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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Counter-check to check by some obstacle: to rebuke
    • ns Counter-check a check in opposition to another: a rebuke
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. contra, against.


In literature:

His tweeds, in a neat package, he checked at the parcel counter.
"Where the Blue Begins" by Christopher Morley
Kennon kept checking the radiation counter.
"The Lani People" by J. F. Bone
Check this list by the charging slips at the counter.
"A Library Primer" by John Cotton Dana
Counter-checks upon a democratic Assembly there may be, perhaps there should be.
"Liberalism and the Social Problem" by Winston Spencer Churchill
The existing system exists; they know its abuses, its checks and its counter-checks.
"Post-Prandial Philosophy" by Grant Allen
Life as we usually see it is the result of a complex system of checks and counter-checks.
"The Last Harvest" by John Burroughs
He set his bags on the small counter to put away after the pre-start check.
"Code Three" by Rick Raphael
As long as the funds held out the checks and notes were paid over the counter; but this could not go on.
"Cobwebs and Cables" by Hesba Stretton
He solicitously led Milt to the hat-checking counter.
"Free Air" by Sinclair Lewis
The "counter-check quarrelsome" would have been welcome enough.
"Captain Desmond, V.C." by Maud Diver
Is there any counter-tendency that limits self-assertion and holds it in check?
"Psychology" by Robert S. Woodworth
As a kind of counter-check to Sir Henry, Washington had for some days been planning the recapture of Stony Point and Fort Lafayette.
"The Student's Life of Washington; Condensed from the Larger Work of Washington Irving" by Washington Irving
An American businessman next to her at the check-in counter saw her puzzling over it.
"Makers" by Cory Doctorow
It is, to some extent, a counter-check.
"A Noble Name" by Claire Von Glümer
A number of German counter-attacks on July 24, 25 and 30 and August 1 failed to check its advance.
"Rheims and the Battles for its Possession" by Various
Disintegrating tendencies manifested themselves without counter-check.
"The Social Evolution of the Argentine Republic" by Ernesto Quesada
Lamb saw it all from over by the counter of the baggage-checking room.
"Hooded Detective, Volume III No. 2, January, 1942" by Various
I shall not bore you with a description of the printed forms, the checks and counter checks that accompany the delivery of milady's package.
"The Romance of a Great Store" by Edward Hungerford
It was to be check and counter-check on both sides.
"A Sovereign Remedy" by Flora Annie Steel
Their tactics were counter-checked at every turn.
"A Lost Cause" by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull

In news:

Lined up banners are seen at a city check-in counter of Cathay Pacific Airways in downtown Hong Kong August 8, 2012 REUTERS/Bobby Yip.
Standing impatiently on a line that snakes toward a check-in counter or security area at an airport, you have no doubt seen people like us: one passenger in a wheelchair.
Melanie Popovich found today's Countdown recipe for Bayou Sausage Jambalaya in a Pillsbury cookbook at the grocery check-out counter.
The cruise line has opened check-in counters at Concourses D and H, to handle passengers arriving the day of their sailing, says Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen.
Nurse Practitioner Diane Resnik stands at a counter to log in health records at the Goshen Community Schools health clinic, while Kirsten Housholder, nurse/manager checks on patient schedules.
) I always check my change and gave the young cash register server at the counter $20.32.
Once your kit is assembled, remember to check it each year at the start of boating season and replace any over-the-counter first-aid medications that are past their expiration date.
United Airline employees help passengers at the check-in counter in Terminal 1 at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
Before you hit the cosmetics counters for your new scent, check out our break down.
Currently, taxpayers must use cash or check either via mail or by walking up to the counter in the Village Hall to cover their balance.
It hits stores later this month, which I guess means we should head for the check out counter now.

In science:

However, the exact element of the group currently contained in the counter is not available to the finite control: it can only check whether it is the identity element or not.
Generalized Counters and Reversal Complexity
To show that this is indeed a counter-example we must first check that the two diagrams are not isomorphic.
On tabulating virtual strings
An additional check will be performed by a system called LMC (Little Muon Counters), measuring the muons from pion and kaon decays coming at wide angles from the decay pipe .
Backgrounds in Neutrino Appearance Signal at MiniBooNE
Otherwise, if the checking result is false, the LSC simulator returns a least prefix failure trace as a counter-example evidence, so that the LSC users can easily re-construct the simulation anti-scenarios.
L2C2: Logic-based LSC Consistency Checking
Consider a counter automaton A to be checked for zeroness.
On the Complexity of the Equivalence Problem for Probabilistic Automata
Indeed, one must be able to check that a particular counter is equal to zero, namely the one counting processes in the critical section.
Model Checking Vector Addition Systems with one zero-test
Therefore, when checking that x + uzu = y + uzu are language equivalent rather than x = y, we rule out all counter-examples to x = y that contain a substring belonging to z : such counter-examples are irrelevant since z is known to be empty.
Kleene Algebra with Tests and Coq Tools for While Programs
Once we know that we have to check only the separation locally at the walls in a (cid:12)xed model, the obvious question is, how can we test if A and B are separable in (cid:6)W [Z]? Fortunately there is a very nice geometric criterion to do that in terms of the shadows and counter{shadows of A and B in W .
Separation of Semialgebraic Sets
For all walls W ; : : : ; Wr of A and B check whether the shadows AWi, BWi and the counter{shadows AtWi, B tWi are generically separable (apply induction).
Separation of Semialgebraic Sets
In recognizing the language L4 = {ww | w ∈ {0, 1}∗} the full power of a simple head was used in, but this is not necessary. A counter machine can first check that the input contains an even number of symbols.
Bounded Counter Languages
Whenever position i is reached, it is checked that the current entry of the crossing sequence matches state and counter contents.
Bounded Counter Languages
Then Mm starts to encode blocks of |x|/2m bits on two counters while using the other two counters for checking the length of the block.
Bounded Counter Languages
We show that the model-checking problem restricted to flat counter systems in the presence of LTL with past-time operators is in NP (Theorem 7.4) by combining the above-mentioned proof techniques (we call this problem MC(PLTL[C], CF S )).
Taming Past LTL and Flat Counter Systems
The verification problem we are interested in is the model-checking problem for PLTL[C] over counter systems, written MC(L, C ), where L is a fragment of PLTL[C] and C is a class of counter systems.
Taming Past LTL and Flat Counter Systems
It is known that for the full class of counter systems, the model-checking problem is undecidable; this is due to the fact that reachability of a control state is undecidable for counter systems manipulating at least two counters .
Taming Past LTL and Flat Counter Systems