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  • Giant Raft. In the background is a completed raft; in the foreground a cradle in which a raft is being built
    Giant Raft. In the background is a completed raft; in the foreground a cradle in which a raft is being built
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Completive Making complete.
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Appearance of House When Complete Appearance of House When Complete
The Wardrobe Complete The Wardrobe Complete
Book Trough Complete Book Trough Complete
Serving Table Complete Serving Table Complete
Complete Stand Complete Stand
Arm Chair Complete Arm Chair Complete
Complete Wall Shelf Complete Wall Shelf
Completed Pedestal Completed Pedestal

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to enter space. She spent three days in space and completed forty-eight orbits of Earth
    • completive Completing or tending to complete; making complete.
    • ***


  • Jacques Prevert
    Jacques Prevert
    “Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.”
  • Heave
    “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
    “Every library should try to be complete on something, if it were only the history of pinheads.”
  • William Hazlitt
    “Hope is the best possession. None are completely wretched but those who are without hope. Few are reduced so low as that.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “There is nothing that can be changed more completely than human nature when the job is taken in hand early enough.”
  • Moliere
    “Long is the road from conception to completion.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. completivus,: cf. F. complétif,


In literature:

The complete repulse of the Rebels was the result.
"Camp-Fire and Cotton-Field" by Thomas W. Knox
The writer left to complete survey of river.
"Discoveries in Australia, Volume 2" by John Lort Stokes
He gained a complete victory.
"History of Holland" by George Edmundson
The pattern is now complete.
"Beeton's Book of Needlework" by Isabella Beeton
This building, when completed, he gave to his eldest son, William B. Astor.
"Great Fortunes, and How They Were Made" by James D. McCabe, Jr.
She didn't give him time to complete the outline of this masterly stratagem.
"The Real Adventure" by Henry Kitchell Webster
He ate sparingly, was a great ascetic, and had his lust under complete control.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1"
But no one can completely read another's heart.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2"
This one was completely loving that one and was completely liking that thing completely liking loving that one.
"Matisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein" by Gertrude Stein
He turned the flaming lance around the horizon, until it completed the circle and then he started around with it again.
"The Texan Scouts" by Joseph A. Altsheler
The frame was completed by fitting the spreader sticks in place, after which it was laid away to dry.
"The Scientific American Boy" by A. Russell (Alexander Russell) Bond
Sometimes they are conquered for a time, but never completely so.
"The Memories of Fifty Years" by William H. Sparks
The padre depends completely on the younger man, whom he has fashioned to his mind.
"In Indian Mexico (1908)" by Frederick Starr
Or there may occur erosions of the parts with eventual hypertrophy and loss of function, partial or complete.
"Lameness of the Horse" by John Victor Lacroix
Wilson, the Brigadier, like everyone else at Meerut, appears to have been completely taken by surprise.
"Forty-one years in India" by Frederick Sleigh Roberts
Louis still coveted the English throne, and desired to complete the conquest of Henry's French dominions in France.
"The History of England" by T.F. Tout
The curvature persisted for a further period of two minutes after which recovery was completed in the course of 12 minutes.
"Life Movements in Plants, Volume II, 1919" by Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose
Archbishop Hughes's Complete Works, 282.
"The Catholic World. Volume II; Numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12." by E. Rameur
There is one complete, annual molt in late summer.
"Life Histories of North American Wood Warblers Part One and Part Two" by Arthur Bent
It takes but a few moments' time, and the result is a complete and accurate record of what the animal was in the flesh.
"Taxidermy and Zoological Collecting" by William T. Hornaday

In poetry:

For Thee, O God, our constant praise
In Zion waits, Thy chosen seat;
Our promised altars we will raise,
And there our zealous vows complete.
"For Thee, O God, our constant praise" by Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady
At length on impulse acting blindly,
His love he laid completely bare;
The gentle Earl received him kindly
And told the lad to take a chair.
"Little Oliver" by William Schwenck Gilbert
His rounded day, a pearl complete,
Gleams on the unknown night that lowers;
O summer time so passing sweet,
But languid with the fervent heat!
"Six Studies In Exotic Forms Of Verse" by Emily Pfeiffer
Thus saved from death, from want secured,
I wait till he again shall come,
When I shall be completely cured
And take me to his heav'nly home.
"The Good Samaritan" by John Newton
Through all these gifts and learning ran,
Deep down and in a simple way,
The manliness that made the man,
As light completes and makes the day.
"In Memoriam" by Alexander Anderson
The gypsies came to our good lord's gate
And wow but they sang sweetly!
They sang sae sweet and sae very complete
That down came the fair lady.
"Johnie Faa" by Andrew Lang

In news:

Lawmakers are racing to complete their work as the finish line approaches for New Mexico's 30-day legislative session.
I started this blog post back on Jan 22, but for whatever reason -- breaking Phillies news, shiny object dangling in front of my face -- left it half-complete.
How the Barclays Center will look from the outside once completed.
Again with the almost complete lack of historical information this write finds it necessary to document three of the school districts in Lincklaen.
More than 100 years after the eradication of yellow fever allowed for completion of the Panama Canal, pathologist turned professional photographer Mark Alberhasky trekked to the crossroads of the Americas.
Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc has recently completed the delivery of seven Heavy Duty 107' Ladder trucks to the City of Houston Fire Department.
W-W Manufacturing and Stampede Steel have completed an agreement where products of both companies will be offered through a strategic alliance.
After completing a two-year tour of duty to Iraq with the National Guard, Hansen transferred to SMSU.
Tax forms for the estate have not been completed.
BATTLE CREEK, MI (AP) — The Battle Creek Air National Guard Base is opening two new buildings, marking the completion of a $10.6 million expansion project.
Most people in cities spend their lives completely removed.
Sure, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is elusive, but his 66.8 completion more.
SearchIgnite Announces Complete Search + Display Measurement & Attribution Solution.
Uganda has been hit by a completely new subtype of the Ebola virus.
The Complete Works of W.H.

In science:

Many of them has the same structure: they define R as a chain-ordered field satisfying some supplementary condition of completeness (belonging to a family of equivalent completeness’ conditions).
A new kind of numbers, the Non-Dedekindian Numbers, and the extension to them of the notion of algorithmic randomness
The first objective towards constructing the fermionic formula is to derive a complete set of constraints on strings of these simple current modes so as to obtain a complete description of the space of states.
The Extended Algebra of the Minimal Models
If M has no invertible entries and It(M ) is a complete intersection of codimension (m − t + 1)(n − t + 1), then t = 1 or t = m = n. (ii) If L has no invertible entries and It(L) is a complete intersection of codimension (m − t + 1)(n − t + 1) − 1, then t = 1 or t = m = n − 1.
A generalized Gaeta's Theorem
We say that X is generical ly complete intersection if it is locally complete intersection at all its components.
A generalized Gaeta's Theorem
Therefore, a scheme of codimension c in Pr is locally complete intersection outside a subscheme of codimension c + 1 in Pr if and only if it is generically complete intersection.
A generalized Gaeta's Theorem
Then X is a hypersurface, hence a complete intersection, therefore locally complete intersection outside any subscheme.
A generalized Gaeta's Theorem
For if both of them had simultaneous reality - and thus definite values - these values would enter into the complete description according to the condition of completeness.
On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Proof of the `Incompleteness' of Quantum Mechanics
This is a combination of one complete elliptic integral of the first kind and 4 complete elliptic integrals of the third kind.
On the number of minima of a random polynomial
Key words and phrases. complete lattice, complete join homomorphism, nilpotent lattice map, Jordan normal base, JNB conditions, semisimple module.
The Jordan normal base in lattices and nilpotent endomorphisms of finitely generated semisimple modules
Let (L, ∨, ∧, 0, 1) be a complete lattice with ≤L (
The Jordan normal base in lattices and nilpotent endomorphisms of finitely generated semisimple modules
If we have a Jordan normal base in the complete lattice (L, ∨, ∧, 0, 1) with respect to the complete ∨-homomorphism λ : L −→ L, then λ is nilpotent.
The Jordan normal base in lattices and nilpotent endomorphisms of finitely generated semisimple modules
The following JNB conditions play a fundamental role in our development, we formulate them for a pair (L, λ), where (L, ∨, ∧, 0, 1) is a complete lattice and λ : L −→ L is a complete ∨-homomorphism.
The Jordan normal base in lattices and nilpotent endomorphisms of finitely generated semisimple modules
Let (L, ∨, ∧, 0, 1) be a complete lattice and λ : L −→ L a complete ∨-homomorphism satisfying the above JNB conditions.
The Jordan normal base in lattices and nilpotent endomorphisms of finitely generated semisimple modules
Clearly, the interval L∗ = [0, w] (with w = λ(1)) is a complete sublattice of L and the restriction λ∗ = λ |[0,w ] of λ is a complete ∨-homomorphism: λ∗ : L∗ −→ L∗ .
The Jordan normal base in lattices and nilpotent endomorphisms of finitely generated semisimple modules
They deal with complete first order theories T with few λ-complete 4-types such that every finite subset of T has a finite model.
Definable groups for dependent and 2-dependent theories