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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Yerd See 1st & 2d Yard.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n yerd Middle English forms of yard, yard.
    • ***


In literature:

When I seed dat man I 'uz dat sk'yerd dat I could sca'cely wobble home.
"The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson" by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Then asked he of the voice, if it should be in the yerde of his lineage.
"Le Morte D'Arthur, Volume II (of II)" by Thomas Malory
To tice them oot o' the yerd, laddie, The worms, for my daily food.
"Sir Gibbie" by George MacDonald
An' ye maun min' 'at i' the hoose the heid o' 'im wudna waste as it wud i' the yerd!
"Donal Grant" by George MacDonald
Through yerd our lord, Amen.
"Ulysses" by James Joyce
Paid for 3 broad yerds of rosett for makyng frer's cote.
"The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction" by Various
Hire yelwe here was broided in a tresse Behind hire back, a yerde long I gesse.
"From Chaucer to Tennyson" by Henry A. Beers
But sore weep she if oon of hem were deed, Or if men smoot it with a yerde smerte.
"Medieval People" by Eileen Edna Power
Then asked he of the voice, if it should be in the yerde of his lineage.
"Chronicle and Romance (The Harvard Classics Series)" by Jean Froissart, Thomas Malory, Raphael Holinshed
Han yo' never yerd that childer's angels awlus behold th' face o' their Faither aboon?
"Lancashire Idylls (1898)" by Marshall Mather
I ought to ha' yerd ye come in.
"The Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes" by Israel Zangwill
Hire yelwe here was broided in a tresse, Behind hire back, a yerde long I guess.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 57, No. 356, June, 1845" by Various
The perishin' cauld chalmers were a' occupeed wi' sants and martyrs, the saut of the yerd, of which it wasna worthy.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 11 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
It wur late when they went to roost, an' they'd hardly had a wink o' sleep when Pol yerd summat oppen th' cote dur.
"Lancashire Humour" by Thomas Newbigging
Now saye how moche the yerde is worthe Or me dites combyen l'aune vault.
"The Teaching and Cultivation of the French Language in England during Tudor and Stuart Times" by Kathleen Lambley
Item, j. rede clothe of v. yerds v. dim.
"The Paston Letters, Volume III (of 6)"
For x. yerds of narow blak for the viker of Dallynge and Robert Gallawey, and for iii.
"The Paston Letters, Volume IV (of 6)"

In poetry:

The greawnd it sturr'd beneath my feet,
An' then I yerd o groan;
He shook the dust fro' off his skull,
An' rowlt away the stone.
"Tim Bobbin' Grave" by Samuel Bamford
"What gars ye sing," said the herd-laddie,
"What gars ye sing sae lood?"
"To tice them oot o' the yerd, laddie,
The worms for my daily food."
"The Herd And The Mavis" by George MacDonald
"It's sure some boggart,*" cries the Cap,
"For that's abeawt o'th' boggart shap;
"Just as I yerd meh gronny tell,
"An' hoo had boggarts seen hursel.
"The Watch And Ward." by Samuel Bamford