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valuation account


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n valuation account a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets
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In news:

Amper, Politziner & Mattia, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants, is pleased to announce that Tim Van Noy, CPA, CFE has joined the firm as Director in the firm's Litigation & Valuation Group.
According to the city's 2013 budget book, Wal-Mart accounts for 1.8 percent of the city's total valuation.
AICPA Working Draft of Accounting and Valuation Guide, Testing Goodwill for Impairment .
AICPA Working Draft of Accounting and Valuation Guide, Testing Goodwill for Impairment.

In science:

If the valuation on K is non-trivial, the valuations of the coefficients an are taken into account in the definition of in w( f ), see or for two such variations.
Generic Tropical Varieties
To prove that these valuations are essential in the appropriate categories we take into account discrepancies and factoriality.
Three-dimensional counter-examples to the Nash problem