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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Fast-day a day of religious fasting:
    • ns Fast-day (Scot.) a day for humiliation and prayer, esp. before celebrations of the Lord's Supper
    • ***


  • Elbert Hubbard
    “The world is moving so fast now-a-days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. fæstan, to fast; Ger. fasten, to keep: perh. allied with fast, firm, in the sense of making strict.


In literature:

I've been intending to ever since you told me about her, but the days do slip away so fast!
"The Bishop's Shadow" by I. T. Thurston
Gibson Still Continus the bark 3 times a day and is on the recovery fast.
"The Journals of Lewis and Clark" by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
It was a very hot day, and I had been riding fast.
"Explorations in Australia, The Journals of John McDouall Stuart" by John McDouall Stuart
The little creature grew so fast that every day his mother went out to find new shells and larger shells in which to cradle him.
"Indian Legends of Vancouver Island" by Alfred Carmichael
Who fasted forty days and forty nights in the desert, refusing to employ his power in furnishing a miraculous table?
"Female Scripture Biographies, Vol. II" by Francis Augustus Cox
And does any one tuck into flesh on fast-days?
"Redemption and Two Other Plays" by Leo Tolstoy
Hermod mounted Sleipnir and rode fast for nine days and nine nights until he came to the land of Death, where Loki loved to stay.
"Classic Myths" by Mary Catherine Judd
Rather, they should be included in the plans for each day and used up as fast as possible.
"Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 5" by Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences
Fortunately for me, however, I did eat one of the hard-boiled eggs, for from that hour I was doomed to fast two days.
"Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia" by Thomas Mitchell
Sparrow did not like these terms, but the days were growing shorter and winter was coming on fast and his family were without food.
"Ancient Man" by Hendrik Willem van Loon
The quarantine, as it is called, would have been decreed, and a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer appointed.
"'Tis Sixty Years Since" by Charles Francis Adams
Six days and six nights of fasting had drawn in their ribs and put deep hollows in front of their hindquarters.
"Kazan" by James Oliver Curwood
Thou killest swine on Thursday morn, And eatest flesh on fasting day.
"Moorish Literature" by Anonymous
For though in macerations of the flesh, in fasting, and in hour-long prayers he spent his days, this holy man was much troubled by devils.
"Chivalry" by James Branch Cabell
But the Federals stood fast in Martinsburg; and on the fourth day Johnston withdrew to Winchester.
"Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War" by G. F. R. Henderson
After walking fast all day we came to quite an elevation, where we could stand and look in all directions.
"Death Valley in '49" by William Lewis Manly
A Scotch Fast-day, you may remember, is the institution which so completely puzzled Mr. Buckle.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. IX., March, 1862., No. LIII." by Various
Besides, our Lord fasted forty days from the use of all the good gifts of God in the shape of food.
"The Cross and the Shamrock" by Hugh Quigley
I saw him, therefore, on the forty-fifth day of the fast.
"The Healthy Life, Vol. V, Nos. 24-28" by Various
The third day of his voluntary fast he got a letter.
"From the Bottom Up" by Alexander Irvine

In poetry:

Some day I know she'll wait at last
And lock me fast in white embraces,
And down mysterious ways of love
We two shall move to fairy places.
"The Lanawn Shee" by Francis Ledwidge
They rode them fast, they rode them far,
By day's last fitful flame,
Until, by the light of the evening star,
To a heathery slope they came.
"Ballad Of Protestant’s Leap" by Clinton Scollard
"Look here, look here — the moon shines clear—
Full fast I ween we ride;
Mount and away! for ere the day
We reach our bridal bed.
"William and Helen" by Sir Walter Scott
I care not what his temples or his creeds,
One thing holds firm and fast
That into his fateful heap of days and deeds
The soul of man Is cast.
"A Creed" by Edwin Markham
O let me think how Thou didst leave
Untasted every pure delight,
To fast, to faint, to watch, to grieve,
The toilsome day, the homeless night.
"How shall I follow Him I serve?" by Josiah Conder
The dawn is sprinkling in the east
Its golden shower, as day flows in;
Fast mount the pointed shafts of light:
Farewell to darkness and to sin!
"The Dawn Is Sprinkling In the East" by Augusta Treverorum

In news:

Lots of popular weight-loss programs advocate starting off your diet with a one-day, or multiple day fast to jump-start fat burning and "detox" your body of all kinds of stuff (except vitamin D, of course).
Orlando coach Jacque Vaughn is on the fast track these days, which is appropriate for someone a colleague calls "the Ferrari of Goodness.".
On a given day, data shows that about 40 percent of adolescents are consuming fast food or beverages, and a third of 2-11-year-olds are doing so.
These days, remaining competitive in the graphics market takes more than being fast and cheap.
There is a heightened sense of urgency about your activities now and that's good because a lot will happen over the next few days and you will have to move fast to keep up with events.
Even on state television gentle social satire about Saudi life is permissible and also welcome during Ramadan, a monthlong religious celebration when people pray, fast all day and then feast throughout the night.
The Republican vice presidential sweepstakes is swinging fast these days.
And for those reasons, he and other Christians will gather in Houston tomorrow for a day of prayer and fasting.
Did you know that the day we celebrate as Thanksgiving was supposed to be a fast.
Listen for the $500 A Day Christmas Cash cue to call and be one of the Fast Five to call 436-1013 to become one of the FIVE hourly instant qualifiers.
While an apple a day may keep the doctor away, it looks as if fast food apple slices could have you racing for the emergency room.
But going Mach 2 or thereabouts isn't all that fast these days.
It was a slow day for Haysi, but it was fast times Wednesday afternoon for Honaker High.
From fast-food to fancy to a day care for kids, we've got you covered in this week's Restaurant Report Card.
It is an effort to pray and fast forty days, with the hope of stopping abortions.

In science:

We conclude that while the sparse multiple-color data available are unable to provide strong support for the wind model, they do appear to be consistent with the model, provided that the R-band is emitted by fast cooling electrons up to about day 1 or beyond.
The Diversity of Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Surroundings of Massive Stars
Data taking Up to now, the telescope has been taking data in stable conditions during 40 days with an average event rate of 0.5 Hz. A prelimary analysis suggests that data are dominated by noise, both the expected uncorrelated random noise and correlated noise due to fast transient events of unknown origin.
The MIDAS experiment: A prototype for the microwave emission of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
Warner (2008), novae with t2 ∼< 25 days are considered “fast” or “very fast,” with the slowest novae characterized by t2 values of several months or longer.
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of Novae in M31
Of these, 35 (approximately half the total) are characterized by t2 ≤ 25 days, and were categorized as either “fast” or “very fast” according to the definition in Warner (2008).
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of Novae in M31
The “very fast” and “fast” novae (t2 ≤ 25 days) are indicated by blue squares, with the slower novae (t2 > 25 days) are indicated by red circles.
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of Novae in M31
The blue distribution represents “very fast” and “fast” novae (t2 ≤ 25 days), with the red distribution (broken lines) representing slower novae (t2 > 25 days). A KS test indicates a 23% probability that the distributions would differ by more than they do if both distributions come from the same parent population.
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of Novae in M31
Historically, X-ray outbursts seen for less than a day that lack persistent X-ray counterparts were called “fast X-ray transients”(FXTs).
Fast X-ray Transients and Their Connection to Gamma-Ray Bursts
This means that the initial rise can be as fast as a couple of days in these sources.
States and transitions in black-hole binaries
The top branch in the HID is traveled rather fast and lasts at most a dozen days.
States and transitions in black-hole binaries
Here we discuss the most significant cases of two fast novae. A classical case of such variations is V1500 Cyg, which showed periodic photometric variations as early as 10 days after maximum and perhaps even 5 days after maximum according to Rosino and Tempesti (1977).
Do novae have optically thick winds during outburst with large deviations from spherical symmetry?
We tested two stellar spin evolution profiles, one with fast initial rotation (1.2 day rotation period) and one with slow initial rotation (8 day period).
Effect of the stellar spin history on the tidal evolution of close-in planets
The slowly rotating stars begin with a rotation period of 8 days and the fast rotating stars with a period of 1.2 days.
Effect of the stellar spin history on the tidal evolution of close-in planets
Young solar-like stars, however, are fast rotators with periods of a few days.
Signature of Differential Rotation in Sun-as-a-Star Ca II K Measurements
Using fast Fourier transforms (FFTs) to compute the convolutions, the entire covariance matrix can now be computed in merely a day.
A high-resolution map of the cosmic microwave background around the north celestial pole
The Antarctic flight will consist of three scans, each lasting five days: two fast scans of adjoining 30◦ × 60◦, which cover 10% of the sky, and a deep integration of a 12◦ × 12◦ subset of this region.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiments