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Arm's reach


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Arm's reach reach of the arm; the distance the arm can reach.
    • ***


In literature:

I've been trying to work a little game in hopes of getting within arm's reach of him.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930" by Various
Even there, within arm's reach of the railroad, there had been no salvation from the fire.
"The Country Beyond" by James Oliver Curwood
Lance dared not crowd him, dared not reach for the bridle, still more than an arm's length away.
"Rim o' the World" by B. M. Bower
Hawk Kennedy would have fared badly if Peter could have had him within arm's reach at that moment.
"The Vagrant Duke" by George Gibbs
Dorothy reached out her hand and caught the girl's arm in her trembling grasp.
"Pretty Madcap Dorothy" by Laura Jean Libbey
Rusche was sitting astride a prone body, and even as Duggan reached his side the struggling criminal's arms and legs went limp.
"Second Sight" by Basil Eugene Wells
Worth's reply was a laugh, and his arm went by me to reach inside the door.
"The Million-Dollar Suitcase" by Alice MacGowan
He reached out and placed an arm under the man's body and turned him over.
"The Law-Breakers" by Ridgwell Cullum
He was working his hands upward, straining his arms so as to reach Sorenson's head.
"In the Shadow of the Hills" by George C. Shedd
A hundred hands reached up to lift Ruth from the saddle, but she waved them away and pointed to Jeffrey's broken arm.
"The Shepherd of the North" by Richard Aumerle Maher
Peter reached out, and his powerful hand closed about the other's upper arm.
"The One-Way Trail" by Ridgwell Cullum
But reaching out, she gently lifted the heavy baby from the woman's arms and sat down with it.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
She succeeded in reaching them just as they were going down for the third time, locked in each other's arms.
"The Strand Magazine, Volume V, Issue 29, May 1893" by Various
We reached over, seized Ray's arms and fairly jerked him out of the ruby ray.
"Astounding Stories, April, 1931" by Various
The blind man's hand reached out and gently stroked the girl's arm.
"Fire Mountain" by Norman Springer
So the Cerebral's legs dangle and his arms don't reach.
"How to Analyze People on Sight" by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict
Before Kerry O'Leary had reached the hall, the object around whose coming all his schemes revolved, was already in her uncle's arms.
"The O'Donoghue Tale Of Ireland Fifty Years Ago" by Charles James Lever
He reached over and took hold of the Lieutenant's arm and pressed hard.
"Dave Dawson at Dunkirk" by Robert Sydney Bowen
At length the sisters reached the place and rushed sobbing into each other's arms.
"Tales from the German. Volume II." by Carl Franz van der Velde
As they reached the street, Mrs. Hartley pressed Hildegarde's arm.
"Hildegarde's Harvest" by Laura E. Richards

In poetry:

Beside me aged mothers bent,
Whose lives had reach'd their term;
And one sweet bride in fondness leant
Upon her husband's arm.
"In Kirkconnel Old Churchyard" by Alexander Anderson
Roads stretch like arms across the world outside,
Roads reach to strife, to happiness, to fame —
Here, in the candlelight, I speak your name,
Here we are at life's cross way, side by side!
"Preface" by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster
"See Fame's gay structure from yon summit charms,
And fires the manly breast to arts or arms;
Nor dread the steep ascent, by which you rise
From grovelling vales to towers which reach the skies.
"The Judgement of Hercules" by William Shenstone
Then as Queen Allogia's page,
Old in honors, young in age,
Chief of all her men-at-arms;
Till vague whispers, and mysterious,
Reached King Valdemar, the imperious,
Filling him with strange alarms.
"Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. The Musician's Tale; The Saga of King Olaf II. -- The King's Return" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I match my might against my Fate's
I gird myself to reach the ultimate shores,
I arm myself the war to win:-
Lift up your heads, O mighty gates!
Be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors!
The King of Glory shall come in.
"The Ladder" by Aleister Crowley
When the arrow ends its flight
You will lonely grow
For a woman's kiss in the night, And her breast of snow:
You will reach your arms to the Dark, And call and cry, As the wingèd winds sweep by–
But no ear shall hark.
"Invocation" by Anna Johnston MacManus

In news:

Arm's Reach Concepts Infant Bed-Side Sleepers.
Movie Showtimes and Reviews, Never Out of Arm's Reach.
Reaching down to open and close my tablesaw's blast gate was a real pain until I built this pivoting mechanical arm from pieces of 1/8-in.
Students of "Nia," they gently reach, push and stretch their arms from side to side to the teacher's instructions.
According to a report released Wednesday by mobile services provider iPass, 60 percent of mobile workers sleep with their smartphones in the bedroom, and 44 percent keep them within arm's reach.
I have to be honest, "Woman's Day" magazine is not on my regular reading list, but sometimes you are limited to reading whatever is within arms reach… if you know what I mean.
HYDE SQ.—A telephone pole smack in the middle of the Nira Rock Urban Wild, with wires dangling within arm's reach, will be moved to the parks' perimeter in an upcoming rewiring project.
First Nations leaders are reaching out to leaders of other nations and linking arms with activists here to get the message out that anyone who wants to a piece of Canada's resources must be prepared to do business with them, first.
The long arm of DNA that reached back into Thomas Jefferson's family history has drawn attention to another scandalous liaison, but this time in the family history of the chardonnay, one of the world's best-known grapes.
With US astronaut Don Pettit at the controls, the International Space Station's robot arm reached out and grabbed SpaceX's Dragon cargo ship Friday morning, a historic first for commercial spaceflight.
Thanks to that thicket of statistics Girardi has within arm's reach in the dugout, he knew the percentages the Yankees were up against.
Austin's Tommy Olmsted reaches up to stiff-arm Rochester Century's Matthew Buttner during their game Friday night in Rochester.
"It's in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips, the stride of my step, the curl of my lips…" If you recognize those lines, you know Dr Maya Angelou literally wrote the book on being a phenomenal woman.
Scion A/V is the arm of the Scion car company (itself a brand of Toyota) that reaches out to artists, musicians, filmmakers, DJs, and other creatives as part of Scion 's "lifestyle" marketing to the creative community.
Communal tables and a space so small you could reach yours arms out and hug the person across the room make dinner at Art of the Table feel much more like a warm gathering in someone's home.

In science:

Fixing the inclination has the predictable effect that the c3 term reaches values of a few km s-1 as this term tries to compensate for the effect the spiral arms have on the velocity field.
Dynamical Centers and Non-Circular Motions in THINGS Galaxies: Implications for Dark Matter Halos