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Your humble servant


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Your humble servant phrases of civility formerly often used in closing a letter, now archaic; -- at one time such phrases were exaggerated to include Your most humble, most obedient servant.
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In literature:

My name is Manuel Baraja, your very humble servant.
"Wood Rangers" by Mayne Reid
Some day, your grand vizier and most humble servant is going to do a Sunday story on a drawing in a Chinese lottery.
"The Readjustment" by Will Irwin
One of us will have to give in, and it won't be your humble servant!
"Penshurst Castle" by Emma Marshall
It was thus, reader, that your humble servant began to acquire a knowledge of the world.
"My Life: or the Adventures of Geo. Thompson" by George Thompson
Your humble servant's going to climb.
"The Madcap of the School" by Angela Brazil
I am your Lordship's most obedient humble servant.
"The Fall of British Tyranny" by John Leacock
You must know, sir, that your humble servant has the hanor and felicity of being that lady's very humble admirer.
"The Politician Out-Witted" by Samuel Low
So here we are and here we shall remain, and I am your humble, obedient, loyal servant to command.
"Ireland as It Is" by Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)
I'm your humble servant.
"The Strollers" by Frederic S. Isham
Your humble servant, Count!
"The Lonely Way--Intermezzo--Countess Mizzie" by Arthur Schnitzler
Your humble servant, Mr. Morris.
"The Two Mittens and the Little Play Mittens" by Frances Elizabeth Barrow
Glance at your humble servant's pretty fan.
"L'Aiglon" by Edmond Rostand
Your humble servant makes a petition that they are not so much to blame.
"Our Moslem Sisters" by Annie Van Sommer
Most proper, Your humble Servant Seignior.
"The Covent Garden Theatre, or Pasquin Turn'd Drawcansir" by Charles Macklin
Your humble and most devoted servant, George Smith, Esquire.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume XV" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Your lordship's most humble servant, I take my leave.
"The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 2 of 6" by Eugène Sue
I am your most humble servant and delighted to see you.
"Glories of Spain" by Charles W. Wood
I'm your humble servant to command; and let's see if he'll speak to you again on my platform, that's all!
"By Birth a Lady" by George Manville Fenn
Adieu, madcap; and believe me ever, your affectionate friend and humble servant.
"The True Benjamin Franklin" by Sydney George Fisher
I am your most devoted, humble servant!
"Barbara Ladd" by Charles G. D. Roberts

In poetry:

Lord, Your humble servants hear,
Suppliant now before You;
Our Father, from Your children's plea
Turn not, we implore You!
"Hymn for Atonement Day" by Yehudah ha-Levi
Lord, Your humble servants hear,
Suppliant now before You,
Our Father, from Your children's plea
Turn not, we implore You!
"Hymn for Atonement Day" by Yehudah ha-Levi
Come, ye servants, see your station
Freed from all reproach and shame;
He who purchased your salvation,
Bore a servant's humble name.
"A Christmas Hymn" by Hannah More
Alas, madam, who I love so much,
Allow me to be your humble servant:
Your humble servant I will always remain,
And as long as I live, no other will I love.
"Helas Madam" by King Henry VIII
On Saturday he wrote proposing marriage,
And closed, imploring that she be not cruel,
"Your favorable answer will oblige,
Madam, your humble servant, Samuel Sewall."
"Samuel Sewall" by Anthony Hecht
And now farewell, my youthful friend,
Excuse these lines, in candour penned;
To me as freely counsel lend,
With zeal as fervent,
For you will pray, till life does end,
Your humble servant.
"Epistle To A Young Clergyman" by Patrick Branwell Bronte