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  • Jacques Cartier
    Jacques Cartier
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Cartier French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence river and laid claim to the region for France (1491-1557)
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Arrival of Jacques Cartier 1535 Arrival of Jacques Cartier 1535
Sir George Cartier Sir George Cartier
Map Showing Routes of Cartier, Champlain, and La Salle, also French and English Possessions at the Time of the Last French War Map Showing Routes of Cartier, Champlain, and La Salle, also French and English Possessions at the Time of the Last...


In literature:

Cartier, Sir George, 559, 560, 561.
"The Story of My Life" by Egerton Ryerson
Portrait of Jacques Cartier.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
Every text-book tells us that Jacques Cartier was the great French pioneer and explains his general significance in the history of Canada.
"All Afloat" by William Wood
Jacques Cartier was received with the consideration due to the importance of his report.
"The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 1 of 2)" by George Warburton
Georges E. Cartier, attorney-general east; Hon.
"Wilmot and Tilley" by James Hannay
The young men at once put on colored garments, supplied by Cartier, throwing out their old clothing to others near the ship.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 9" by Various
The work of Soto and Cartier, to say nothing of other explorers, had already been done.
"The Discovery of America Vol. 1 (of 2)" by John Fiske
Champlain and Cartier heard it in the sixteenth century, Bradford no less than Morton in the seventeenth.
"The American Mind" by Bliss Perry
He declined, and indicated George Cartier as a fit and proper person to do so.
"The Fathers of Confederation" by A. H. U. Colquhoun
Cartier, Jacques, 4, 5.
"Adventurers of the Far North" by Stephen Leacock
Probably the Indians who first spoke of it to Jacques Cartier meant nothing more than Lake Ontario.
"Pathfinders of the Great Plains" by Lawrence J. Burpee
Cartier, take the lady within.
"Beyond the Frontier" by Randall Parrish
Cartier's reply to the Indian deity was brief and irreverent, and he forthwith made ready to depart.
"Old Quebec" by Sir Gilbert Parker and Claude Glennon Bryan
His place in the Cabinet was filled by George Etienne Cartier, member for Vercheres in the Assembly.
"The Day of Sir John Macdonald" by Joseph Pope
Cartier said that representation by population could not be had without repeal of the union.
"George Brown" by John Lewis
Fortunately Cartier and Brown prevented that unwieldy experiment from being tried.
"The Day of Sir Wilfrid Laurier" by Oscar D. Skelton
He seemed hardly to realise what had happened until he saw Cartier and Pontbriand standing by.
"Marguerite De Roberval" by T. G. Marquis
Jacques Cartier said Labrador was "the land God gave to Cain," and that there was "not one cartload of earth on the whole of it.
"Grenfell: Knight-Errant of the North" by Fullerton Waldo
Cartier explored no farther to the west than about the mouth of the estuary which is divided by the island of Anticosti.
"Voyage of the Paper Canoe" by Nathaniel H. Bishop
An evergreen, used by Jacques Cartier and his men as a remedy against scurvy.
"The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History" by Various

In news:

Katie Cartier 's involvement with Outward Bound is what brought the Southborough, Mass.
"It's taken me a bit to get used to the heat," said Cartier .
NBA 10-day contracts: Cartier Martin of the Wizards again fights to hang on.
Cartier -Bresson: A master's black-and-white world.
Robbers Steal From Cannes Cartier With Flair.
Armed robbers clad in Hawaiian shirts stole over $21 million worth of jewels from the Cartier in Cannes yesterday.
Cartier Is Showcasing Expensive and Famous Gems for Its Anniversary.
When a company like Cartier celebrates being on Fifth Avenue for 100 years, expect nothing short of over-the-top fabulousness.
100 Year Celebration for Cartier .
Exterior shot of the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion in Manhattan pan down to red carpet 2.
The 100th anniversary exhibit of Cartier jewelry showcases a time capsule of luxurious times.
A "Tutti Frutti" double-clip brooch made by Cartier in 1935, part of a 100th anniversary exhibit of Cartier jewelry.
A lighter but no less fetching fragrance to Cartier 's original Délices.
Cartier Love with Sarah Jessica Parker and Spike Lee.
The new Cartier Love bracelets.

In science:

When Z is of codimension one (not necessarily a Cartier divisor), we set OX (−Z ) := IZ .
Factorization of generalized theta functions at reducible case
In particular, if Y ⊂ X is a closed subvariety, then the blowup ˜X → X of the ideal defining Y is an isomorphism when Y is a Cartier divisor.
Compactifications defined by arrangements I: the ball quotient case
In other words, suppose that the corresponding Weil divisor on the Baily-Borel compactification is in fact a Cartier divisor.
Compactifications defined by arrangements I: the ball quotient case
We thank Cyril Cartier for useful information and Ewan Stewart for useful comments.
Inflationary spectra in generalized gravity: Unified forms
Assume that m(KX + D) is a Cartier divisor for some m > 0.
McKay correspondence for elliptic genera
X + D ′ is Q-Cartier if and only if Kx + D is.
McKay correspondence for elliptic genera
Let m(KX + E ) be a trivial Cartier divisor for some integer m.
McKay correspondence for elliptic genera
Let ι, C : Z 1 → Ω1 be the natural inclusion and the Cartier operator, respectively.
The additive dilogarithm
Recall that a divisor F on a variety X is said to be b-semiample (bnef ) if there exists a model Y dominating X and an R-Cartier divisor L on Y such that the b-divisor L is b-semiample (respectively, b-nef ) and F = (L)X .
On Zariski decomposition problem
Equivalent: there exists a birational contraction f : Y → X and a semiample (respectively, nef ) R-Cartier divisor L on Y such that f∗L = F .
On Zariski decomposition problem
For a rational 1-contraction α : X 99K Y, we may define the pul lback of any R-Cartier divisor D as follows: α∗D def= g∗h∗D (it is easy to show that this definition does not depend on the choice of the hut (1.2)).
On Zariski decomposition problem
It is easy to see that the property of an R-Cartier divisor to be pseudo-effective is closed under taking pull-backs f ∗ .
On Zariski decomposition problem
Note that in the two-dimensional case the R- (or Q)-Cartier condition is not necessary: the intersection theory is defined for any normal surface (see, e.g.., ).
On Zariski decomposition problem
For any pseudo-effective divisor D on a surface X, there exists a decomposition D = P + N of b-divisors in the group BCDivR (K (X )) of b-Cartier b-divisors (see[Isk]) that induce Zariski decompositions (D)Y = PY + NY on al l normal projective models Y /X .
On Zariski decomposition problem
Let D be an R-Cartier divisor on a variety X and let N (D) be the negative part in a (generalized) Zariski decomposition.
On Zariski decomposition problem