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malicious gossip


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n malicious gossip disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people
    • ***


In literature:

As a child, he had been a tease; as a big boy, he had been a bully; as a man, he had become a malicious gossip monger.
"We Two" by Edna Lyall
They repeated with malicious intent the gossip that Grant drank.
"The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume One" by Abraham Lincoln
They repeated with malicious intent the gossip that Grant drank.
"The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Complete" by Abraham Lincoln
If he told her of the "town talk," he felt sure, knowing her, that she would indignantly refuse to heed the malicious gossip.
"Cy Whittaker's Place" by Joseph C. Lincoln
Alice Tynemouth was no gossip, and she was not malicious.
"The Judgment House" by Gilbert Parker
One of the curses of German towns is the prevalence of malicious and venomous gossip.
"The Days Before Yesterday" by Lord Frederick Hamilton
She scorned her distrust, scorned the malicious gossip that had excited it.
"The Crown of Life" by George Gissing
The Bosporus is the home of malicious gossip.
"In the Wilderness" by Robert Hichens
Malicious gossip of this kind, however false, serves its end.
"The Liberation of Italy" by Countess Evelyn Martinengo-Cesaresco
No English village is so full of petty squabbles and malicious gossip as a small Indian station.
"The Jungle Girl" by Gordon Casserly
The marriage of Malicious Gossip; matrimonial customs of the simple natives; the domestic difficulties of Haabuani.
"White Shadows in the South Seas" by Frederick O'Brien
Malicious gossip that, and as unfounded no doubt as the rest.
"One Man in His Time" by Ellen Glasgow
I wanted to get away from foolish comment, from malicious gossip.
"They of the High Trails" by Hamlin Garland
And people have absolutely no regard for the probable consequences of their malicious gossip.
"The Song of the Wolf" by Frank Mayer
The infinite gossip of the men, while frank and outspoken in its opinions, was rarely malicious.
"I Walked in Arden" by Jack Crawford
I live in privacy with the great Director of the whole world; yet have the malicious city old wife gossips calumniated me.
"The Student-Life of Germany" by William Howitt
Mignon was noted for her malicious powers of gossip.
"Marjorie Dean, High School Junior" by Pauline Lester
The casino, where half the town smokes half its time away, hums with malicious gossip.
"Spanish Highways and Byways" by Katharine Lee Bates
Shall a woman's going to prayers twice a day save her reputation, if she is known to be a malicious lying gossip?
"Æsop's Fables" by Æsop
The confirmed gossip is always either malicious or ignorant.
"Health, Happiness, and Longevity" by Louis Philippe McCarty

In news:

About 90 percent of everyday conversations are gossip — but it's not all malicious, a new study claims.