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pocketbook issue


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n pocketbook issue an issue whose settlement will affect financial resources
    • ***


In news:

For Rep Allen West, the skyrocketing price of gasoline is not just a policy matter, it's a personal pocketbook issue.
The GOP's Pocketbook Issue .
But pending issues could negatively impact both services and the pocketbooks of residents serviced by the district.
Local Activism Centered on Pocketbook Issues Is Re-emerging, Especially for ESPs.
So Jesse Jones decided to take the two candidates on about the issues surrounding your pocketbook.
Women's vote hinges on social issues, pocketbook .
Calculation predicts who wins presidency based on ' pocketbook ' issues.
GOP sees fertile ground in taxes, pocketbook issues.
GOP may be able to appeal to voters on taxes, pocketbook issues, King says.
WASHINGTON — Kitchen table worries pushed ahead of the war in Iraq over the past month, a shift toward pocketbook issues that has gained currency as the election year dawns.
Headline Grabbers and Pocketbook Issues.
Women's vote hinges on social issues, pocketbook.
Calculation predicts who wins presidency based on 'pocketbook' issues.
Lull in Palestinian violence turns Israelis' attention to pocketbook issues.