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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Bell-faced Having the striking surface convex; -- said of hammers.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • bell-faced Having the striking face convex or rounded: said of a hammer.
    • ***


In literature:

Belle made no answer; but, placing her elbows on her knees buried her face in her hands.
"Lavengro The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest" by George Borrow
Sometimes a distant fog-bell; sometimes a distant sound across the face of the deep, like the falling of cataract waters.
"Acadia" by Frederic S. Cozzens
Bonnie Bell walks across the sidewalk now, under the awning, with her muff up against her face, bending over against the storm.
"The Man Next Door" by Emerson Hough
The bell which had been delayed beyond the usual time pealed out, and all faces were turned to the church door.
"David Fleming's Forgiveness" by Margaret Murray Robertson
The long old brass-faced clock in the shadow struck three times upon its strident bell.
"Hushed Up" by William Le Queux
And when the door-bell rang a moment afterwards, a sudden flush came to his face.
"Not Like Other Girls" by Rosa N. Carey
She approached the bell, rang it, and the little rosy-faced servant appeared.
"The Time of Roses" by L. T. Meade
Mary Hope looked again into Tom's face, looked at Belle.
"Rim o' the World" by B. M. Bower
Joe Harris had partially recovered from her excitement, and sat beside Bell, with her face on the latter's shoulder.
"Shoulder-Straps" by Henry Morford
But she only said quietly, though a queer look stole over her face, "Then we'll have it removed," touching a bell as she spoke.
"Kristy's Rainy Day Picnic" by Olive Thorne Miller
Bell began to load the food and stores into the cabin, with sweat streaming down his face.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, August 1930" by Various
Bell was shocked at the expression on the small man's face.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930" by Various
It moved Belle and brought the colour to her face.
"The Preacher of Cedar Mountain" by Ernest Thompson Seton
On the face of the bell-turret a piece of eighth-century carving is fixed.
"The Shores of the Adriatic" by F. Hamilton Jackson
The emergency bell was immediately above the pale-faced collegian.
"The Exploits of Juve" by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain
Durand's French afternoon, Gerald, having heard the bell, was listening, but with his face to the fire and his back to the door.
"Aurora the Magnificent" by Gertrude Hall
Belle made no answer; but, placing her elbows on her knees, buried her face in her hands.
"Lavengro The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest" by George Borrow
The great campanulas, with their lavish, magnificent bells, flung up a flowery hedge between her face and the eyes of the others.
"A Country Gentleman and his Family" by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant
His face was furrowed with care, and just before Hal rang the bell he heaved a deep sigh.
"The Missing Tin Box" by Arthur M. Winfield
Old Maisie's face on the pillow was attentive to the bells.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan

In poetry:

And if the corn-land should do well,
And so, please God, it may,
I'll buy the white-faced bull a bell,
To make the meadows gay.
"Growing Rich" by Alice Cary
The bells ring in the merry morn,
The poor forget their poverty,
The saddest face grows bright with glee,
And smiles for joy that he is born;
The fair round world shines out with cheer,
To welcome in the glad New Year.
"New Year 1868" by Kate Seymour Maclean
He rises and moves away, he says no word,
He folds his evening paper and turns away;
I rush through the dark with rows of lamplit faces;
Fire bells peal, and some of us turn to listen,
And some sit motionless in their accustomed places.
"The House Of Dust: Part 01: 06:" by Conrad Potter Aiken
Europe alone made bells with such a tone,
Herr Mannheim said. The bell
Struck midnight, and it shook the room.
He had heard bells in Leipzig, Chartres, Berlin,
Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Rome.
He was a white-faced man with sad enormous eyes.
"The Bell From Europe" by Weldon Kees
And there is another thing he has in mind
like a grave Sienese face a thousand years
would fail to blur the still profiled reproach of. Ghastly,
with open eyes, he attends, blind.
All the bells say: too late. This is not for tears;
"Dream Song 29: There sat down, once, a thing" by John Berryman
"Oh! Mother the bells are ringing as never they rang before,
And banners aloft are flying, and open is every door,
While down in the streets are thousands of men I have never seen--
But friendly are all the faces--oh! Mother, what can it mean?"
"Home" by William Henry Drummond

In news:

Toledoans faced another boost in the cost of trash collection this month, but Bell administration officials Tuesday said the city would absorb the increase.
Parlour Bells will not perform at tomorrow's Faces demolition party.
The campaign was spirited, the campaign was lively, the campaign was pure -- but we are saddened to report that PARLOUR BELLS will not be performing at tomorrow's Faces nightclub demolition party.
Parlour Bells will not perform at tomorrow's Faces demolition party.
The top of the wand has white plastic flowers, a green bow, and a pin with Tinker Bell's face on it.
Attendees of this year's Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade will first be greeted by the leaders of the parade, or faces of the parade, Belle Helton and Casper, the facility dog.
Brahney faces new charges following alleged murder of Bridget Bell.
NEW YORK — KFC and Pizza Hut may face some challenges amid the economic slowdown in China, but Taco Bell's evolving menu in the US is giving Wall Street some reason for optimism about Yum Brands Inc.
But not without facing crowds and confusing directions that left some Belle Haven voters heading home without casting a ballot.
A Taco Bell customer is facing felony charges after police say he threw his soda on a cash register after becoming upset that his order wasn't prepared correctly.
MERIDIAN — With a smile on his face and a greeting for customers entering Bonita Lakes Mall, Curtis Jones happily rings a bell at the Salvation Army donations kettle.
Tigers move on to face Belle Plaine in Class AA semifinals.
Bell, 54, faces one count each of false bank entries, misapplication, bank fraud and money laundering.
Bell, 54, who was New Frontier 's senior vice president and chief lending officer, faces one count each of false bank entries, misapplication, bank fraud and money laundering.
MARTIN – Veteran drag racer John Hale of Dallas has raced all over the nation throughout the years, although his name and face may not ring a bell to the US 131 Motorsports Park fans this weekend.

In science:

But Bell’s case – elaborated in Section II above – is, on its face, sufficiently plausible that the burden of proof should lie with those who reject this locality condition.
Bell Locality and the Nonlocal Character of Nature
Thus, Jarrett argues, in the face of the empirical data conflicting with “strong locality” we may reject “completeness” and thereby achieve – contra Bell – a kind of Peaceful Coexistence between QM and SR. Jarrett’s pro ject has been widely hailed and widely discussed.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
So in the end there is really nothing worth worrying about here, i.e., nothing which, in the face of the experimental data conflicting with Bell’s inequalities, one might reasonably reject as an alternative to rejecting Bell’s local causality.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
With the modern terminology Bell-type inequalities define the faces of the polytope of all possible local realistic correlations.
On the Paradoxical Book of Bell
Each Bell state comes with an optimal witness, a hyperplane Bα defined as Bα := {ρ : Trρ(Pα − d2 hyperplanes Bα, together with the d2 hyperplanes Aα := {ρ : TrρPα = 0} containing the faces of the simplex, define an enclosure polytope.
A special simplex in the state space for entangled qudits
To face these difficulties several N -particle Bell inequalities appeared in the literature, .
Critical visibility for N-particle Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger correlations to violate local realism