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  • WordNet 3.6
    • v lip-sync move the lips in synchronization (with recorded speech or song)
    • ***


In news:

Scotty McCreary's Lip Sync Miscue.
Shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch Models Lip Sync to 'Call Me Maybe.
Brian Wilson, Cody Ross sing with YouTube lip-sync kid.
Riverfest's opening-night lip-sync contest at Reed River Park featured its usual variety.
Eminem's Lip-Sync, Hologram Humor, Radiohead's Family Hang.
Scotty McCreary's Lip Sync Miscue .
Primadonna ' Lip-synced by New York's Best and Booziest.
Primadonna' Lip-synced by New York's Best and Booziest.
Sure, there's Hollywood magic that can touch up audio tracks, but director Tom Hooper closed the door on lip syncing and asked his actors to sing live on set for "Les Misérables," which hits theaters Christmas Day.
Lip-syncing or otherwise enhancing vocals during group numbers isn't exactly a new phenomenon, but it still irks its share of TV viewers.
Victoria's Secret Models LIP SYNC To Justin Bieber.
Girl Lip- Syncs With Herself at Different Ages.
New Bill Could Make It a Crime to Upload Lip-Synced Videos.
Scotty McCreery Lip Syncs IN Macy Day Parade.
Most singers lip sync from time to time and at the Macy's Day Parade THEY ALL LIP SYNC .