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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj inarguable against which no argument can be made
    • ***


In news:

The pinnacle of the composer's work across film, theater, television and recorded music is inarguably the milestone 1975 backstage musical about auditioning Broadway dancers.
Bob Dylan is inarguably an American icon, one whose music has transcended the passage of time, but for many people he'll forever be a symbol of the promise and problems of the '60s, which begs the question.
There are two inarguable truths about nudity.
Outfielder Daniel Nava has inarguably been the best offensive player in the Red Sox minor league system over the past two seasons.
One day after saying it's "inarguable" that " home rule " should be considered during the hydrofracking permitting process, Gov Andrew Cuomo today tweaked his statement a bit, calling it "relevant, but not necessarily determinative.".
It's easy to forget that the word-stacking brilliance of Gucci Mane was not always an inarguable fact.
This simple fact is also inarguable: women love the Ravens.
The year was 1968 — one of those years that ranks with 33 A.D. 1066 and 1776 as an inarguable landmark — and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had spent hours in executive session struggling with the Vietnam War.
In the midst of what is inarguably the worst week of the Romney campaign, the name of our historic district.
Follow etiquette protocol to the letter and you have an inarguable dictate for who sits where during your reception dinner and ceremony.
It is inarguable that the sphere 's return to the W.T.C.
One of you has written to set me straight after I evidently muddled "arguably" with "inarguably" recently.

In science:

Four of our papers on this sub ject, to, have already been rejected by referees who found no single error, and/or stuck to bad numerical questions, even after being proved numerically (i.e. inarguably) wrong.
Optical and X-ray Afterglows in the Cannonball Model of GRBs