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fuel injector


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • fuel injector a device for actively injecting fuel into an internal-combustion engines by directly forcing the liquid fuel into the combustion chamber at an appropriate point in the piston cycle; -- an alternative to a carburetor, in which an air-fuel mixture is drawn in by the downward stroke of the piston.
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In news:

Freescale Semiconductor and McLaren Electronic Systems were introduced Friday in a news conference at Daytona International Speedway as the companies chosen to produce the new fuel injectors .
Today, fuel injectors have replaced most carburetors.
Computerized fuel injectors are more efficient than carburetors--they run cleaner and provide more power.
Fuel injectors require clean gasoline to work properly.
Fuel injectors and carburetors may need occasional adjustment or cleaning.
OK Spark Fuel Injector Tester.
The OK Spark Fuel Injector Tester, No 100090, allows the users to instantly check and diagnose the fuel delivery system, without removing any components from the vehicle.
Royal Purple has released a new fuel system treatment product that is said to clean injectors, restore fuel economy and reduce engine buildup and tailpipe emissions.
Cracking open the fuel lines at the injectors is the final step required to bleed air out of a diesel's fuel system .
Specifically, we found a set of high-performance Accel fuel injectors along with an adjustable fuel-pressure regulator that seemed like a logical upgrade for our Tuned Port '87 C4.
Prolong ® Super Lubricants offers Fast Fuel™ Diesel Injector Cleaner designed to improve fuel injector and intake valve performance while increasing fuel economy.
When the pressurized fuel reaches the injector, the pressure of the incoming fuel opens the pintle inside the injector and fuel is delivered through the injector 's nozzle and enters the combustion chamber in a very fine mist.
IPD's new product line is composed of 13 remanufactured fuel injectors that provide coverage for 99 OE part numbers, with more coming in the future.
Making Maximum Power With Performance Fuel Injectors.
All Versa sedans feature 1.6-liter, 109-horsepower inline 4-cylinder engines with two fuel injectors per cylinder for maximum efficiency.