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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv Caressingly In caressing manner.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • caressingly In a caressing manner.
    • ***


  • Leonard Cohen
    “In dreams the truth is learned that all good works are done in the absence of a caress.”
  • Simone De Beauvoir
    “Sex pleasure in woman is a kind of magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements oppose the magic of caresses, the spell is broken.”


In literature:

A little finger softly caressed one furry forepaw.
"The Orchard of Tears" by Sax Rohmer
And thus, flattered, caressed, honored as a relic of Versailles, he had the place of honor and the prestige of a lord among them.
"Germinie Lacerteux" by Edmond and Jules de Goncourt
He lay in his lonely, unknown grave, and the caresses meant for him had been bought by another.
"The Art of Disappearing" by John Talbot Smith
She had quarrelled with him many times for many things, and been silenced with blows, or curses, or even caresses, were he in the mood.
"The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
If earth ever owned spot so divinely caressed, Sure that region of eld was the Land of the West!
"The Wild Huntress" by Mayne Reid
It was as if she were polluted by his dreaming of her kisses, of her yielding to his caresses.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily
He would cry if he fell, and would lie still sobbing until some one came to pick him up and quiet him with caresses.
"What a Young Woman Ought to Know" by Mary Wood-Allen
Always caress him, and loose the reins a little every time you stop him.
"A New Illustrated Edition of J. S. Rarey's Art of Taming Horses" by J. S. Rarey
She put her arms up around his neck and her soft, caressing fingers seemed to play with his very heart strings.
"A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
Miss Vost caressed the tip of her nose with a small, pink thumb.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
He sheltered her, and soothed her, and caressed her, and kissed her, and again began to come nearer, nearer.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
For some time the caresses, which were applied to the child's head and body, continued in silence.
"The Practice of Autosuggestion" by C. Harry Brooks
He did not move when they caressed him.
"In a Little Town" by Rupert Hughes
It met him softly, like a caress, but it was very cold.
"Fairfax and His Pride" by Marie Van Vorst
As soon as a man caresses one, all the rest want to share the favor.
"Villa Eden:" by Berthold Auerbach
The very air was alive with caresses, redolent with the balm and the odors of bamboo.
"A Transient Guest" by Edgar Saltus
In one of the voices, which sounded low and muffled, there was a caressing note like the cooing of a dove.
"The Undying Past" by Hermann Sudermann
That caressing, equal, half-protecting "dear" sounded strange to Mistress Mehitable.
"Barbara Ladd" by Charles G. D. Roberts
Lilly caressed her roses and would have kissed them all, only there were too many.
"The Song of Songs" by Hermann Sudermann
My hand caresses the long, narrow tube.
"Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist" by Alexander Berkman

In poetry:

Palms that like a bird's throbb'd bosom
Palpitate with eagerness,
Lips, the bridals of the roses,
Dewy sweet from the caress!
"Daphne" by George Meredith
Flower called to flower in whispers
By sweet caressing names,
And young gum shoots sprang upward
Like woodland altar-flames;
"The Martyr" by Victor James Daley
Can you blame me that my heart grew cold
The tempted, tempter turned;
When he was feted and caressed
And I was coldly spurned?
"A Double Standard" by Frances Ellen Watkins
Her fingers are like lilies fair
When lilies fairest grow;
Whose hand they press
With fond caress, -
Wouldn't you like to know?
""Wouldn't You Like To KNow"" by John Godfrey Saxe
The other side of knowing…
Caress of unwaking delight… O start
A sufficient love! O gently silent forms
Of the last spaces.
"The Naked Land" by Kenneth Patchen
As if to thank them for each gift,
With tender, touching care,
The boys he to his back would lift,
And still caress them there.
"The Elephant" by William Hayley

In news:

Rush The Necromancer (excerpt) Caress of Steel.
Caressing the keys is all in a day's work.
John Lennon's Artistic Message Will Possess, Caress Vineyard.
Stearns & Foster Down Caress Pillow.
Enlarge Chris Clark [email protected] Sharon Ponce caresses her daughter Charlotte in a pre-operating room before her plastic surgery at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich. Photo taken Wednesday August 15, 2012.
If you've ever longed to feel your own gentle caress, long no more.
In addition to sweetly caressed guitars and tickled keys, the youthful coed quintet employs one Jamie W to keep time by tap dancing.
The first time I caressed black skin, it felt like a luxury I shouldn't be able to afford.
Casper Smart Caresses Jennifer Lopez's Famous Booty in "Dance Again".
You can study the reviews, the catalogs, and the images yet when the box arises you have to caress the cover, admire the font, and revel in your ability to choose the perfect title.
She giggled and grinned as she caressed it, the prettiest thing the 17-year-old boxer ever had.
The first ad features Skarsagrd caressing model Lara Stone's lips.
If you happen to be in Waikiki, stroll into the Waikiki Parc lobby and you'll see the result of UH ceramics student Dustin Miyakawa's kneading and shaping, firing and caressing.
was a comeback album for the Canadian rock band, after 'Caress of Steel' flopped.
"I'm sure he enjoyed the show," said Sarria, caressing the emperor 's tombstone and placing a bouquet of roses next to it.