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Dead rising


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Dead rising an elliptical line drawn on the sheer plan to determine the sweep of the floorheads throughout the ship's length.
    • ***


  • James Thurber
    “Early to rise and early to bed makes a male healthy and wealthy and dead.”
  • Lord Alfred Tennyson
    “Men may rise on stepping-stones of their dead selves to higher things.”
  • James Russell Lowell
    “Be NOBLE! and the nobleness that liesIn other men, sleeping, but never dead,Will rise in majesty to meet thine own.”


In literature:

I have seen the living unable to rise from sickness, in the same bed with the dying and the dead.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol. 2 No 4, October, 1862" by Various
Meantime the Indians stationed behind the "dead men" rise, shaking their bows, yelling, and urging them on.
"The Western World" by W.H.G. Kingston
They had been alarmed by the earthquake, the atmospheric disturbances and the rising of the dead from their graves.
"Castellinaria and Other Sicilian Diversions" by Henry Festing Jones
It is one thing to dismiss the past with a lordly gesture and another to see it rise from the dead and peer from old eyes.
"Black Oxen" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
All in her tribe would rise and mourn When dead before them she was laid.
"Indian Legends of Minnesota" by Various
Thou didst fast and weep for the child, while it was alive; but when the child was dead, thou didst rise and eat bread.
"God's Plan with Men" by T. T. (Thomas Theodore) Martin
P. 236, DEAD-RISING, invalid link: 'RISING-LINE'.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
My dead mother is my rival; her shade rises between me and my husband's love.
"The Light of Scarthey" by Egerton Castle
They were buried with the rest of the regimental dead on the summit of a rising ground about one-half mile northwest of the camp.
"History of Company E of the Sixth Minnesota Regiment of Volunteer Infantry" by Alfred J. Hill
In her face was the still, fateful look of the dead nun, rising from the far grave of a buried tragedy.
"Casa Braccio, Volumes 1 and 2 (of 2)" by F. Marion Crawford
If the dead rise not at all, why are they then immersed for them?
"The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." by Various
Was he rising higher, or sinking lower and lower into the deep, deadly abyss?
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
These moderns only die daily without power to rise from the dead.
"What I Saw in America" by G. K. Chesterton
On the video grid, one of the "dead" animals was slowly rising, getting up, walking away.
"The Planet with No Nightmare" by Jim Harmon
What was his astonishment, when he beheld the dead body rise from the coffin, and advance towards him.
"Apparitions; or, The Mystery of Ghosts, Hobgoblins, and Haunted Houses Developed" by Joseph Taylor
The poor wife was almost as dead as her husband, and had not strength to rise and embrace her brothers.
"Tales of Passed Times" by Charles Perrault
The dead men and women were fast rising, if they had not already risen, to an equality with the ancient deities.
"The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead" by James George Frazer
But Woodrow Wilson can comfort himself with the thought that the hosannas will rise in chorus when he is dead.
"Victory out of Ruin" by Norman Maclean
The bodies should rise from her graveyard pen Where the high grass covered her poor dead men.
"Provocations" by Sibyl Bristowe
Rising into the air, he ghosted above roofs and trees until he came to the dead city.
"The Chapter Ends" by Poul William Anderson

In poetry:

The icon of this now dead star
slow in the sky it rises.
She was, while we could not her see.
Now that we see, she's vanished.
"To The Star (version two)" by Mihai Eminescu
But the men who stand to their rifles
See all the dead on the plain
Rise at the hour of midnight
To fight their battles again.
"A Vision" by Patrick MacGill
Ah! why do these old Eyes remain
To see succeeding mornings rise!
My Wife is dead, my Children slain.
And Poverty is all my prize.
"The French Mariner" by Robert Bloomfield
"'But 'tis not there that Scotland's heart
Shall rest by God's decree,
Till the great angel calls the dead
To rise from earth and sea!
"The Heart Of The Bruce" by William Edmondstoune Aytoun
I saw them rise, the buried dead,
From marble tomb and grassy mound;
I heard the spirits' printless tread,
And voices not of earthly sound.
"The Last Prophecy Of Cassandra" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
'Soldier, rise! -- the dews o' e'ening
Gathering fa', wi' deadly scaith!
Wounded soldier! if complaining,
Sleep nae here and catch your death.
"The Waes O' War : Or The Upshot Of The History O' Will And Jean. In Four Parts" by Hector MacNeill

In news:

12 dead, dozens hurt in shooting at "The Dark Knight Rises" screening.
New Chef Skills Pack now available for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record.
The second DLC pack for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record is available today and is sure to satisfy.
The costume bonanza starts on November 22 with The Rising Dead Pack featuring costumes for Capcom's Frank West and Nemesis, and Marvel's Phoenix and Ghost Rider.
Deadly pancreatic cancer is on the rise.
Almost always deadly and steadily on the rise, pancreatic cancer is on track to become the second-leading cause of cancer death in the nation within the next two years, according to a recent report.
Meet ' Drop Dead Diva's' Adam Perlman: Writer on the rise.
The number of dead continues to rise after the storm made landfall near Atlantic City, N.J.
And the rising Tennessee senior's shot is as smooth and deadly as his chin is scruffy.
Fan -created weapon smashes zombies in Dead Rising 2 Off The Record.
You have Dead Island, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead etc.
Postmodern, sure -- but no complex moral exercise: the point of Dead Rising 2 is to kill a lot of zombies.
He was a rising star in the music world who later suffered through decades of such extreme darkness that his long-time producer figured he was dead before having a career resurgence and receiving a Grammy nomination in 2004.
On the box of the Xbox 360 game Dead Rising, there is a disclaimer that reads "this game was not developed, approved, or licensed by the owners or creators of George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead".
Smithville is rising slowly from the rubble after last year's deadly tornado.

In science:

If we call this wire dead time, τw, the time during which no two distinct hits on the same X wire can be distinguished, this will also give rise to a dead time, in parallel with the coincidence dead time above.
Multiple hits in wire chambers and other particle detectors
Thus the classical MRI modes will not occur in the main body of the disk in most cases, giving rise to a dead-zone.
Resistive double-diffusive instability in the dead-zones of protostellar disks