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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n chigger larval mite that sucks the blood of vertebrates including human beings causing intense irritation
    • n chigger small tropical flea; the fertile female burrows under the skin of the host including humans
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n chigger A perverted form of chigoe. Compare jigger.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Chigger a species of flea of the West Indies, the female of which buries itself beneath the toe-nails, and produces troublesome sores.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. chique.


In literature:

It has ticks; chiggers and nats all open fur biz at one and the same time.
"Love Letters of a Rookie to Julie" by Barney Stone
I grab it by de two wingses, an' I hang on liker chigger.
"The Corner House Girls at School" by Grace Brooks Hill
The chiggers gave exquisite torment.
"Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing" by George Barton Cutten
Chiggers.= Apply kerosene oil.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
In most years there are very few chiggers, except on pine ridges.
"Our Southern Highlanders" by Horace Kephart
They've got chiggers in their feet.
"Si Klegg, Book 4 (of 6) Experiences Of Si And Shorty On The Great Tullahoma Campaign" by John McElroy
Ectoparasites reported here were identified by Cluff E. Hopla (fleas), Richard B. Loomis (chiggers), and Glen M. Kohls (ticks).
"Mammals of Northwestern South Dakota" by Kenneth W. Andersen
Harvest mites or "chiggers".
"Handbook of Medical Entomology" by William Albert Riley
Seemingly this cavity was the habitat of a certain chigger which was found on both the squirrels and the woodrat.
"The Forest Habitat of the University of Kansas Natural History Reservation" by Henry S. Fitch
Trombiculidae are commonly known by their larvae which are called chiggers or harvest mites.
"Natural History of the Prairie Vole (Mammalian Genus Microtus)" by E. W. Jameson
Box turtles were considered to have chigger infestations when the reddish larvae could be detected with the unaided eye.
"Natural History of the Ornate Box Turtle, Terrapene ornata ornata Agassiz" by John M. Legler
Many specimens have chiggers on the digits and tarsi.
"A Taxonomic Revision of the Leptodactylid Frog Genus Syrrhophus Cope" by John D. Lynch
The ectoparasites of these skinks consist mainly of chiggers.
"Life History and Ecology of the Five-lined Skink, Eumeces fasciatus" by Henry S. Fitch
He sat down upon some cushioning chigger-weed.
"Mountain" by Clement Wood
What was most aggravating were two pests of that region, the seed-tick and the chigger.
"Tenting on the Plains" by Elizabeth B. Custer

In news:

Chigger's bites can fool you.
Chigger 's bites can fool you.
Chiggers are the teenager stage of the harvest mite.
Like their distant cousins the ticks, chiggers have serrated mouthparts that they use to slice into our skin.
Chemicals in the chigger 's "spit" cause the itching sensation that we associate with their presence.
Red bugs, chiggers, berry bugs, scrub-itch mites and harvest mites are all terms used to describe members of the family of insects known as Trombiculidae.
In the United States, chiggers are mostly found in the southeast, south and midwest.
"They called me a chigger.".
Possibly The Worst Experience Of My Life: Chiggers, And How I Battled Them With Windex.
Is there anything good about poison ivy, chiggers.
Montreal's AIDS Wolf are an immense onslaught of terrorizing chigger-itch guitar and smash-crash-bash drumming, fronted by a woman who screams and whines like she's channeling all the PMS in the world.
He'd rather opine about dogs and cats, pocket knives, Roy and Gene, chigger bites — and one really pesky squirrel.
The Ku Klux Klan got a sympathetic reception Saturday in Burnettown, where 75 people were willing to stand in tall grass, infested with chiggers and yellowjackets, at a local ball field to hear a message of white power.
Covenant Allergy and Asthma Care has reported evidence of a new type of food allergy in the Chattanooga area that actually stems from a tick or chigger bite.
Trombiculidae, commonly known as chiggers, are tiny, microscopic red mites whose larvae feed on skin cells before dropping to the ground and molting into nonparasitic adult nymphs.