas: Path integral Monte Carlo study, Phys.
Spatial random permutations and infinite cycles
Cornell E A and Wieman C E 2002 Nobel Lecture: Bose-Einstein condensation in a dilute gas, the first 70 years and some recent experiments Rev.
Lagrangian Densities and Principle of Least Action in Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics