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  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj ever-present being always present
    • ***


  • Veda Upanishads
    Veda Upanishads
    “He who knows self as the enjoyer of the honey from the flowers of the senses, ever present within, ruler of time, goes beyond fear. For this self is supreme!”
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
    “The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope.”


In literature:

If ever a political crisis was favorable to an attempt at revolution it was the present.
"The Revolt of The Netherlands, Complete" by Friedrich Schiller
On these grounds I might safely leave the chorus to be its own advocate, if we had ever seen it presented in an appropriate manner.
"The Bride of Messina A Tragedy" by Friedrich Schiller
Ever so many girls who had bought presents to take home gave me something from their store.
"Grace Harlowe's Second Year at Overton College" by Jessie Graham Flower
But I am happy to say that the present one is as near an approach to the elegance and poetry of the original as I have ever come across.
"Rudin" by Ivan Turgenev
I mean, have you ever been present at one of her seances?
"Miss Ludington's Sister" by Edward Bellamy
The ever-present problem of labour, too, had solved itself pleasantly enough.
"Back To Billabong" by Mary Grant Bruce
As to when this may be, we can judge by the past and the present; as to when it will be, if ever, depends much on whether we maintain the Union.
"The Great Conspiracy, Part 5" by John Alexander Logan
As to when this may be, we can judge by the past and the present; as to when it will be, if ever, depends much on whether we maintain the Union.
"The Great Conspiracy, Complete" by John Alexander Logan
Hatred also is short-lived; but that which makes the splendour of the present and the glory of the future remains for ever unforgotten.
"The History of the Peloponnesian War" by Thucydides
It was for ever present in my mind, which could not, however, grow accustomed to it.
"Swann's Way" by Marcel Proust
It was the best present I ever received.
"The Biography of a Rabbit" by Roy Benson
Presently some wags began to chalk up 'Fotheringay for ever!
"The History of Pendennis" by William Makepeace Thackeray
They lived happily ever afterwards, and their vast kingdoms were presently divided between their children.
"The Green Fairy Book" by Various
Now that you have presented this dreadful idea it will be ever in my mind.
"The Bravest of the Brave" by G. A. Henty
If you'll be true to me, Lucy, in this business, I'll make you the handsomest present you ever saw in your life.
"The Eustace Diamonds" by Anthony Trollope
The dualities are ever-present on earth: disease and health, pain and pleasure, loss and gain.
"Autobiography of a YOGI" by Paramhansa Yogananda
It would be renewed in the morning with greater fierceness than ever, but he was grateful for the present darkness and rest.
"The Sword of Antietam" by Joseph A. Altsheler
York Cathedral (I say it now, for it is my present feeling) is the most wonderful work that ever came from the hands of man.
"Passages From the English Notebooks, Volume 2" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
An earthquake is the only chance of its ever being ruined, beyond its present ruin.
"Passages From the French and Italian Notebooks, Volume 1" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Part of the training of a soldier was the ever-present need and duty of cheerfulness.
"The Desert of Wheat" by Zane Grey

In poetry:

Oh, how loving from afar
Led you to grief, for in your mind
The present was too light, as ever
Among fair womankind. . . .
"Farewell To Anactoria" by Allen Tate
All about is bright and pleasant
With the sound of song and jest,
Yet a feeling's ever present
That the Old Times were the best.
"The Old Times Were The Best" by James Whitcomb Riley
I never will forget thee, love!
When wakes on me the morning light;
And thou shalt ever present be,
When cometh down the cloud of night!
"Lines, Addressed To My Wife From The King's Bench Prison, May I5, 1820." by Samuel Bamford
It is to spend long days
And not once feel that we were ever young.
It is to add, immured
In the hot prison of the present, month
To month with weary pain.
"Growing Old" by Matthew Arnold
Thou who hast made my home of life so pleasant,
Leave not its tenant when its walls decay;
O Love Divine, O Helper ever present,
Be Thou my strength and stay!
"At Last" by John Greenleaf Whittier
'Tis then, O Lord, the spirit turns to thee,
Its ever-present, ever-mindful Friend,
Nearest, when all beside thee is afar,
And kindest where all other comforts end.
"A Hymn In Sickness" by Caroline Fry

In news:

Not a missile had been fired, but the looming threat was ever present.
The ability to provide more and more I/O interconnections to a die (bare chip) that is increasingly shrinking in size is an ever-present problem.
The Clarinda Community Theater presents the best Christmas pageant ever this weekend.
Make everyone an active learner Have you ever looked at your audience during a presentation and wondered if they are awake.
Seems those ever-present yellow picket banners the Carpenters Union has been posting at construction sites across the valley aren't earning them any friends among their peers.
On Saturday, January 7, the crew of six helped to showcase personal stories presented by volunteers from the audience with the overall theme "The First Time I Ever".
So, in honor of this day we present this poem, by Theophile Marzials, widely considered to be one of the worst ever written.
Morgan Spurlock's ' POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' Brings Its Pitch to Austin.
Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.
You ever had one of those days when your presentation did go well at work.
There's a new addition to the ever expanding list of Oscar presenters, and this time the Academy is welcoming former winner Penelope Cruz.
On Friday night, my son Gunner gave me the best present I've ever received from my awesome little boy.
All-Star Presenter Camp Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a fitness presenter .
University of Virginia's official faculty jazz quintet presents its first-ever matinee concert with acclaimed pianist Cyrus Chestnut as a guest performer.
But ever since the administration of Lyndon Baines Johnson, there has existed an unstated racial quota in terms of constituting the Cabinet: there must be at least one black present.

In science:

We present BV RI light curves of the afterglow of GRB000301C, one of the brightest ever detected at a day time scale interval after GRB trigger.
Unusually rapid variability of the GRB000301C optical afterglow
We are in the presence of the first finite, well defined, anomaly-free, non-trivial theory of quantum gravity ever presented.
Canonical quantization of general relativity: the last 18 years in a nutshell
Even higher are the conduction gaps, up to 2000K, forming at lower T. Remind also the TTF -TCNQ with its ever present 4K F fluctuations.
Summary for Theory of the Ferroelectric Phase in Organic Conductors in Relation to Experiments
Therefore the question if present day markets reveal any (observable) quantum properties, although interesting, is secondary to our main problem of finding out if genuine quantum markets would ever come into existence.
Quantum Game Theory in Finance
The fluctuations in force which are ever present during attempted constant-force contractions are a manifestation of low frequency oscillations which are inherent in the firing rates of the motor units.
Review of Nonlinear Methods and Modelling
The author says, “this is a task for the future,” a not unreasonable position, given the ever-present difficulty of finding the right Hamiltonian for particle physics.
Book Review of Stephen L. Adler's, "Quantum theory as an emergent phenomenon."
A well known terminology ”spin liquid ” continues to attract attention ever since the Anderson’s resonanting valence bond picture was presented.
"Nonmagnetic" Dimer Mott insulator induced by the coupling of spin with quantum electric dipoles
We are thus confronted with the interesting possibility of a shapeshifting universe: some of our macroscopic dimensions may have been destabilized in the final vacuum transition which spawned our present universe and have been opening up ever since.
Anisotropic Kantowski-Sachs Universe from Gravitational Tunneling and its Observational Signatures
Furthermore, standard fluid dynamics propagates the system deterministically and thus ignores the effect of the ever present thermal noise.
Spinodal amplification of density fluctuations in fluid-dynamical simulations of relativistic nuclear collisions
Therefore, if the EI energy gap ever exists, it must be smaller than the present spectroscopic resolution. A related theoretical proposal concerns permanent exciton condensation in doublelayer graphene [159, 56].
Coherent exciton transport in semiconductors
The present situation and future prospects are reviewed, emphasizing where renewed efforts could prove to be rewarding in exploring ever further beyond the confines of the Standard Model.
Symmetry Tests within the Standard Model and Beyond from Nuclear Muon Capture
With the need to extend to heavier systems and to incorporate improvements such as effective and real three-body forces in ever larger model spaces, the prospect for near-term results is limited by present day computational resources.
Hartree-Fock Approximation for the $Ab initio$ No-Core Shell Model
The spectrum of an early type B star bears almost no resemblance to a late type B star, save for the ever present hydrogen and helium lines.
The Origins and Evolutionary Status of B Stars Found Far From the Galactic Plane I: Composition and Spectral Features
In, the authors propose a fixed periodic schedule for the entire network, wherein ever y node adhered to the schedule by transmitting dummy packets whenever actual data was not present.
Anonymous Networking amidst Eavesdroppers
To our knowledge, the computations presented in this paper are the first better than second order accurate simulations in space and time ever done for the stiff limit of the RRMHD equations and the results obtained point to favour higher order methods over standard second order TVD schemes.
Very High Order $\PNM$ Schemes on Unstructured Meshes for the Resistive Relativistic MHD Equations