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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • p. p. & a Gallied (Naut) Worried; flurried; frightened.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • gallied Nautical, worried; harassed.
    • ***


In literature:

Rogers of Bristol, in a fine Gally, a Ship of about 20 Guns, and a Sloop, Capt.
"Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period" by Various
All I'm gallied about is what the others'll think.
"Isle o' Dreams" by Frederick F. Moore
Only, my good Carlo, do just run up the leads of the palace, and try whether you can't see the gallies coming at a distance.
"The Mirror of Taste, and Dramatic Censor" by Various
Amelita Galli-Curci will have her successors, just as Adelina Patti had hers.
"The Merry-Go-Round" by Carl Van Vechten
Mighty slick an' gally.
"'Firebrand' Trevison" by Charles Alden Seltzer
And as wee goe out wee meete six gallys of Malta coming in in all their pompe, and they salute us, and wee them, and part.
"Notes and Queries, Number 236, May 6, 1854" by Various
For Galatae is the Greek translation of the Roman term Galli.
"The Roman History of Ammianus Marcellinus" by Ammianus Marcellinus
Galli-Marie Michaela, a Village Maiden Mlle.
"Operas Every Child Should Know" by Mary Schell Hoke Bacon
Knight, Gally, his work on Architecture, i.
"The Stones of Venice, Volume III (of 3)" by John Ruskin
"Lives of the most Eminent Painters Sculptors and Architects" by Giorgio Vasari
Galli (family), 82, 124.
"Villani's Chronicle" by Giovanni Villani
Madame Galli-Marie, whose celebrity as Mignon and Carmen is world-wide, was the daughter of an opera singer, Mecene Marie de l'Isle.
"Famous Singers of To-day and Yesterday" by Henry C. Lahee
ALASHTAR, an Arabian Tale, by H. GALLY KNIGHT, ESQ.
"On The Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation" by David Ricardo
Galli-Curci was born at Milan, November 18th, 1889, of a family distinguished in the arts and in the professions.
"Great Singers on the Art of Singing" by James Francis Cooke
After an exchange of the most impressive compliments he returned to the gallies.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution" by L. Carroll Judson
It is largest in the Galli and some of the Cuculi, in others it is hardly indicated.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 7" by Various
The only one that expressed my sentiments was Eau Gallie.
"Gullible's Travels, Etc." by Ring W. Lardner
Knaves go chain'd to one another like Slaves in the Gallies, and cannot easily untie themselves from their Company.
"A Character of King Charles the Second" by George Savile, Marquis of Halifax
He has given his name as Monsignore Galli, of Rimini.
"As We Forgive Them" by William Le Queux
Bibiena, or Galli da Bibiena, Gio.
"The History of Painting in Italy, Volume VI (of 6)" by Luigi Antonio Lanzi

In poetry:

The parson punchered me. 'E's alwiz 'ad
A trick uv callin' me by fancy names.
In town 'e christened me "Sir Gally'ad,"
'Oo was, it seems, a knight wot rescued dames,
But never spoke out uv 'is turn to none,
Becoz 'is 'eart was pure. 'E took the bun.
"Narcissus" by C J Dennis

In news:

Mark and Barbara Galli live in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
PBS NewsHour's Ray Suarez talks with Chris Edwards, the director of fiscal policy at the CATO Institute, and Michael Gallis, an urban development consultant, on the future of America's infrastructure.
Peter Galli 2003-02-26 Article Rating: / 0.
Peter Galli 2001-04-02 Article Rating: / 0.
We asked former BBC marketing chiefs Gail Gallie and Ruth Darrah how the broadcaster can recover from its current crisis.
Ludington State Park Manager Jim Gallie, left, and park supervisor Dan Adams, right, survey the damage in the Pines Campground Thursday.
Peter Galli 2007-11-07 Article Rating: / 1.
Joe Galli jokingly covers his face while walking with his wife, Thyra, more.
Peter Galli 2008-02-21 Article Rating: / 8.
Hannah Galli's photography has taken her to Europe, Asia, South America and across the United States.
SALT LAKE CITY — Hannah Galli's photography has taken her to Europe, Asia, South America and across the United States.
Peter Galli 2007-08-02 Article Rating: / 0.
Peter Galli 2006-06-23 Article Rating: / 0.
Ali Stroker and Jessica Galli on the field during the speakers program.
Peter Galli 2007-09-21 Article Rating: / 1.

In science:

To model an initial mass density profile other than a SIS (e.g., Galli et al. 1999) in the self-similarity framework, Shu et al. (2002) developed an invariant self-similar transformation for an isothermal gas by neglecting the self-gravity.
Self-Similar Polytropic Champagne Flows in H II Regions
Galli, D., & Palla, F.: The chemistry of the early Universe, Astron.
The First Stars
Rev. D, 78, 083005 (2008) Schleicher, D. R. G., Galli, D., Palla, F., Camenzind, M., Klessen, R. S., Bartelmann, M., & Glover, S. C. O.: Effects of primordial chemistry on the cosmic microwave background, Astron.
The First Stars
Magnetic fields tend to produce large pseudo-disks; since the material is not solely rotationally supported (Galli & Shu 1993).
Viscous diffusion and photoevaporation of stellar disks
They have shown convergence toward a temperature/density regime of T ≈ 200 K and n ≈ 104 cm-3, dictated by the critical density at which the excited states of H2 reach equilibrium and cooling becomes less efficient (Galli & Palla 1998).
The First Nonlinear Structures and the Reionization History of the Universe
Bose condensation of other types of imperfections, for example, interstitial-vacancy pair excitations as elementary excitations have been considered by Galli and Reatto14, and imperfections at crystalline boundaries and dislocations are studied8,9 .
Annealing Effect for Supersolid Fraction in $^4$He
The star formation process absolutely must dissipate dynamically important magnetic fields to get even as far as a protoplanetary disk, or the average new star would have B ≈ 107 G vs. the 103−4 G seen in T Tauris (Galli et al. 2005).
Astrophysics in 2006
Evans et al. (2001) and Zucconi, Walmsley & Galli (2001) suggested sharp core edge-to-center drops in temperature of about a factor of 2 (an example is provided in Fig. 4).
Cold Dark Clouds: The Initial Conditions for Star Formation
Galli, Walmsley & Gon¸calves (2002) have studied the equilibrium structure of a pressure-supported dense core with a realistic treatment of the gas and dust cooling.
Cold Dark Clouds: The Initial Conditions for Star Formation
Figure taken from Galli, Walmsley & Gon¸calves (2002).
Cold Dark Clouds: The Initial Conditions for Star Formation
Combining Planck with future small-scale polarisation experiments, a sensitivity of 0.05 may be achievable (Galli et al. 2010; The COrE Collaboration et al. 2011), which would almost allow for a measurement of the thermal distortion of the neutrino spectrum (the 0.046).
What is half a neutrino? Reviewing cosmological constraints on neutrinos and dark radiation
Since we think we know the primordial abundances well and the number of relevant species is small, the gas chemistry and cooling function are relatively simple and have been extensively studied (e.g., see Galli & Palla 1998).
Towards Population III: The Collapse and Fragmentation of Primordial Gas
We use a 3-D particle code based on the TreeSPH code of Hernquist & Katz (1990) that incorporates the full primordial chemistry of Galli & Palla (1998), including the effects of HD cooling.
Towards Population III: The Collapse and Fragmentation of Primordial Gas
D+ + H(1s) → D(1s) + H+ In the early universe these are two of the most important processes involving deuterium (Galli & Palla 1998).
Rate Coefficients for D(1s) + H^+ <--> D^+ + H(1s) Charge Transfer and Some Astrophysical Implications
Galli & Palla (1998) used their fits to the results of Watson et al. (1978).
Rate Coefficients for D(1s) + H^+ <--> D^+ + H(1s) Charge Transfer and Some Astrophysical Implications