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Banking house


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Banking house an establishment or office in which, or a firm by whom, banking is done.
    • ***


In literature:

Instead of entering one of the universities, he became a clerk in his father's banking-house.
"English Literature, Considered as an Interpreter of English History" by Henry Coppee
The social Banking-House (our residence), on a fashionable avenue, had been erected years before.
"The Inner Sisterhood" by Douglass Sherley et al.
The town owns its own water system, has electric lights, fine court-house, banks, mills, warehouses, etc.
"A Review of the Resources and Industries of the State of Washington, 1909" by Ithamar Howell
The houses are arranged along the river bank, surrounded by gardens, and the quarters of the troops leave nothing to be desired.
"A Journal of a Tour in the Congo Free State" by Marcus Dorman
Luckily I soon found the jutting bank round which I had turned on my first view of the house we had just left.
"Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2)" by John Roby
The Begam's house is now occupied by the Delhi Bank (Fanshawe, p, 49).
"Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official" by William Sleeman
Many large banks, banking houses, and insurance companies have been directed by them.
"Jukes-Edwards" by A. E. Winship
It would have crashed down all the banks, the insurance companies, the stock-houses.
"T. De Witt Talmage" by T. De Witt Talmage
I was a clerk in the Antioch banking-house.
"A Friend of Caesar" by William Stearns Davis
He had looked commiseratingly upon Breede's country-house, thinking of his own palace on the banks of the slow-moving Nile.
"Bunker Bean" by Harry Leon Wilson
It is like thinking of a parliament in the Pleiocene, or of a court-house on the Grand Banks.
"Lippincott's Magazine, December, 1885" by Various
This house won't open up again until I raise another bank-roll.
"The Day of Days" by Louis Joseph Vance
Then John Scott in a rage, went up to London and called at the banking house of Levison Brothers.
"The Lost Lady of Lone" by E.D.E.N. Southworth
Accordingly I was sent to a banking house in London, with which my father had correspondence, and was admitted as a clerk.
"The Gold Hunter's Adventures" by William H. Thomes
An ice-house was built and filled upon the bank of the river.
"The Gun-Brand" by James B. Hendryx
The priest lived in a rented house close by the river bank.
"In Indian Mexico (1908)" by Frederick Starr
Oh, we can take care of the bank; after all, we've friends, we've jewels, we've this house.
"Her Own Way" by Clyde Fitch
John and Adele, after fruitless efforts among the houses, at length took their way to the river bank.
"Adèle Dubois" by Mrs. William T. Savage
Mr. Arthur Montagu was a bank clerk, lodging in the same house on Strand-on-Green.
"Sally Bishop" by E. Temple Thurston
On the opposite bank of the river was a wooden Bosniac guard-house.
"Servia, Youngest Member of the European Family" by Andrew Archibald Paton

In poetry:

He has ta'en her by the left shoulder,
And O but she grat sairly,
And led her down to yon green bank,
Till he plundered the bonnie house o' Airly.
"The Bonnie House O' Airly" by Andrew Lang
I do not mean a burglar cove
Who climbs into a house,
From room to room flash-lit to rove
As quiet as a mouse;
Ah no, in Crime he cannot rank
With him who robs a Bank.
"Bank Robber" by Robert W Service
The winter apples have been picked, the garden turned.
Rain and wind have picked the maple leaves and gone.
The last of them now bank the house or have been burned.
None are left upon the trees or on the lawn.
"Symbol" by Robert Francis
Lovely creature, cease your weeping and consent to marry me,
And my houses and all my land I will give to thee,
And we shall get married without any delay,
And live happy and contented on the banks o' the Tay.
"Young Munro the Sailor" by William Topaz McGonagall
"Them's goin' down tew Spinkses place,
Whar old man Spinks is stayin';
The bank he dealt at bust last month,
An' folks is mostly sayin':
Him bein' ag'd, an' poor, an' sick,
They'll put him in the poor-house slick!
"Old Spense" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
"Wisha, that big house of Carey's with its power of fal-de-daries."
"Faith, he's in the bank to build it, so I hear the people say."
"It will break him now to clear it; and it's grieved I am to hear it;
Wisha, I wouldn't be in Carey's boots to-day!"
"The Careys" by John O Brien

In news:

President Obama has invited the heads of America's biggest banks to hang out at the White House tomorrow, and like any good host he spent the day before the party talking trash about his guests on TV.
UCO Jazz Lab ensembles perform at bank's Open House Oct 4.
Workers construct new houses in the Jewish settlement of Shilo in the West Bank, back in February.
Europe has offered Spain up to $130 billion to rescue its banks, severely hobbled by the country's housing boom-and-bust.
The housing market collapsed, and the crisis swept up lenders and investment banks as the market for the securities evaporated.
Banks sweeten deals to lure customers as competition, house market heat up.
Fair Housing Organizations Find Bank of America Discriminates in the Midwest .
A two-story brick house in Detroit's Conant Gardens neighborhood sold for $47,214 last month, two years after US Bank seized it in a foreclosure.
Their three-bedroom house had been sold at a foreclosure auction to Bank of America.
TODD YATES/CALLER-TIMES Grant Bradwhaw, an exhibitor with Nueces Power Company, peeks his head into a mobile housing unit which on display during the South Texas Oilfield Expo on Wednesday at the American Bank Center.
Instead of making homes look good to raise housing prices, tey make them look bad so banks will sell them for a loss.
The 1891 Fredonia Opera House has announced that Lake Shore Savings Bank is the new sponsor of the theatre's popular Cinema Series this year.
"We are thrilled to welcome Lake Shore Savings Bank to the Opera House family of sponsors," Opera House Executive Director Rick Davis said.
The bank has used an in-house system for over 20 years, but it is eager to upgrade to CSI's core processing system.
Bank takes ownership of Taylor House.