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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Basi- A combining form, especially in anatomical and botanical words, to indicate the base or position at or near a base; forming a base; as basibranchials, the most ventral of the cartilages or bones of the branchial arches; basicranial, situated at the base of the cranium; basifacial, basitemporal, etc.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: McDonald restaurants serve food and drink to an amazing 43 million customers on a daily basis
    • n basi- The combining form, in various scientific terms, of Latin basis (Gr. βάσις), base. See basis.
    • n basi- A native drink in the Philippine Islands, containing a large proportion of the poisonous principle of wood-alcohol. Insanity, crime, and frequently death in a few days result from its use. American soldiers and civilian employees of the government have been forbidden to drink it. Army and Navy Jour., Dec. 7, 1901.
    • n basi- A native wine from northern Luzon.
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  • Oscar Wilde
    “The basis of optimism is sheer terror.”
  • Father Andre
    Father Andre
    “What ever beauty may be, it has for its basis order, and for its essence unity.”
  • George Santayana
    “Character is the basis of happiness and happiness the sanction of character.”
  • Roy L. Smith
    Roy L. Smith
    “The man who cannot believe in himself cannot believe in anything else. The basis of all integrity and character is whatever faith we have in our own integrity.”
  • Thomas Traherne
    “Had we not loved ourselves at all, we could never have been obliged to love anything. So that self-love is the basis of all love.”
  • Preston Bradley
    Preston Bradley
    “The world basically and fundamentally is constituted on the basis of harmony. Everything works in co-operation with something else.”


In literature:

Simultaneously a select committee of the Canadian Assembly sat to hear evidence and to report a basis for legislation.
"The Fathers of Confederation" by A. H. U. Colquhoun
I find it necessary to insist on this physical basis of all love.
"The Truth About Woman" by C. Gasquoine Hartley
The immanence of God gives a scientific basis of morality.
"Elementary Theosophy" by L. W. Rogers
It provides no intellectual basis for a living faith in an incarnate Christ.
"Monophysitism Past and Present" by A. A. Luce
He believed he was close to the discovery of that solid basis of truth on which to stand while teaching Carmen.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
It is unfortunate that modern international law is built upon the basis of war rather than upon the basis of peace.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
The student should not allow the theoretical basis of art to interfere with the directness of his study of the material and the actual.
"The Painter in Oil" by Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst
His monopoly of furs in the West was made a basis for the creation of other monopolies.
"History of the Great American Fortunes, Vol. I" by Myers Gustavus
The policy of autonomy as the basis of union was attacked as obsolete.
"The Day of Sir Wilfrid Laurier" by Oscar D. Skelton
But love is not the basis of government.
"In the School-Room" by John S. Hart
The intellectual love of God does not demand as basis a knowledge of the cosmic concatenation of things.
"The Philosophy of Spinoza" by Baruch de Spinoza
The representative system takes society and civilisation for its basis; nature, reason, and experience, for its guide.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine
In addition, we can use it as a basis on which to borrow.
"Solaris Farm" by Milan C. Edson
Bachofen believes that this formed a fresh basis for a second gynaecocracy.
"The Position of Woman in Primitive Society" by C. Gasquoine Hartley
I began to look for some new basis of interpretation.
"From Bondage to Liberty in Religion" by George T. Ashley
God gives a reasonable basis for all he asks us to accept.
"Training the Teacher" by A. F. Schauffler
A knowledge of the function of this element of speech is the basis of all logical discipline.
"Logic, Inductive and Deductive" by William Minto
Another picture came there once, which appealed to another side of his nature, although primarily the basis of its appeal was artistic.
"The "Genius"" by Theodore Dreiser
The basis of the third was simply reason.
"An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law" by Roscoe Pound
And in theory there is some basis for this belief.
"Readings in Money and Banking" by Chester Arthur Phillips

In poetry:

Their rock-bound cities, whose proud basis
Seemed all impervious to decay,
Time's mighty besum, that erases
The pride of man, has swept away.
"Admonition" by James Madison Bell
The virtuous mind Nor wave nor wind,
Nor civil rage, nor tyrant's frown,
The shaken ball, Nor planet's fall,
From its firm basis can dethrone.
"Ocean: An Ode. Concluding With A Wish." by Edward Young
But will sincerity suffice?
It is indeed above all price,
And must be made the basis;
But every virtue of the soul
Must constitute the charming whole,
All shining in their places.
"Friendship" by William Cowper
To all the world I give my hand—
My heart is with that noble band,
The Washingtonian Brothers.
God speed and prosper every plan
Whose basis is the good of man,
But this before all others.
"Washingtonian Song" by John Pierpont
Some look'd at his hoofs, and with learned grimaces,
Pronounc'd that too long without shoes he had gone —
"Let the blacksmith provide him a sound metal basis
(The wise-acres said), and he's sure to jog on."
"The Donkey and His Panniers" by Thomas Moore
Let not your expectation rise
To palaces that reach the skies;
For if there's no firm basis found,
Your house may tumble to the ground;
And if you yield the world some fun,
Be worse than when you first begun.
"Courtship" by William Hutton

In news:

This richly flavored brown sauce is the basis for so many of the classic French sauces.
He in fact confirms the basis of Glazer 's report -- that he spoke with the Lions about the Packers offense -- but denies one of the key points, that he initiated the discussion.
To emphasize their equal stature, they swapped the order they appeared on a nightly basis.
Do you eat calcium rich food on a daily basis.
E xpect the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates on June 25 — more likely by 50 basis points than 25.
Mining involves numerous processes to extract and recover minerals or metals from the earth to produce items we use on a daily basis.
First-Name Basis, Upper West Side.
"My Dear Governess ": Letters from Edith Wharton to local author's aunt basis of new books.
Regulatory and compendial basis for revised or alternative procedures.
CINCINNATI, OH Sustainability is the subject of Video #7 in the series "The Packaging Minute," featured by PFFC on an exclusive basis on the Video Channel.
The Austrian monk Gregor Mendel 's observations of what organism formed the basis for the science of genetics.
I take my father to the grocery store on a weekly basis.
The cottage is available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Impact of understanding the molecular basis of haematological malignant disorders on clinical practice.
The molecular basis of many leukaemias is now known, allowing precise diagnosis.

In science:

L(1)P ⊂ P, we have a basis {eλ}λ∈Λ of R/R0 and a function ν : Λ → ∆′R satisfying L(1) eλ = ν (λ)eλ for all λ ∈ Λ so that {eλ}λ∈Λ′ is a basis of P for some Λ′ ⊂ Λ.
Algebraic structures on quasi-primary states in superconformal algebras
Let w be a representative of a given conjugacy class [w] acting naturally on h in some Cartan-Weyl basis marked by a prime to distinguish it from another basis (2.1) in use.
Solutions to WDVV from generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies
Thus, the fact that the manifold is Sasakian necessarily implies the existence of a local basis (ξ, mi, ¯m¯i ) with a dual basis (η, µi, ¯µ¯i ) such that (1)-(4) holds.
Locally Sasakian Manifolds
To see this, note that cX is the number of ways to extend a given ordered basis of X to an ordered basis of Fn q .
Semigroups, rings, and Markov chains
Here cX is the number of ways of completing any fixed basis of X to a basis of M .
Semigroups, rings, and Markov chains
As a k-module, A is free with one basis element for each W -orbit in Σ, that basis element being the sum of the simplices in the orbit.
Semigroups, rings, and Markov chains
At the X-point the valence and conduction bands belong to different irreducible representations of the small group: X3, basis function yz, 3 symmetry, basis function x(y 2 − z 2), respectively.
Comment on "Electronic fine structure in the electron-hole plasma of SrB6"
Then, the ensemble-averaged spectra hρS (E )i, being centered at E = 0 because of the symmetry of the Hamiltonian, must be described simply by their squared widths, TrS H 2 (where TrS denotes throughout the sum over all basis states in the sector of total spin S, divided by the number of basis states in that sector).
Spin Structure of Many-Body Systems with Two-Body Random Interactions
Here ψ is a four-component spinor field in the four-dimensional Riemannian space of events V, given in the orthonormal basis ea ; m, λ, κ are constants; R = gabRab is the scalar curvature of space V, Rab the components of the Ricci tensor calculated in basis ea and gab = diag(1, 1, 1, −1).
General exact solution of the Einstein-Dirac equations with the cosmological constant in homogeneous space
At this point it is convenient to introduce a different basis for the generators of the gauge group, a basis naturally linked to the orientation of the higgs field.
Simple models with Alice fluxes
If Alice and Bob possess d-level particles each, with each Schmidt correlated state having Schmidt basis states {|kiA |kiB }, then the generalisation of this protocol is for Alice to measure in a basis of states {|χi}, with each |χi having the property that |χi = 1/√d Σk exp(iθk )|ki.
Optimal local discrimination of two multipartite pure states
Ji (resp. β i uJi ) has the same spectrum as the compact generator J0 given in (23), if one consider a basis obtained by a nonlinear rotation (depending on αu or βu ) of the standard basis.
Random walks on the braid group B_3 and magnetic translations in hyperbolic geometry
Bβ but this is false, as we can see by using the basis {a+ r as ⊗ ξt}, where {ξt} is a basis of A containing ξi .
Number Operator Algebras
The state-dependent basis (75) in which al l the off-diagonal components of ρ star-weakly go to zero for t → ∞, is called the final pointer basis.
An Algebraic Formulation of Quantum Decoherence
Let us assume first (Fig. 1.a) that a > b: then r > 0 and this coefficient can be inferred from an isosceles trapezoid with minor basis a − b and ma jor basis a + b, since the quotient of such bases is precisely r.
Constructing Fresnel reflection coefficients by ruler and compass