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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Dule dool (Scot.) woe
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
See Dole.


In literature:

The upshot was that he gaed to the window an' stood glowrin' at Dule water.
"The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables" by Robert Louis Stevenson
One after another closed his obscure adventures in mid-air, triced up to the arm of the royal gibbet or the Baron's dule-tree.
"Weir of Hermiston an unfinished romance" by Robert Louis Stevenson
But little did she think it was to bring the dule it did to her.
"The Provost" by John Galt
The Reverend Murdoch Soulis was long minister of the moorland parish of Balweary, in the vale of Dule.
"Stories by English Authors: Scotland" by Various
If I fail to bring the boar home this very night, may I be called Dick Dule to the end of my days instead of Jorg Starch!
"Margery [Gred], Complete A Tale Of Old Nuremberg" by Georg Ebers
Now, Dickie, than The shame and dule is left wi' me.
"Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)" by Walter Scott
It's th' dule hissen an' nubdy else.
"Yorksher Puddin'" by John Hartley
The world's well divided after all, and the happiness as well as the dule of it.
"John Splendid" by Neil Munro
I'll no go to the dule upo' thy shouthers!
"Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 2 (of 2)" by John Roby
The upshot was that he gaed to the window an' stood glowrin' at Dule water.
"Masterpieces of Mystery, Vol. 1 (of 4)" by Various
The Reverend Murdoch Soulis was long minister of the moorland parish of Balweary, in the vale of Dule.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 5 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Darkness and dule is my portion now in this world.
"Ringan Gilhaize" by John Galt
Our Bob wouldn't fight no dule.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 20. December, 1877." by Various
O 'tis he the comely swain I slew Upon the duleful Braes of Yarrow.
"English Songs and Ballads" by Various

In poetry:

"Let be your dule," seid Litulle Jon,
"For his luf that dyed on tre;
Ze that shulde be duzty men,
Hit is gret shame to se.
"Robin Hood And The Monk" by Andrew Lang
"For aye I think on the wae an' dule
That auld, auld sang brings o'er me;
An' aye I see that bluidy fecht,
An' the deid, deid men afore me."
"Yarrow" by Alexander Anderson
"The bluid still dyes its crimson tips,
It speaks o' dule an' sadness,
An' the deid that lay on the gowany brae,
An' woman's wailing madness."
"Yarrow" by Alexander Anderson
Soa, here's to all th' workers wheariver they be,
I'th' land, or i'th' loom, or i'th' saddle;
And the dule tak all them 'at wod mak us less free,
Or rob us o'th' wages we haddle.
"The Chairman’s Song" by John Hartley
"Frien' Johnnie," said I, as I dichtit my een,
"This bairn for a blessin' to you may be gi'en:
May the hap o' her mither ne'er darken her life,
May she ne'er dree the dule o' the drucken man's wife."
"The Ballad O' Mary Muiren" by Janet Hamilton
There was greetin' an' sabbin' in sweet Simmerlee,
An' the dule an' the sorrow war waesome to see,
For Donald he was the a'e son o' his mither,
An' his titties lang mourn't the fate o' their brither.
"A Wheen Aul' Memories" by Janet Hamilton

In news:

Dule Hill 's Psych character, Gus Guster, will be tap dancing in an upcoming episode.
Duling and son Fred Jr in the special Christmas present.
For Fred Duling, always, the river beckoned.
Duling was doing contract work in Afghanistan with a German military unit, and while the Germans had adopted Bolt's sister as their mascot, the less-outgoing Bolt was mostly ignored.
Dule Hill, left, as Charlie Young, Martin Sheen as President Josiah Bartlet and Mary McCormack as Kate Harper in a scene from 'West Wing.
Entertainment TV " Psych "-ing Out Dule.
Actor Dule Hill On Starring In Broadway Play 'Stick Fly'.
Dule Hill as Burton "Gus" Guster and James Roday as Shawn Spencer in " Psych .

In science:

Some parts of the design, like the connection to the readout computers, are not yet decided. A first demonstrator set-up of the telescope is sche duled to become operational by mid 2007 and the full telescope by the end of 2008.
Data Acquisition in the EUDET Project
In addition to these basic mo dules, our version of Enzo-2.1 5 contains all relevant physics previously considered in galactic simulations (e.g.
Dwarf Galaxies with Ionizing Radiation Feedback. I: Escape of Ionizing Photons
If the first parallel goal has not been executed yet, it is sche duled for local execution by call local goal/2, which performs housekeeping similar to that of call parallel goal/1.
Parallel Backtracking with Answer Memoing for Independent And-Parallelism
Tong, “Packet sche duling against stepping-stone attacks with chaff,” in Proc.
Anonymous Networking amidst Eavesdroppers
We de fine now the notions of the state of the system and the sche dule.
Exact Feasibility Tests for Real-Time Scheduling of Periodic Tasks upon Multiprocessor Platforms
Notice that De finition 2 can be extended trivially to the sche duling of jobs. A system τ is said to be feasible upon a multiprocessor platform if there exists at least one schedule in which all tasks meet their deadlines.
Exact Feasibility Tests for Real-Time Scheduling of Periodic Tasks upon Multiprocessor Platforms