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name dropper


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n name dropper someone who pretends that famous people are his/her friends
    • ***


In literature:

The generic name for gambling cheats was rooks, and these were divided into puffs, setters, gilts, pads, biters, droppers, filers.
"A Gentleman Player" by Robert Neilson Stephens

In news:

I am a name dropper .
The NAME- DROPPER Self-Inking Permanent Clothing Stamp, now available in both black & white ink.
RESTAURANT name-droppers pepper their conversations with big-deal places sporting foreign names that begin with La, Le and Chez.
The NAME-DROPPER Self-Inking Permanent Clothing Stamp, now available in both black & white ink.
The name droppers are at it again.
On his second album, " Kaleidoscope Dream" (RCA), Miguel Pimental drops enough references to his heroes and inspirations that he could be considered a bit of a name-dropper, a clever mimic rather than an innovator.
NAME-DROPPER Self-Inking Permanent Clothing Stamp .
NAME-DROPPER Self-Inking Permanent Clothing Stamp.
Of those successful weight droppers, 32 percent got slimmer by dieting exclusively, and 47 percent named both diet and exercise as important factors.

In science:

Their randomized Name Dropper algorithm operates as follows: in each round, each node chooses a random neighbor and sends all the IP addresses it knows.
Discovery through Gossip
The Name Dropper discovery algorithm has been applied to content delivery systems.
Discovery through Gossip
As mentioned earlier, Name Dropper and other prior algorithms for the discovery problem [16, 24, 23, 1] complete in polylogarithmic number of rounds (O(log2 n) or O(log n)), but may transfer Θ(n) bits per edge per round.
Discovery through Gossip