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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Disembodiment The act of disembodying, or the state of being disembodied.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n disembodiment The act of disembodying.
    • n disembodiment The condition of being disembodied.
    • ***


  • Joseph Conrad
    “There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery.”


In literature:

I felt not the slightest fear of the inanimate body before me, or of the disembodied spirit.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol. III, No. V, May, 1863" by Various
He had ruled that timid, trusting girl too long and too imperiously to quail before her disembodied spirit.
"Sword and Gown" by George A. Lawrence
But mist in a moonlight forest is even more disembodying than mist on a moonlight sea.
"The Best Short Stories of 1919" by Various
At any rate, the disembodied shadow is nearest to the soul.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 107, September, 1866" by Various
They seem almost to disembody us.
"Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 26, August, 1880" by Various
The pale, disembodied masks of the waiters swam in the dusk above the tinted light.
"Old Junk" by H. M. Tomlinson
It would be as easy to hoodwink her as the disembodied Minerva, and it was doubtful if any one made even a tentative attempt.
"Black Oxen" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
The lovely disembodied voice!
"The Silver Butterfly" by Mrs. Wilson Woodrow
They were absurd in dealing with a creature so remote and disembodied.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
But being disembodied, I may at least be truthful.
"The Jessica Letters: An Editor's Romance" by Paul Elmer More
It was as if, suddenly, his mind had become disembodied.
"Empire" by Clifford Donald Simak
While all the time the disembodied voice gave him stern advice in simple language.
"Deathworld" by Harry Harrison
Has the devil in this respect a greater power than an angel and a disembodied soul?
"The Phantom World" by Augustin Calmet
He felt almost completely disembodied, poised in space, in infinite gloom, alone with complete loneliness.
"In a Little Town" by Rupert Hughes
I do not mean to imply that Fawdon became present, embodied or disembodied, whatever may have been the case with his spectre.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume 1, No. 3, August, 1850." by Various
This was a proof to them that he had not risen; for a ghost is a disembodied thing.
"Christ, Christianity and the Bible" by I. M. Haldeman
The prophet recks nothing of impossibility; he is ravished with truth disembodied.
"Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 13" by Various
The regiment was disembodied on June 17th.
"Norfolk Annals A Chronological Record of Remarkable Events in the Nineteeth Century, Vol. 1" by Charles Mackie
You wake up in the middle of the night and think you're under the earth somewhere, or disembodied.
"She Buildeth Her House" by Will Comfort
In some such way a spirit, a disembodied life, might be expected to move.
"The Promise of Air" by Algernon Blackwood

In poetry:

How shall I know thee in the sphere which keeps
The disembodied spirits of the dead,
When all of thee that time could wither sleeps
And perishes among the dust we tread?
"The Future Life" by William Cullen Bryant
Now every leaf, though colorless, burns bright
With disembodied and celestial light,
And drops without a movement or a sound
A pillar of darkness to the shifting ground.
"Sonnet To The Moon" by Yvor Winters
So let us strive to deem it well,
However now we stand aghast.
Earth, Heaven, not being parallel,
Perforce must meet at last.
And, in that disembodied clime,
A clasp more close may not be crime.
"The Human Tragedy ACT I" by Alfred Austin
Across the convent garden walls
The wind blows from the silver seas;
Black shadow of the cypress falls
Between the moon-meshed olive-trees;
Sleep-walking from their golden bowers,
Flit disembodied orange flowers.
"The Mystic's Vision" by Mathilde Blind
Here might not a man drink rapture of rest, or delight above wonder,
Beholding, a soul disembodied, the days and the nights that fled,
With splendour and sound of the tempest around and above him and
Abreast and ahead?
"In Sark" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
Lofty awe and adoration all my throbbing bosom filled,
Every pulse and nerve in nature with ecstatic wonder thrilled.
O, were these bright, shining millions disembodied human souls,
That casting off earth's fettering bonds had gained immortal goals!
"The Soul’s Destiny" by Effie Afton

In news:

I first met Hugh Moore in Allen Ginsberg's living room, which often served as an auxiliary classroom for Naropa Institute, home to The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.
While in vitro meat is not currently produced industrially, Australian artists in the Tissue Culture and Art Project grew this test tube steak for their exhibition Disembodied Cuisine.
Like everyone who watches HBO documentaries, I have been listening to Liev Schreiber's disembodied voice since the mid-1990s.
The latest tease, featuring the disembodied head of a former character, serves as a reminder of how high the stakes are in the HBO series.
Humongous Disembodied Eyeball Washes Up On Florida Beach.
The first wave of paper rained upon the city from the World Trade Center like death's disembodied proxy.
Michelle Naka Pierce is director of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University.
The only thing weirder than a chainsaw -wielding cheerleader who hunts zombies is when she carries around her boyfriend's disembodied head hooked to her skirt.
Her chain saw may unleash some serious damage, but the best accessory Juliet carries — and the one that provides the humor — is the disembodied head of her personal Romeo, Nick.
Grover Norquist is depicted as a disembodied head in a cartoon circulating on the Internet.
Harry and Dexter share a tender moment involving a disembodied hand on 'Dexter'.
A Confederate soldier's disembodied head is causing headaches for park rangers at Chickamauga Battlefield.
If you've ever been on a conference call and found yourself torn over whether to interrupt the disembodied speaker and ask him to repeat himself because you weren't quite sure what he said about your latest project, you're not alone.
Kanye West's Bloody, Disembodied Head Makes Statement in " Power " Artwork.
Featuring Susie Ersahin and newEar …disembodied voices intoned excerpts from Mary Shelley's.

In science:

We quote from Ref.: ”Quantum teleportation is the disembodied transport of an unknown quantum state from one place to another”.
Entanglement and Teleportation of Gaussian States of the Radiation Field
Their eagerness to struggle with the fascinating problems of building it reflects the disembodied thinking that physics teaches.
Physics Education Research: Or it's so hard to find good help these days
In this proposal, a physical property is disembodied from the object it belongs to, much like the ’grin without a cat’ in Lewis Carroll’s novel.
The Complete Quantum Cheshire Cat
Importantly, however, in Ref. the process of ’disembodification’ is only partially achieved, in the sense that it is only the circular polarization of the photon that is separated from the photon.
The Complete Quantum Cheshire Cat
This naturally raises the question of whether or not a physical property can be entirely disembodied from its physical carrier.
The Complete Quantum Cheshire Cat
Thus, the cat (the photon) is disembodied from its grin (the circular and diagonal polarizations, i.e. the x and y components).
The Complete Quantum Cheshire Cat
However, from table 1 it is clear that this ’disembodification’ process is here only partial.
The Complete Quantum Cheshire Cat
Moreover, one may argue that this component corresponds exactly to the initial polarization of the photon, hence making it unclear (at least to the skeptic) whether ’disembodification’ really occurs or not.
The Complete Quantum Cheshire Cat
We have described a complete quantum Cheshire cat, thus showing that a physical property can be entirely disembodied from the object it belongs to.
The Complete Quantum Cheshire Cat