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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n sorption the process in which one substance takes up or holds another (by either absorption or adsorption)
    • ***


In literature:

There ain't no 'sorption got out o' not believin' nothin'.
"Oldtown Fireside Stories" by Harriet Beecher Stowe

In news:

High-Temp Water Sorption Analyzer Model.
The Hydrosorb-HT water sorption analyzer features an analysis temperature range of 12 to 85C.
Atum Services' TrueBlue technology uses what it calls "sorption" to treat wastewater .

In science:

In the proposed 'sorption heat engine' (SHE), adsorption at low temperature with release of heat is followed by desorption at high temperature with uptake of heat (Figs 1 and 2).
Sorption heat engines: simple inanimate negative entropy generators
Keefe and Miller suggest however that the prebiotic synthesis of polyphosphates is implausible. Except for the high energy phosphate anhydride bond in ATP, there is little similarity to today's biological energy conversion; (3) The mineral-based sorption heat engine proposed in this study.
Sorption heat engines: simple inanimate negative entropy generators
Possibly overlooked because of its simplicity, the sorption heat engine may in fact play a central role in the world.
Sorption heat engines: simple inanimate negative entropy generators
The thermosynthesis theory proposes that the first enzymes functioned by a thermal variation of the binding change mechanism of today's ATP synthase. These enzymes would have functioned similarly to the proposed sorption heat engines, which may have set the stage for the origin of life.
Sorption heat engines: simple inanimate negative entropy generators
The four kinds of sorption heat engines. In all engines adsorption occurs at low temperature and desorption at high temperature, and external work is done during the thermal adsorption-desorption cycle, either by an increase in pressure of the adsorbate or by an increase in its free energy of formation.
Sorption heat engines: simple inanimate negative entropy generators
For the detectors, one JPL H2 sorption cooler ensures an intermediate 18 K stage and two RAL He Joule-Thompson 4 K coolers working at 50% of their full capacity provide the necessary cooling power.
The Molecular Hydrogen Explorer H2EX
Soukoulis, “Symmetry between ab sorption and ampli fication in disordered media,” Phys.
Modes of Random Lasers
R is the dust optical-depth of the atomic-molecular complex, τc is the mean optical depth, and ξd is the characteristic radius (in units of the cloud radius) at which the transition from dust-dominated to molecular-dominated ab(cid:18) σd,−21R−16.5 (cid:19) G(cid:48) sorption occurs.
Molecular hydrogen regulated star formation in cosmological SPH simulations
First, two sorption pumps cooled with liquid nitrogen are opened to the system in series to reduce the pressure to 1 Torr and (cid:46) 1 mTorr, respectively.
Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
The occurrence of mathematical chaos in the thermokinetic oscillations accompanying the sorption of hydrogen in the metallic palladium has been, therefore, confirmed. To our best knowledge, chaotic dynamics in this system has not been reported to date.
Chaos in oscillatory heat evolution accompanying the sorption of hydrogen and deuterium in palladium
This split reduces the thermal load on the focal plane allowing passive cooling to a significantly lower temperature (i.e., 65 K) and allowing for the use of active cooling technologies such as a hydrogen sorption cooler.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiments
In addition, there are technical advantages of a combined LFI/HFI focal assembly that uses a hydrogen sorption cooler to cool both the HEMTs and the 20 K shield of the bolometer dewar.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiments
The sorption cooler would replace the 20 K Stirling cooler in the baseline design, with its attendant problems in vibration and instrument integration, and reduce the overall mass and power of the instruments.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiments
The split HEMT design and sorption cooler enable a LFI design with the following features: • An increase in the sensitivity of the LFI by a factor of roughly five at the highest frequency over that of the Phase A baseline design.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiments
If actively cooled with a sorption cooler, it can still operate for 5 years as there is no significant cryogen depeletion; however, the HEMT chain must be broken into two sections.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiments